Why We are Here on Earth – Part 2 – History of Mankind – Part 130

Although they would All come from the Same
‘Source’ – their ‘Lineage’ would ‘determine’: ‘What they’re Equal as and to’, which
is very much ‘similar’ to what we have today – where your Equality is virtually ‘determined’
on your ‘Lineage’, your ‘Intelligence’ is ‘dependent’ on your ‘Lineage’. Your…your point where…of…‘Effectiveness’
in this Reality is ‘dependent’ on your, or what ‘Colour’ you are, which Country
you’re in and how your ‘Family-line’ fit into that and your History of your ‘Lineage’
and all kinds of things – ‘Pre-determine’ your ‘Experience’ to quite a Vast-degree
in this Reality. Now, the only way, then to Question this Point,
to bring Awareness that this Point, In Fact, was a ‘Weakness’ – this Point that there
was not Equality, was the ‘Inherent–weakness’ of Existent Existence=was to actually Challenge
the Point. So in that – after the discussions and the
Considerations broke-down, and did not go any further – one of the Beings and…that
was standing as ‘the Point of Balance’ of one of the Galaxies=Abdicated ‘the
Point of Balance’. Immediately Many things Happened at Once.
So we’ll look at the various points in…from different perspectives: One was Immediately,
that: A Fear ‘arised’. The Fear that; because ‘the Point of Balance’
do not Exist, everything will now become Unbalanced, which will cause the Universe to ‘End’.
Fascinatingly enough, was that: One of the Primary-Points that was there, which is very
similar today…to today: If you do not ‘adhere to your Belief-System’ – the ‘End of the…your
Existence will come and then you will be ‘judged’’. So, in a way, that ‘inherent-judgment’
of, what was…what would flow out of the ‘Unbalancing of the Creation’ as it existed
then=came forth. A fascinating thing then occurred: The point
of ‘Free Will’, then, was Challenged – to truly Reveal its Nature. And how it was Challenged was fascinating,
because all that was required by everyone was a fascinating point: They had to ‘Stand-Together’
in their ‘Free Will’ and have ‘One-Will,’ and everything would be Balanced. But an interesting thing occurred – some realized
an interesting point: They could say: “No” – when it comes to the Point of: “Let’s
Stand Together”. And they could do it in a peculiar ‘form of experience’, called
“Spitefulness” – they could hold all the ‘power’, by simply saying: “I will not
Stand Together, Equal as One. I will do it ‘my way’, because I have ‘Free Will.’”
In that Singular Moment=All of the Universes or Galaxies started to disintegrate over time,
because – what was Spreading like Wildfire, was a form of ‘Revenge’: “If you say you’re
not going do it – I will say the same and I’ll ‘Spite’ you back.” So ‘in Spite
of’ having all that one can imagine, in Absolute-Balance – requiring One Singular
Point to Stand in Balance Equal and One, by Realizing that your ‘Free Will’ wasn’t
really ‘Free’=the ‘Original Sin’ occurred: That of ‘Spitefulness’. And within that ‘Spitefulness’, a Fear
‘emerged’ that: If you have to Trust another, they have ALL the ‘power’ – because at
‘any given moment’, they can ‘Spite’ you. Therefore you cannot ‘submit yourself’
to anyone, you cannot Trust anyone, because=what is Inherent, and that emerged more
and more, was: ‘Spitefulness’. And have a look… it exist exactly like that, every
single day of your life. Your whole life has existed in the ‘principle
of ‘Spitefulness’’. You have Never Transcended ‘Spitefulness’
in any way. So within that, an interesting thing occurred:
‘Groups’ were formed. Groups that eventually became a different ‘form of Expression’.
These ‘Groups’ would go – and instead of Balance, ‘Polarity’ became the ‘guiding-force’
of the Universes. Balance was no-longer, because Balance became
impossible because ‘Dishonour’ became the ‘principle of Existence’. ‘Dishonour’
meaning: “I have the ‘power’, the ‘ultimate -power’=I can ‘Spite’ you whenever
it ‘suits me’. And through that I can exert ‘my ‘power’’ ‘over you’.
And no matter how ‘good’ you are, no matter how ‘good’ I am – the end of the day,
I still have ‘power’=I can say, ‘No’. I can ‘Spite’ you. I can – ‘In Spite
of Knowing what is the Best’ – I can do what is the ‘best for me’. And I can do
it because I have ‘Free Will’. Because I’ve always had ‘Free Will’.” – which
is fascinating, yes, we always had ‘Free Will’. We’ve been in Existence a very
long time. In this all, a fascinating thing started happening:
Things started to ‘Spiral out of Control’, because it was no-longer in Balance. And this
‘Spiraling out of Control’, the Mathematical-Equation of Existence that was always a ‘Balanced-Equation’
=became Unbalanced. And because the ‘Inherent-‘desire of Free Will’’ linked-to the ‘desire’
and the ‘definition’ that ‘Free Will’ Encompasses the ‘power of ‘Spite’’
– ‘in Spite of’ all Efforts=it became a Design that was ‘Infinite in Nature’.
It just continued, because as time Progressed – and Remember, time was always defined
by those that are ‘here in time’ – as time Progressed – beings would continue in
their ‘action of ‘Spitefulness’’ and ‘Free Will’ and Create ‘Groups’ that
work-together and that define the ‘Reason why’ their ‘belief’, their ‘Free Will’
to be a specific way. Which you could call – at that stage – virtually like ‘Religions’,
like we have today. Have a look… your ‘Religions’ of today
exist in ‘Spitefulness’ to each other. They will exist because they ‘believe they
have ‘Free Will’’. And accordingly, they express themselves and are, in a way,
in conflict, which is the conflict-point is the Polarity-Point. And through that, everything
in Creation that was a Balanced-Expression, became an ‘Expression of ‘Energy’’.
Because, from that Friction was created an ‘Energy’. What was fascinating though, is in that ‘Energy’
that was Created, something ‘new’ Emerged: You could get an ‘Higher-Energy’ and you
could get an ‘Lower-Energy’. And automatically, a Battle started: ‘The Battle of the Stars’,
in a way. ‘The Battle of the Stars’ was: “Who
can have all the ‘Cool’ ‘High-Energy’ and push the others to a ‘Lower-Energy’
so that they can ‘feel’ they have ‘exerted their ‘power’ of ‘Free Will’’”
– which is in fact, actually ‘Spitefulness’ – to such a degree that they have all the
‘Power’, and that the others are in ‘Fear of their ‘power’’, which means, actually,
‘in Fear of their ‘Spite’’. So now ‘Free Will’ has actually become
something ‘covering-up’ ‘Spitefulness’. And have a look… in today’s Society it’s
exactly what Exist. In this ‘Spiraling’ – it was Clear that the Universe as we know
it: Would be Changing Forever, which is what happened.

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