Yurumein (Homeland) – New Day Films – Anthropology – Human Rights

[upbeat music] -Make sure your
seatbelts are securely fastened. Also, observe
the no smoking sign. [sung in Garifuna] ♪ Who might make
our cassava bread for us ♪ ♪ in times to come? ♪ ♪ Who might speak Garifuna
with me in times to come? ♪ -My grandfather actually was
a Carib, but I never knew that until I became a grown man. -Do you still
experience discrimination? -Well, yes, I do. I go to school sometimes,
and people say, “Oh, look. That’s a Carib.” -So, they make fun
of you like that? -Yeah, they do. [pensive music] -Any remnants of the
Garifuna civilization, of the Carib civilization
completely wiped out. No history, no
language, no culture. Nothing at all. So, we are left as a people
with nothing to hang onto. That was a very
devastating time. [wailing, waves crashing] We could come back. -My Kalinago people,
my Caribs, you show me St. Vincent, my heritage. [slow music, lyrics in Garifuna] [waves lap the shore]


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