Yoga Camp – Day 29 – I Love

– Hey, Happy Campers and welcome to Thirty Days of Yoga Camp. I’m Adriene and it’s Day 29 and I’m super stoked because today’s mantra is what it’s all about. This is what Yoga Camp is all about. So, I’m going to need you to
be a great team player today and say it loud and say it proud. I love. I love myself. Let’s get started. (sweeping inspirational music) All right, today we’re going to begin in a nice comfortable seat of your choice and we’re going to draw the palms to the heart when you get there. We are going to start right away with this mantra today. This is what Yoga Camp is all about. I love. ♫ Who do you love? ♫ Are you sure? ♫ Sit up nice and tall. Get it settled in. Begin to notice your breath. Repeat the mantra to yourself quietly. I love. I know this might be a little hokey, might be a little cheesy for you. There’s tons of different
people practicing this yoga camp so see
if you can connect with something that is meaningful to you. Maybe it is simply just “I love.” Maybe it’s I love where I’m at today. I love that I’m taking this time for me. I love that I never thought
I’d be doing yoga in my life and here I am doing yoga. Day 29. Which happens to be my lucky number. I love. Think about all the things that you love. Finish that sentence. Notice how it makes you feel. If you’re fidgety today
or you’re not connecting, that’s cool, too. Just notice where you are today and everyone let’s start
to deepen the breath. Gently bow your head to your heart. Your mind intelligence with the body intelligence. The heart. Big breath in, big breath out. Release. Come right on to all fours. I love. Come into your tabletop position. And when you’re ready, Cat Cow. Dropping the belly, inhale. Heart forward. You know what to do here. Moving with your breath. See if you can welcome
that ujjayi breath in here. Inhaling. Awesome. From here, we’re going to
go to Heart to Earth pose, so drop the elbows right
where the hands were. Keep a nice strong foundation here. Press into the base of the palm and then slowly walk the knees back. See if you can keep your knees in line with your hip points, elbows in line with your shoulders and then wrists in line with your elbows. I know it’s a lot. Begin to open up through the heart here. The shoulders, the pelvis rocks up high. We breathe deep, pressing
into all ten knuckles, all ten fingerprints. Melting the heart down towards the Earth. Big heart open here. Breathe, breathe, breathe. If you want to rock
gently on the forehead, maybe that will feel good. Press into the tops of the feet, press into the elbows. Press into your foundation, mindful of the knees here
as you slowly come through. Then, we’ll slide the palms, tuck them underneath the shoulders, loop the shoulders and inhale. Baby cobra. Slowly release. Come back to all fours. Curl the toes under
and then see if you can come up into this Downward Dog today from your tail. Whatever that means to you. So, lift up. I like the image of a mama, pulling up her baby from the tail. There’s that only child brain again. Downward Facing Dog. Really, see if you can
point your tail up high. So, bend the knees if you need to. Find that action. Melt your heart back. Then melt your thighs back. Go for a nice slow walk
up toward the front edge. Take your time. Forward fold. Find what feels good here. Clasping the elbows, drawing lines with the fingertips. Sometimes in class I say to trace the name of someone you love and so today would actually
be a good day for that, based on our mantra and the affirmation “I love,” you might write the name
of someone you love, you could draw a shape. Just keep it alive and well, creative. Okay? We bend the knees generously waking up the lower body
and bringing in heat. I’m a little chilly today
so I’m going to bring the Chair Pose to you
early on in the practice. Also, just to change it up a little bit. Bend the knees generously, send the hips back, reach your fingertips forward. Sorry, plant. Find a little counter-weight
as you send the hips back and the fingertips forward. Open in the chest. One more time. Hips back, fingertips forward. Get down low, create a little heat. Press into your foundation and power through your legs
to lift your heart. Lift the fingertips up toward the sky. Full body stretch. Exhale. Fingertips down. Loop the shoulders a couple times here. Bring the fingertips to the shoulders and continue big circles with the elbows. Now, full out, fingertips
