World Mission Society Church of God in NY ( WMSCOG ) as of 2011

Beautiful Church of God, where true love and
joy overflow. It’s the place where all nations stream to, to receive the water of life coming
from Elohim God. The World Mission Society Church of God, founded in 1964, has grown
rapidly during the past four decades. Reaching from the far east, all the way across the
globe to the United States, the Caribbean, Central and South America. The Church of God
is one of the fastest growing churches in the world, with over 1,000 branches settled
in 150 different countries. The members eagerly study the Bible, and dedicate themselves to
following the example of Christ. Despite their busy schedules, the Church of God members
devote their free time, planning various volunteer and community service events to shine the
glory of God and bring the community together through love. Our hope is to spread the love
of Mother; . serve, sacrifice, unity, and love I can’t explain all these beautiful people
that God has sent here to my home. There should be more people like them doing whatever they’re doing, instead of doing the wrong things in life God bless all of them. All of these beautiful faces. I saw people
clapping their hands that can barley like move half the time, but they’re sitting
in their chairs really enjoying it. Everyone here was getting involved, which is like you
don’t see that very often. Did you have a good time with them.
What? I really enjoyed it and i needed it because i was down in the dumps Omoni! When you see all this love and you see people
who really care about other people. So happy that you stayed. you are so nice. please come back again soon. You even got big pieces of lumber that I said
no you can’t do that. But they said yes we can. God is on our side. You schleipped through the mud and had smiles
on your faces. It’s like I never met anybody that is like that. It touches my heart. We can enjoy the day at the Church of God
and save somebody’s life at the same time. It’s really great. Wonderful help that was provided by the members
of the Church of God. It gives you chills. A great group of people and it was a true
pleasure to work with all of you. It was really, really impressive. We got some spots cleaned
up that we never thought we’d get cleaned up This drive is incredible. And we so appreciate
everyone that came out today to donate blood. They’re our heroes. You know how we know
it’s a great drive. Our staff is smiling And there’s a blizzard outside and the staff
is all smiling. That’s right. You know that it’s a great
effort. I just want to let everyone know, we’re
in the midst of our third blood drive here at the Church of God. We’re already over
500 registered donors. Blood Services, Pastor Lee, I would like to present you with the
Certificate of Appreciation. I think we’re already working together towards
goals, which are on one hand to save our environment and seeing through your video. I was very
moved by your presence here and the message you have. You can actually make a difference God will do. Absolutely. We are spokespeople, and you are
the spokesperson of God. Thank you, thank I wanted to get out there and get help for
my son, raise the awareness in the community that so many of our families were dealing
with autism and hopefully find a cure, treatment. Thank you Church of God for supporting team
Santino. All you guys for coming out, that was really nice. And let me tell you, your volunteers were
phenomenal. And I hope you guys come back next year because they were the best help,
the best people, they were great with the kids we want you back. You’ve been very vocal, encouraging throughout
the day. Thank you Church of God! Tell them not to sing that song. I’m gonna
cry for real. We love you! We love you! We love you! We
love you! We love you! We love you! We love We love you all. We love you! We love you! We love you! We
love you! We love you! We love you! We love you! We love you! We love you! The Church of God will shine the light of
God and inspire all those around them to love and serve their neighbors, following the example
of Christ who is love. As the good Samaritans of this age, the Church of God delivers the
love of Mother to the whole world. We love you.


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