MARK: I’m back. What did I miss? BOB: Uh, Mark, I’m contructing a “Wade soundboard” at the moment. MARK: oh no.. WADE SOUNDBOARD: Yeah Hey Man Yeah Man Man Yeah Man Hey Yeah Hey Hey Yeah Hey BOB: Alright I’m ready.
MARK: I’m ready. Let’s go! BOB: You’re not ready, you’re not– Oh, you are ready. MARK: (GIGGLES) Fuck you man! BOB: I’m sorry. What was that Wade? WADE: BUHBAAHUARRHBAA Mark: I thought you were just punching babies. I thought that was your bit. Mark: Uh huh uh huh, yeah wow okay you’re smart, you’re smart. Mark: Uh oh — People couldn’t even see the game on that one! L-Lixian, what you’re gonna have to do– You’re gonna go snatch the vaad from their stream, put my face cam over their face cam, And… that’s what we’re gonna deal with. Okay? cool. (high-pitched rewind noise) BOB: Uh, Mark I’m constructing a Wade soundboard at the moment. WADE SOUNDBOARD: Hey Hey Yeah Hey Yeah Hey Man WADE: (SOFTLY) Is that what I sound like? BOB: That’s you baby! BOB: Alright, I’m ready. Ooh the Globox.
MARK: I’m ready. WADE: “Globox”? BOB: Whoo, I like Globox. Mark: What’s up with– wuh-BU-gaaH-BAAH I WAS– …cracking open mah soda. Sorry hang on everything’s fine… Wade: (MOCKING MARK) WERHBEHGERHGEHERR Mark: Oh, okay all right, yeah good- good- good impression of me yeah, thanks. WADE: ARHBBORBOR BOB: Sorry- I’m sorry. what was that Wade? WADE: BARRHORBOBARRH-SODA SOUNDBOARD: barrhorbobarrh-soda BOB: Oh Goddamnit.
(MARK LAUGHS) Wade: I’m not gonna repeat myself– I forget you fuckers have the power to– SOUNDBOARD: barrhorbobarrh-soda MARK: I don’t– I don’t have that power, but… I c o u l d h a v e t h a t p o w e r. BOB: Sorry, got em. MARK: NO, you didn’t get me. I’ve got you! …No, okay, nevermind SOUNDBOARD: YEYYYAAAH MARK: Bob you’re gonna put my editor out of a job! This is so good. I just can pick this up raw. (MARK AND BOB LAUGHS) BOB: Listen, Everybody needs some of this. MARK: Listen, I don’t– Oh, you’re not gonna f– you’re not gonna pull the wool over my eyes twice. I’ve got you! SOUNDBOARD: *airhorns*
MARK: HOW in the world! Bob: I’m not gonna lie, but I played that zero– (WADE SCREAMS) MARK: QUICK CHALLENGE HIM CHALLENGE HIM!!! It–It cant possibly be true. BOB: There still a way its true right? WADE: YES! BOB: Oh there you go. WADE: I’m one for one on challenges Mark, how you doin’ this game? MARK: Shut. Up! I’ll kill ya. BOB: Hey that’s my bit okay? You cant- you cant death threat, that’s my bit. MARK: Okay, I’m sorry. I thought you were just punching, babiess? I thought that was your bit. I’m just gonna get this out of the way cuz I know it’s gonna happen. So wait I want Wow One game without screaming at each other cursing each other out Episode that everyone hated that we that is one of my favorite things we ever did and nobody liked it You even drunk why didn’t you play a card wait I was busy yelling at my jack wait a minute I was screaming at them so I could come back and be nice and calm to you Well, that’s unfortunate Not making this mistake again. Oh Nice, well played well that what juice bag, it’s Globox. I like lo box. It’s kind of a big liar Yeah, do you like these do you like this hand that I have chat isn’t it? Amazing? Hey listen buddy, okay, this don’t Fucking sweet baby agree. Okay, that’s not it. Uh, why not? Okay, that’s fine I won’t have this hand for very long why wait what huh wait why what’s happening What do you know that? I don’t know. Well, I know what’s in my head Apparently everybody has everything holy fuck We’re gonna yell I thought it was gonna be chilly No, no, no one’s yelling, we’re calm I’m chill. Let me chill ma’am. You know, I’m sure we could turn up the volume a bit That’s a nice little pun that I hate Oh Turn it I laughed at it because I got it I didn’t get it I my brain like I’ve always realized that you’re smart and not a complete. Idiot like you know like a Globox is You I didn’t think it was but now I have a sneaking suspicion that no I have been told no it never never never was not even the one time right Well, right unnecessary right Why why I had to try Jump, why why? Okay, Bob, you’re gonna laugh. I don’t know if I’m gonna laugh, but I had to do that But but I’m not laughing No, no, I don’t think I’m gonna fucking laugh What I was right wait, you know what what here, you know you’re gonna laugh you are you’re gonna you’re gonna eat this because it’s me, I mean All right Okay, well it didn’t do any difference I guess so I only heard you once No Well, this is an interesting turn of events that I’m not to Bob gonna laugh is Bob gonna laugh I think they’re gonna laugh Bob. You’re probably – laughs Laughs be like laughs god fucking damn it. I feel like it’s unlikely