drawing big circles. Open through the chest, open through the shoulders. On your next inhale, reach it up. Exhale, down you go. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, slide it down. Inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale, hands to heart. Soft knees here. Inhale, reach. Exhale, enjoy this move. Down you go. Inhale in. Exhale forward. Again, reaching for the sky. Exhaling hands to heart. Okay, same little ditty. See if you can start to connect and thread in that ujjayi breath. Soft knees moving with
the sound of the breath. Inhale. Exhale with ujjayi breath down. Just try, just do your best. Let’s inhale, halfway lift. On your exhale, fold. Inhale, reach for the sky, big breath. Exhale, hands to heart. So, keep playing with that ujjayi breath. We’ll see what happens. Ready? Soft knees, inhale, reach it up. Exhale. I’m laughing at the way I said that. Inhale. Exhale. Good, this time plant the palms. Step both toes back or you can hop to your plank. Take a second here to stretch it out. Find strength from within, find support in your alignment. Slowly, lower down. All the way down. Belly to Cobra. Inhale, open your heart. Exhale, release. Curl the toes under. Press back up to your plank strong. Then, anchor navel to
spine, come up on your toes. Send it back. Down dog. Drop the left heel. Inhale, Three Legged Dog. Exhale. Step the right foot up and in. Feel free to squeeze nose to knee. Connect to that core strength. Come down into a lunge. Inhale, heart radiates forward. Exhale, lower the back knee. Pull the right hip crease back, runner’s stretch. Inhale, rolling through
back to your low lunge. Exhale, plant the palms. Move through Vinyasa. Belly to Cobra. We’re now playing with
Chataranga to Up Dog. Use your exhale, send it back. Down Dog. Drop the right heel. Lift the left leg up high. Exhale, step it up and into your lunge. Inhale, low lunge. Lift your heart. Exhale, lower the back knee. Send the left hip crease back. Runner’s stretch. Inhale, rolling forward. Tug the shoulders back. Come back to your low lunge. Plant the palms, move with your breath through your Vinyasa here. Nice and strong. From Down Dog, hop, jump or float to the top or step the feet right
up in between the hands. Everyone, forward fold. Inhale, move with your breath. Halfway lift. Exhale down. Inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale, hands to heart. Good. Inhale, reach it up. Keep it going. Exhale, down you go. Work on that ujjayi breath. Use your inhale. Halfway lift. Exhale, bow. Plant the palms. Step or hop it back to plank. Slowly, lower down. Belly to Cobra, or Chataranga to Up Dog. Open the chest. Great. Send it to Down Dog. Drop the left heel,
lift the right leg high and step it up into your lunge. Beautiful. Inhale. Light on the fingertips. Exhale. Pivot on the back foot. Take it all the way up to Warrior Two. Inhale. Focus out beyond the right fingertips. Nice and strong. Cultivating that ujjayi breath here. We’re going to straighten
through the front leg. Reach the right fingertips
all the way up and over. Stretch. Lengthen through the right side body. Keep this length in the right side body as you then begin to tilt. Hips back, reaching fingertips
all the way forward and down. Triangle, Trikonasana. Remember smearing of the honey? Remember all your organization
of the torso and the spine. Connect to the energetic body. Big breath in here. Exhale. Slowly bring the left fingertips down. Fingertips frame the front leg and we step the back foot in halfway for a Pyramid pose. Draw the chin to the chest here. Keep breathing. Now, either stay here or slowly
shift your left fingertips to the outer edge of your right foot. If you have a block here, it’s handy. Or to the outer edge of the right shin. Press into your foundation
and hug the inner thighs on the midline and come to
a Reverse Triangle here. This is just an option. If you’ve never done Reverse Triangle, you can just stay in a Pyramid. Maybe give it a try,
opening the right fingertips up toward the sky. Inhale in. Everyone exhale. Gaze back down. Soften through the standing leg and shoot the left toes
back to your low lunge. Inhale, open your heart. Exhale, let the love flow. Same little dance on the other side. Drop the right heel, lift the left leg high. Squeeze it up and into your lunge. Find your nice little lunge here. Stretch the legs. Let that information trickle
up through the spine. Open your heart. From here, pivot on the back foot. Warrior Two as we open up. Strong focus. Out beyond the left fingertips. Strong legs. Strong foundation. Press into all four corners of the feet as you straighten that front leg and left fingertips stretch
