Why Vinegar is God’s Gift to Mankind — Savings Tip

Hey there! Hope you’re doing well. Today we’re doing a money saving’s tips. So here goes! Think about how much you’re wasting with
all these “fun things” you’re doing. We’re going to cut out all of the frills
– we’re going to cut out dining out, and movies and fun with your friends, really any
extra curricular, even Netflix, and Amazon Prime. Why do people always think I’m going to
say that? Today’s money tip is to stop buying all
those extra cleaning supplies. You don’t really need that much. You know what you really need? The power of vinegar! I really love vinegar. My husband will laugh that I’m making this
video because I talk about vinegar so often. Vinegar is awesome! It is what I consider the trifecta of good. Let me tell you what the trifecta of good
is. It means it’s good for me, in that, it’s
cheap. It’s good for the earth, in that, this is
a product that is edible, but it’s also not going to ruin the environment by getting
dumped in our water system. And third, its’ good for your bathroom because
it is an awesome cleaner. This morning I got up and was getting ready
to come in to work. It’s an unusual day for me to be in the
office, so my mom was coming over to watch my boys. And, let’s face it, we want to clean up
a little bit when mom comes over because we don’t want her cleaning our house, right? So, I pull out the vinegar and I just do a
quick clean in my bathroom. Literally, so easy. That porcelain, spotless! I bet she’ll think that I clean every single
day. But the fact is, vinegar is really versatile. There’s so many uses for it. Let’s go through them- you can clean, you
can make salad dressing with it, you can use it as fabric softener, you can ferment vegetables
with it. It shines silverware like non-other. And on, and on and on. That’s my money saving cleaning tip for
the day! Save a little money, save the earth, and your
bathroom looks great. Short and sweet for you today. Take Care.

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