You’re not here – Tears of mankind (metal cover)

Blue sky to forever, The green grass blows in the wind, dancing It would be much better a sight with you, with me, If you hadn’t met me, I’d be fine on my own, baby, I never felt so lonely, then you came along, So now what should I do, I’m strung out, addicted to you, My body it aches, now that you’re gone, My supply fell through, You gladly gave me everything you had and more, You craved my happiness, When you make me feel joy it makes you smile, But now I feel your stress, Love was never meant to be such a crazy affair, no And who has time for tears, Never thought I’d sit around and cry for your love, ’till now. Do you know about what happened here 17 years ago? You’ve been here a long time, you must have heard some details. A group of pagans, blinded by earthly desires, spit in the very face of God. They tried to use the seal of Metatron to prevent God’s awakening. But God drove the unbelievers away and threw them into the Abyss. But due to their wickedness, God was unable to be born properly. And so she has slumbered ever since, in the womb of the Holy Mother. Until the time of the Awakening… That’s all that I know. That’s it, huh… Well, thanks. Father Vincent. I heard that the Holy Mother has been found. Is this true? Alessa has been found? Did Claudia say that? Yes Then is must be true. Her sight rarely fails her. Bless the Lord! Maybe it’s because of her great faith. But I could never be like her. I wouldn’t want to. Nor I. The truth is, Sister Claudia frightens me a little. Well now, let’s both show our faith by forgetting bout this little talk, okay? Yes. But does that mean that this land will finally be the Home of Eternal Paradise? If God wills it my Sister, if God wills it.


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