Worst Sting on EARTH?!

– I’m Coyote Peterson and I’m about to
enter the sting zone with the executioner wasp. Here we go. (tense music) (screaming) – [Camera Man] Tell me
what you’re feeling. I know it’s hard — Oh my gosh, it’s bleeding. (whimpering) (bang) (fast paced jungle music) (lion roaring) (gentle music) Alright Coyote, it’s been about an hour and a half
since you were stung by the executioner wasp, tell us how it is right now. – Has it really been that long? – [Camera Man] Oh yeah. (groaning) You lay down right
here on the tile for like 40 minutes. (breathing) – My whole arm is
on fire and like — All up and down like in
my joint right there. Man, what a wallop. I barely even
remember the walk back but it was arduous
to say the least. My arm is just like
screaming in pain still. It’s — – [Camera Man] Your
face is swollen, around your eyes. – You know how it was like
the sort of intense pain. I almost cried, I
think I almost cried like within the first
couple of minutes of the sting, it was that bad. (deep breathing) (groaning) Oh my God that hurts. So let me try to
explain to you guys what’s going on with
my arm right now. So, my hand feels really hot and it’s kind of tough
to squeeze my hand. The actual sting zone,
which is right here, is incredibly
sensitive to the touch, like you just push
on it a little bit and it feels like a
really really deep bruise, so that was the venom
attacking my cells. There’s the actual spot
where the stinger went in, you see that little red mark. – [Camera Man] Zoom in there. – And like most wasp
species, they don’t lose their stinger, so the
stinger is back in the animal. And look here, just like
my veins in this area are also very very tight. Look, it almost
looks like there’s a broken blood vessel. – [Camera Man] It’s like
a secondary swelling. – Yeah like right
there and it was like the venom immediately got
to about there on my arm. Hey Mario, would
you do me a favor? Would you grab my bag? I’m going to put some
Sting-Kill on my arm just to see if that helps
with the burning at all ’cause it’s like — Oh man, it’s like
super warm on my face. I’m going to try
get some Sting-Kill on my arm here, see if that
helps with the burning. Gonna just go ahead and
bypass the sting wipes and go straight for the capsule
for relief at this point. – [Camera Man] So, can
you walk us through what you can remember? Like right after the sting. – Um, yeah, I mean,
it hit me like the tarantula hawk
sting, where I described it as being like
electrical current, almost like if you’ve been — You know, you rub your
socks on the ground in the winter and then
you touch somebody and it’s a really — Boom, like electrical shock. That’s what the sting
felt like initially then the onset burning, I think I described it as
feeling like your skin getting pealed off of your body. So where the warrior
wasp felt like pins and needles,
and the bullet ant felt like somebody
taking a hot poker and sticking it into your arm, this is like flesh pealed back. No I don’t know
what it feels like to have flesh pealed
back but I can imagine that this is what it is. It’s muddy down there. Get that crushed up,
there we go, Sting-Kill. Can you go up against
the executioner wasp? Gonna find out. – [Camera Man] Here,
point it at me. – Ow. (tense music) Ow. Man, ow, oh. Man my skin is
just like burning. That’s obviously
not providing much relief to be honest with you. It just hurts to touch
the skin on my arm. I’m going to not even do that. – [Camera Man] Feel
cool to your skin? – No, arm is burning. Actually the skin
is super sensitive. – [Camera Man] Describe what
the stinger looked like. I mean, it took a few
pokes, if you will, for it to actually
give you a sting. – Yeah it was feeling
around and then it got really angry and
fluttered it’s wings and got it’s abdomen curled
underneath and just — I couldn’t see it. I don’t know if
you guys actually caught it on camera or not. I could just feel it like a hot hyper dermic needle
pierced under my skin. It was interesting that
it went in an angle not so much straight down. When the bullet ant stung me you know the stinger
went in and then it kind of got itself stuck. It spun around in a
circle and then let go but this was at an angle and I don’t know if
that has something to do with how
much my skin hurts around this area right here
but man it’s just intense. I feel super out of it. You know when you can feel
like a fever coming on and your body’s real
weak and if you try to walk up like the
flight of stairs in your house, your
legs aren’t like giving you all of their oomph. That’s how my whole
body feels right now it feels very drained
and that’s probably because it’s my
adrenaline and my body fighting off the venom. You know all of the blood cells around there are being attacked so it’s my body
trying to centralize the venom and fight
it off and dilute it and I just feel really out of it and really weak right now. Really weak and my hand,
it’s tough to make a fist. I have a lot of pain right here at the joint of my elbow
and just my forearm is just in searing
pain right now. – [Camera Man] As far
as your curiosity goes like are you going
to continue to see if there’s anything
more painful out there? Where does this go? – I mean, the fact
that the warrior wasp did not top the bullet
ant, I was kind of like is the sequel ever as
good as the original? But in a trilogy, is the third
one better than the first? I mean, I don’t know, we’ll see what this cuts into but
yeah, for me personally and the experience
I’ve gone through, this pain has been
the most intense and I’m still going
through it right now. It’s been an hour and 45
minutes since the sting and it is excruciating. And we have a new top
5 now in the insect sting pain index and for
me it goes like this. Velvet ant. Warrior wasp. Tarantula hawk. Bullet ant. And last, certainly not
least, it is fair to say that we should all bend the knee because there is a
new king on the throne and that king is called
the executioner wasp. (sigh) My arm hurts so bad right now the only thing I
want to do is go in lay in the air conditioning and get a cold bottle of water. – [Camera Man] I gotta
remind you of something. – Yeah. – [Camera Man] You
know Michael Jordan came out of retirement
once but he also came out of retirement twice. Is there a chance
you’ll come out again? – I don’t know guys,
I think I’m done when it comes to stings. The executioner wasp is king. All hail the new king and yeah, I’ve learned
a lot and I think there has to be an
end to the journey and for me, at
least at this point, I think it’s safe to say that the executioner wasp is the top. It is the king. I’m Coyote Peterson. Be brave, stay wild. We’ll see you on
the next location. (laughing) My arm hurts. If you missed the
painfully entertaining conclusion to my climb
up the insect sting pain index, make sure to go back and watch “Stung by
an executioner wasp” and don’t forget, subscribe and click the notification
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our next wild adventure. (screaming) You little devil. Oh the executioner
lives up to it’s names. (various animal calls)


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