Willing to Make Mistakes – Aisha Salem

Question: Beloved Aisha, how to start living my own impulses and stepping into passion and joy for taking part in life while being
still in the beginning process of purification of the system; how to break
through and dare the liberation willing to make mistakes in terms of unclean outbreaks? With so much love and pulsating cry for freedom. Aisha: Yeah, so basically what I want to invite you to is to acknowledge and embrace your life from compassion there needs to be an acknowledgement that you don’t need to be perfect to be here you see when you let that go
then there is actually room for you to be here to engage and to allow your
learning through your doing in a way this is the purification basically
comes through allowing ourselves to love and taking the teachings that come with
that willingness that courage to let life happen to let life move ahead you basically you can’t play this game
of life you can’t play it wrong the only way to miss out of it is to not play it at all so that expansion into your compassion the willingness to allow your imperfection without insisting on it do you
understand what I mean it’s like allow yourself to do your best without being
this hard judge on whatever that looks like allow yourself to actually focus in
on the joy and the passion of doing whatever you’re doing without coming
with this demand for perfection, it’s like the demand for perfection itself
that’s coming from your mine what if your job is to enjoy yourself?
what if your job is to allow for that rolling forth
of your life in a way where you just are in the stream of learning
it’s not about being perfect it’s about learning do you allow your life to happen or don’t you? do you allow the fear of error to control you or not? can you acknowledge, can you love
yourself enough to let your life happen? and also can you allow in that allowing life to happen can you approach every moment
with as much care as is possible for you well knowing that your capacity to
care your capacity to love is bound to grow and grow and grow the fear of meeting all of those
feelings which arise in us when we when our own imperfection is like being flashed to us it’s the perfect invitation for us to come
into and to birth that compassion and the greatest fear we actually have inside of this is the fear of our own hardness towards exactly that the hardness moving inside
of these subtle streams of our life that hardness which requires us to be perfect you asked like how to approach it how to
you just do it, you just do it get up and you just do it and then you
deal with the consequence of being you because that is what it takes, you take
the teachings of being you of living your life of carrying the ignorance that
you’re carrying without seeing that as a negative thing
but as a learning option and the reality of it is of course that none of
the people that you’re moving with or like between are perfect either
so it’s only the mind’s idea of this perfection that creates some kind of separation as
if you’re only worthy to actually be an actor on this scene of life or to be a
player in the game of life if you are in a specific way I invite you to love yourself no matter what it looks like and I also invite you to really get to
terms with the fact that actually the the part of erring is inevitable it’s also
the invitation for you to learn


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