that I’m going to laugh Bob will kill you want anything but blue blue so glad you said that here I Know I would have preferred more jokes in my pants would have preferred not blue Yes, he didn’t he well, you know what? You’re right I just thought as Fred we could’ve collectively, you know work together something you’re gonna laugh because I’ve got two of these You know what? You’re right That was creepy you snagged it. Okay. Well you guys are gonna laugh Yeah. Oh fuck. That’s the wrong one. All right, whatever Oh Purple dragon, why do this? We’re all laughing. Yeah, you know what? All right, there we go, that’s a good one. Maybe why can’t I jump in on this You know what you’re right Yeah, have you never edited your own video it’s been a long time I don’t believe this all right, I believe this I Thought I wanted to play this card, but I guess I don’t want to play this card please do mind We’re gonna laugh because you’re gonna laugh Oh Yeah, Bob why pretty funny right mark? Isn’t that funny aren’t you laughing? It’s so funny, right I get it I get why you’re always so happy all the time. I get it. Yeah, see that That head is Jovial is what that happy. Yeah, and it’s actual delight in the form of cards. Yeah, wait, you’re gonna laugh maybe god Laughs you’re gonna laugh I’m kind of glad that I didn’t I laughs you know, what? Fuck all of this. Okay Oh Mike. That’s I’m gonna laugh. You’re gonna just relax. Oh The joke’s on me for the last that’s not what you want to see Bob. Am I gonna laugh? No Probably not Okay I don’t have any good jokes, okay I got Joe quiet. Wait, go go to the market. Wait. I just want to see what you got I just want to see what you’re working For groceries groceries no to get away from his horrible looking. Hey, whoa, we’re being chill everything Laughing my bro It was chill man. I was chill chocolate out, you know When life gives you some Stinky’s you just got to keep it in perspective and chuckle them right out of your system. Yeah, well Shit back you plebeian piece of ass me thank you. That’s that’s pretty unkillable Quit changing the goddamn color why I feel like everyone including Globox is being pretty chill You know, I’m very chill despite. The fact that there is a spiked dildo going into my asshole right now really well That’s probably against terms. Well, see you kind of did that to yourself? What’s funny? You’re gonna laugh You’re gonna laugh oh wow. Yeah, that’s that’s exactly what I was hoping for Yeah, man Don’t mind me laughing behind my smoke here. Really fun your your concealed laughter is even more joyous than your actor is the best form of Education yep, that’s the one medication I like okay Goddamn turn so that’s fine. That’s okay mark. Yeah. Yeah, uh-huh You’re gonna laugh you’re gonna laugh you’re Globox funny that’s so funny No, I think it’s I think it’s probably Marx that’s gonna have to have a laugh Wait, hey Globox. Listen. Oh No, hey, well if they’re both dreams so Reds not gonna help you. Well, that’s unfortunate. How do I not? Okay. Well that seems so unlikely, you know, it’s just funny right sometimes funny Globox you are gonna laugh with buddy So many goups on them, you know we vomit in your own mouth and you try to swallow it That’s basically what this hand is like but to my eyes But Globox didn’t play there sevens. All right, cool But I’m gonna draw some more cards Is it an impressive hand? You know like you you’re gonna laugh when you impressive who impressive I’m gonna take it right now for myself. Oh, They drew, okay green it is Green is not a good green green is not a good I can just tell you that greens Okay, that’s what woah box is gonna be laughing if it’s green, so just be chill look mark. Yeah clicked it. Okay, never mind Nothing’s gonna happen Just take that whole I can’t believe you didn’t challenge wait all that. Wait how many things can you possibly fit inside your asshole? New place for thing I can fit three sperm whales and One half of Grandma one half of Grandma you too. Grandma. Well Wait, you’re gonna laugh my dude. Look at that. Oh, this is Yes, I I think you’ve got some joy to spread some things to spread. Some of them might be joyous mark do wait You’re gonna laugh you’re gonna laugh in my card. You’re really gonna laugh What card what color do we want guys what cause gonna get you to the win as green as the hand That’s the all right, its lowest, okay Really just gonna hand that to me. Uh-huh. All right. Everyone’s everyone’s gonna laugh Oh, What? Was that weird? Okay Mark’s gonna enjoy this. I have so many choices. All right, I did it. Oh no No, that’s cool. That’s cool. No you see the way you smack that six out there. Yeah, well I’ll