You’ve Got Crabs – A new party game from the creators of Exploding Kittens

Heyyy U kids. Do you like keeping secrets?
Do you like crabs? Well then I’ve got the game for you. From the creators of Exploding Kittens and the Oatmeal comes a new party game of deception, intrigue,
friendship, tartar sauce, and secrecy. That’s secre-SEA! HA, HA, HA. Here’s how the game works pick a partner and split up into teams of two. You and your partner privately
decide on a secret signal, such as touching your nose or blinking a lot.
Everyone sits across from each other and takes turns drawing Crab cards. There’s a
Jab Crab, Crabernet Sauvignon, Ab Crab, Low Crab Diet, and even a Crabrador Retriever. If you get four matching cards, YOU HAVE CRABS! Try to communicate this to your partner using your SECRET SIGNAL. If your partner sees your signal and yells “YOU’VE GOT CRABS,” you get points. If an opponent sees your signal and yells “YOU’VE GOT CRABS,” you lose points. Points are crabs. Crabs are points. Whichever team gets the most crabs wins. This undersea-themed game is 100% kid-friendly and is great for parties or weddings or long nautical voyages. It’s a fast-but-salty party game that takes MINUTES to learn and will provide HOURS of crabby chuckles. BUT You can also play with our IMITATION CRAB EXPANSION. This expansion includes one game-changing, powerful card. Whoever holds the card, has a big advantage over other players. But there’s a catch: whoever holds this powerful card, must wear giant rubber crab claws, which we include with the expansion! In other words, the more of an advantage you give yourself in the game, the more you start to resemble an actual crab. Wanna play? Terrific! This IS NOT a Kickstarter, so if you order it right now we’ll ship it to your house IMMEDIATELY. That’s right! You don’t have to sit through 2 years of stupid emails before actually getting your game. You can play it right meow. So, if you wanna play our new game “YOU’VE GOT CRABS,” if you find the idea crabitvating,
and you’re willing to SHELL out some money. Then I encourage you to SEAs the day
HA HA HA! Visit us on the world wide internet space at and get a copy.
That’s hyper text transfer protocol colon forward slash forward slash word wide web dot youvegotcrabs dot com. Or you can find us on most major search gophers such as Webcrawler or Lycos or Altavista. We are even on Goggle! Thank you and bon voyage.
-The Exploding Kittens Team


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