Asalaamu Alaikum guys and welcome to
another episode of Smile2jannah. When we think of robots we think of something made from metal, something that needs charging and let’s face it something that’s breakable. Well grandpas- and grandmas, that’s old news. The folks at the University of Vermont yeah I’ve never heard of them either have made something called a biological robot it is made of cells
feeds and heals itself. Now before you edge towards leaping out
your window it’s not as crazy as it sounds. Now let me break it down in three
steps: Number one they got skin and heart cells
from the Xenopus Laevis frog That is one ugly looking frog Why these two I hear you ask? Because the skin cells would hold the structure of this
creation together and the heart cells would cause it to move Number two: They
combined the two types of cells with the help of a supercomputer to come up with
the most efficient arrangement and… Number three what they got was a moving, healing, eating “being” that is neither human nor animal that could
perform tasks it was designed to do Aothobillah Now a bloke called Joshua Bongard
who co-led the study he said it’s neither a robot nor an
animal in fact he called it an artifact. Now the one that these guys made was
designed for movement but they’re saying that the ones in the future could
possibly transport medicine to different parts of the body, it could remove plaque
from arteries and potentially could be made from your own cells so it could
kill cancer, and it’s more likely to succeed because your body won’t reject
your own cells. It could also remove plastic from the
ocean (yeah the waste) and of course just like anything else it can be weaponized
to control and kill people especially when DARPA is involved. Now this of
course is a wonderful discovery with plenty of potential for good and of
course bad. But it was interesting to hear them say “oh we made it from scratch”, You’re a liar! When technically they use something that
already exists and just reassembled it. And people look in awe of such people
who can assemble something that already exists but we should also turn our
attention to the creator of these raw materials which can be used in such ways
to offer so many options and ease for our living- that of course is God.
But some people are allergic to that word but nevertheless if you guys want
to learn more about this I’ll put the link the article in the description which is free for all and do comment on your
feedback in the comments, let me know how you feel about this, which will be quite
interesting. Let’s leave it there guys until next time Asalaamu alaikum


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