all the way up and back. Keep this stretch, this
length in the left side body as you move into your
Triangle as long as you can. Inhale. Exhale, hips back. Keep this length. Triangle pose. Inhale in. Exhale, right fingertips come down. Frame the left foot with the fingertips. Soften through the standing leg. Step the right foot halfway up and then we straighten through both legs here. Pyramid pose. Stay in Pyramid. Or we play with a little Reverse Triangle. Bring the right fingertips down to the outer edge of the left foot. Strong foundation here
hugging into the midline and maybe we open up. Breathe in deep. Extension through the crown. I haven’t done a Reverse
Triangle in a while. Wonder why. Inhale in. Exhale, leaning back into Pyramid Pose. Everyone gaze down, soften
through your left knee and then just trust as
you slide your right toes back out to your lunge. Open the heart. Inhale in. Smile. Exhale. Plant the palms and let the love flow. Let the love floweth. Send it up to Down Dog. Stick with me as you slowly
walk it to the front, fold forward. Or bend the knees, hop,
jump, float to the top. Forward fold. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, bow. Bend the knees generously. Belly comes to the tops of the thighs. Give yourself a little bit
of space between the heels. Send the hips back. Fingertips forward,
connect to your strength. You are fierce. You are strong. That’s why we’re here. A little transformation of energy. The body responds to that. Dream body, all of a sudden, here you are. Here I come. Big breath in. Big breath out, sink a little lower. Big breath in. Big breath out as you straighten your legs and reach your arms up. Slowly, releasing. Hands to heart. Taking a second here to catch your breath. Notice how you feel. Close your eyes. Say the mantra. I love. I love that I’m on my yoga mat. Finish the sentence. I love and accept myself
for where I am today. Why can’t it be I love my new yoga pants? They inspire me to get on my mat. Let’s stop being so Judgey
McJudgerson about everything. Just connect to what feels
good and start connecting the mind and body to that. Yoga Camp, here we go. Inhale, reach it up. Exhale, ujjayi down. Inhale, lift. Exhale, fold. Plant the palms. Step or hop it back. Here we go. Right hand to the center line. Slowly tilting onto the
sides of the feet once again. Another try at this as we lift the hips and you can either stack the feet here as you open the left fingertips up. Or, feel free to bend the top leg for a little support here
as you build strength. Now, today, we’re going to take
the left fingertips forward and then all the way up and overhead. Think extended side angle here. Lengthen through the crown. So, we’re here with the top of the bend or maybe we’re stacked here. Maybe another variation you love. Take one more breath. Imagine a fireball just shooting out of the crown of your head. Big breath. Then, exhale and slowly release. Take a rest on the knees if you need to and we’ll take it to the other side. Play here, stacking the feet. Again, we can bend the top leg, bring the sole of the
right foot to the Earth. Everyone lift your hips. Then, we’ll send the
right fingertips forward. Plug that shoulder in
and then all the way up to the front edge of the mat. Lengthen through the crown. Navel draws in. Big breath. Then, slowly release. Awesome optional vinyasa here, otherwise slowly lower to the knees and send it back to Child’s Pose. Slowly release the hands to the Earth and we’ll come back to all fours. Walk the knees, hip width apart. Right underneath the hip points, actually. Pressing into the tops of the feet, slowly we’re going to walk the fingertips. (floor creaking) What’s up, crickety old floor? All the way up the knees,
the thighs, the hips. So, we’re headed into a
Camel Pose, a back bend. So, pressing into a
strong foundation here, you don’t have to go into the full pose. In fact, be really mindful , and if you’re new to the practice maybe just kind of start small
and save the full expression for another day, another year. We’ll start just by looping the shoulders, letting go of any tension
in the head, the neck. Also, give yourself a
chance to really engage through the tops of the feet so see if you can even press
into your pinky toe. Fingertips come to the shoulders again and big circles with the elbows. Great to open up the shoulders here but also to find that lift and lengthen through the side body. Then, even bigger circles full out. Connecting to the lines