be right back. You’re gonna laugh gonna get funny. What are you gonna get? I Don’t understand I don’t either oh My god Wade’s gonna laugh. Oh cool Wow It’s going to chuckle it up cool. Oh That’s the end Wait, does that happen you to draw and don’t do anything? Yeah, when you when you timeout you don’t get to play but no don’t why would you do that to him? Oh, that’s we’re gonna he was gonna laugh Globox when you do that to me Laughs. Oh dear Oh No. Okay well mark Okay, I’m wearing my cloak sweater, oh wow a glow box you’re gonna laugh but fuck you Whoa, I’m at fudge, you know, why? That’s fine Hey, come on man. I just I didn’t do anything to you. No, it’s not at you and mad at the universe Well, that’ll solve all of our problems Those nine cards you earned it man. You got the extra cards, okay No age all right. Helm sure that’s okay. All right. We did a whole lot there. Oh Cool um deep calm deep Breaths from flying up and down the seven flights of stairs in my mansion estate wait, man. You can’t afford it Turner. You’re gonna laugh For dinner, but I do live in a ten the billion dollar house in Cincinnati’s prime Place of residence and he lands it way to bring it home with Just trying to keep it believable, you know, everybody knows about Cincinnati’s prime land real estate. Yeah Everybody does what is it rhubarb? Is that like a turnip? What’s a rubber is a rhubarb, I think that’s what you use for safe sex rubber Baby rubber you got to make sure you have a rubber bright. Mm-hmm. Yeah, that’s it It’s actually harvested from a rare When it cuts you off and it just sounds like you say rubber it’s less funny and it’s gross. Oh Dear, hey mark only has one card left. Yeah, the most dangerous game Box I swear to god. Oh, no, it’s okay. You’re gonna laugh Let me laugh Wow what color you want there Bob uh anything but yellow, I guess I don’t know Just to make you just to make you feel better I don’t want anyone to feel like they’re excluded, you know, you’re right Thank you all have a lot of cards. I feel like we need to gang up on Globox That’s what I feel like that doesn’t help anybody win though No, but we could just gang up on Globox and it’s it’ll be it’ll be funny. You know, everyone will laugh Okay. All right. Yeah, we’re You’re gonna laugh wait your box Won’t feel better. Yeah, you know, actually I kind of do those nice fortunate that it ended on yellow. But thank you kind sir Thank you. Well, I I’m gonna laughs Listen yeah, come on then that’s rough a little bit celery bait is not the word you want to use there celery bait sounds like People made puns. I tried to make a lettuce celebrate. It was lettuce celery bait and celery bait just It doesn’t you know, it rubs me the wrong way weed. You know, you must have been paying it, you know, oh, you know Hey, listen just because he did it to you doesn’t mean he did it on purpose Okay. Usually I just happen to have a lot of well, I Have did you have a lot It was blue once upon a time. You’re gonna laugh. Oh, I am gonna laugh mark How did you even do this? All right, look look man Did you make this happen look I don’t know what Did not you want to see how funny was let me take a look Pass Okay Never mind deal with that problem. Okay, I guess I’ll look at my oh, hey my old handbag You’re gonna laugh You’re gonna laugh You’re gonna laugh Bob. You’re really gonna laugh with this one you me. No, not laughing Not me laughing. I am laughing As they say not me laughing I was laughing Impossible I just I could jump in And we’ll never know how many cards well box gets up juice what if you get blue again for like a second You go back to yellow after that are all right. Well, come on Globox Hey Marco, me main man. Your green is not one of the colors You know, what? Wait, I will save you from this fate. Oh My hand doesn’t even load correctly. It’s all stack Take it I guess no, I mean like I can’t see Oh nice Oh Whoa, the game is breaking. Oh, whoa. Okay guys, I’ll be here. Just leave it right. I’ve got a plan. Okay. Yeah Really dig through my deck for that one my plan. Sorry. I wanna I got it Come on not like this. Well, that’s not what you want to see Well, this is awkward Oh No, but why would you do that for him? Well, Mark I’m just curious to see how many things you have in your hand All right, you’re gonna laugh but I don’t wait. Wait, wait wait. No you have to have I didn’t have but Gosh darnit, oh, well who’s laughing now? That’s the question Listen, so I’m just glad I got to do this. I’m really curious. Yeah, you you you want to see this? It’s nonsense. Oh, Okay this it’s the colors it consolidates in two colors, I got it I got I Changed my mind Okay, fair enough. Hey, wait