Working at Habitat for Humanity

Habitat is a great place to work. I love my job. I feel very, very fortunate to be in my job. It’s an amazing organization to work for. You all feel as though you’re working towards a common mission that gives you a sense of purpose, a sense of passion. It’s amazing as a young professional
to be exposed to so many different people. There’s this sense of accomplishment
at the end of the day to know somewhere in the world there’s a family being served and
is being helped because of the work that we do. You get to go and talk to them. You
get to see their life’s story. And you see their lives being changed. It really resonates with me whenever
I’m at my own home and I’m looking at my own child and I know that they’re warm and they’re safe. It allows me to go to bed at night feeling I’ve done something that was meaningful. But it also drives me to say, “There’s
more to do.” That’s what is really driving me is to see this change and to cultivate hope. There’s a legacy that all of us get
to be a part of by what we’re doing with our families. It changes the trajectory of
their economic lives. We’re actually part of something bigger then ourselves. We’re part of a movement.


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