and the crown to the tail. Then on your next full out move, take the hands behind the back body first, fingertips down. Try to draw the elbows together, loop the shoulders. This might be your pose today. Lengthening the tailbone down, finding a little lift in the front body, a slight leaning back. This is good. You can feel it. If you feel like you’d like
to go a little further, take– take your microphone, put it to the side. Just kidding. Take your hands and flip your
fingertips so that they’re up. So, we’re here and now we’re moving up. So, pressing into the base of the palm if you’re making that switch there and lengthening the tailbone down as you begin to open up through the front body. And here we are. Really using the palms here, pressing into the tops of the feet. Opening up through the heart and chest. This might be your pose here. Press into your thumbs. Or, you might release
the right fingertips down to the right heel one at a time. Left fingertips down to the left heel. Pressing into the tops of the feet. Opening up through the front body. Nice and aware of the neck. Inhale in, exhale. Stay connected. Maybe you’re familiar with Camel and you are able to release the head down. Hips move forward as we breathe deep here. Let’s come out of the pose. Make your way back the
same way you came in. One hand at a time. Slowly press into the tops of the feet. Stacking head over heart,
heart over pelvis here. Beautiful. Stay here, curl the toes under and send the hips back onto the heels. So, come here before you
go into Child’s Pose. Palms can come to the tops of the thighs. Big breath in and out here. Then, we can walk the knees together, come off the toes and come
into our Child’s Pose. Rad, rad. Radical, beautiful. Big breath in. Big breath out. Slowly, reach the fingertips up. Press into the palms. We’re going to cross the ankles and come through to seated. Then, all the way onto the back. Then, right into a Reclined Pigeon. Take your time getting there. Crossing the right ankle over the left. Threading the needle. You can do this all in your own time. You know what to do here. You can rock a little side to side. You can relax the shoulders and enjoy this time on your mat. We’re almost done with our practice today so really relish with some
nice yummy breaths here and then return to the mantra which is really what this whole
Yoga Camp is about today. It is my goal to infuse
a practice not just in the physical body but in the mind, so that we can start
loving ourselves again. So we can make self-love cool again. Keep squeezing your legs up to your heart. Now, that might sound stupid to you and maybe it is stupid but I don’t think so. I think we need it and I think that yoga is a great place to
practice that sort of thing. So, repeat the mantra. I love myself. And even if you don’t feel
it or don’t believe it, maybe you’ve been struggling with that. Maybe you’ve been struggling
with that for a long time. Say it anyway. I love myself. Release the legs, take
it to the other side. Even if you don’t believe it, say it. Loud and proud. There is something to that age-old wisdom. I like the way Ru-Paul says it. If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you
gonna love someone else? (snapping fingers) Can I get an Amen? Yes you can, yes you can. So, squeeze your legs
in toward your heart. Just releasing here. It should feel really good. And say it again. Maybe close your eyes. Maybe you open your
eyes up to the ceiling. Just drop your shoulders and say it to yourself, my friend. Whether you believe it or not. I love myself. This is what Yoga Camp is all about. The practice. The practice of self-love. Slowly, release the legs. Center yourself on the mat. Draw your left hand to your heart, your right hand to your belly and slide the legs out long. One last time. Take a deep breath in. Big breath out. Just have a little heart to
heart moment with yourself. I’m serious. Do it. This is the moment. Say the mantra. I love myself. Notice how that makes you feel. Getting a little emotional already. I hope you have a wonderful day. I hope you take this mantra with you off the mat and into the rest of the day, even if it is just as an experiment. Right? Prove me wrong. Tell me it’s stupid,
tell me it didn’t work. But my guess is that you’ll
be able to find something. Something that serves you, right? Take what serves you,
leave behind what doesn’t. Way to rock it out, my yogi friends. Big day tomorrow. See you then. Namaste. (sweeping inspirational music)


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