take a look at that fair’s fair. Right wait, um, Fair is fair. If you’re not gonna answer I can answer for you fair’s fair Well Lo box let me tell you something about hey, you got the head back first fair. I did I did get the handbag actually I’m glad that’s all fair here fair’s fair. We’re fair friends, and we’re fair fair to each other fair is fair Wait a minute. Hey, Bob. Do you mind this I mean You don’t really give me a chance to answer Thanks for asking though Oh for fuck’s sake I grabbed my mouse at the wrong angle You’re gonna laugh wait, oh dude so funny gonna laugh tell you what dude so Mm-hmm find the chuckles I Just want to keep I just want to be on on-brand. Oh Here mark, I got you Homie know what don’t thank God. Oh no, I forgot how those worked Laughs but I say it myself there I’ve got I’ve got some jokes don’t you worry about it? Okay, tell them I bet I’ll laugh. Well, if you’re not gonna let me tell them how am I supposed to tell them a Visual joke. Do you have to have It’s like a physical Gag, you know, huh? It’s more of a that’s a good one. Ha ha ha joke I get it. Yeah. See you got it Yes, fuck Mmm-hmm as fuck here. Wait, wait does what what’s going on? He knows what’s good? Okay. I’m not I’m just kidding. I’m just kidding I didn’t mean that I didn’t mean that how long is this one round been half Oh Got him, I’ll mark out him whatever whatever it’s all good. It’s all the same. It’s all good. It’s all good Oh not green, no not green you’re not green Perfect. Listen Wait mark, Greene’s pretty good. What you want green? Sorry. I got a can’t This isn’t even fun have to die but I mean like if you think about it, you might laugh no, no not green No, wait, no, hang on Green no, no, no I don’t want to laugh. I can’t laughs I’ve been capable That’s the cool eight you played there and that’s thank you going. Well, you know, yeah No, no, no You know what Globox you need to calm down a little bit okay bow, whoa hey You’re number one in my book no, wait two fingers to say well Okay, you’ve been demoted to fourth in my book several hundred more one’s not gonna jump in there Globox. Ah Got him Bob. You’re gonna laugh. I don’t want to laugh. I’m fucking well Bob that wasn’t fair. You need it. You need to play Wade. Oh, you’re going to laugh Well, hey man, Wow, oh wow What well that escalated in a weird direction that I did not anticipate I jumped in Also, it was my turbo Oh Sick sick play play. All right. You guys are gonna laugh. Okay. Yeah You were right that we were gonna laugh oh You guys you guys are gonna laugh whenever you eventually all See what happened to this hand that was once in who know Han Everything’s fine. Everything’s fine. Laughs Deep deep deep deep deep breaths. Okay. Well, hey Mark what color it was? I Don’t read maybe I know I’m not done eating please Damn it. All right, not Reds at all. You lied to me you lied Stall Wade made a strong counter-argument. What can I do? Oh Well, you want it you want it you want yeah you want This let’s light this candle, huh? That’s light. Oh, look. I don’t look how that you know When this when this game doesn’t end in in 13 hours We’re all gonna laugh everyone’s go I got a draw, huh Man drawing has certainly been my strong suit this game. Haha. Oh That’s a good play. That’s good play. I got you’re gonna laugh done. Are you done punching Wade? Well answer, that’s the strong no mark, I feel like I didn’t get to experience your joke the way you would want to know Okay, I didn’t even get a chance to get told a joke. I just got the punch punch lines that straight to the punch. Whatever Don’t don’t look at those that’s not good. I’m looking. Well. I appreciate you leaving a 5 on there. So I’m here for you Hey too late You’re gonna laugh Yeah You always get it like haven’t have a millimeter before I do well, I’m sorry, I’m sorry I just had blood burn to my place. I got your back Bob. That’s what we call a winning hand over there So just oh it’s truly. It truly. Do be like that. Yeah. Oh wait. No. It’s Okay, wait, hang on I can make this I can make this good for you Bob. I could make it good for you You’re gonna laugh If I do this, then I can make it good for you, right? Yeah, I was pretty good. I made it good for you Oh God Pile this up. Oh, no, don’t do that Ten cards hold man. That’s funny. Oh, you’re gonna laugh. You’re gonna laugh. Wow really? But oh, Wow, well that happens after their disappear Okay, just please get us out of here I can’t take as much humor can we take a government-mandated break you gonna stop laughing rt hnmrvb b gr t vb fbg [Music] hg h g g g ddf h gf gf h h g g g gYou


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