Why is God not visible ? | Part-3 | Swami Mukundananda

But the fact is, all of us have seen God. Really! When? In our past lives. Does God possess senses like we do?
Does He have eyes and ears? The Vedas say ,…sanskrit verse… God doesn’t have any senses. He is not like us. He is not limited by these five
senses and the mind. But if he doesn’t have senses, then how does He se? if He
doesn’t have ears then how does He hear? Well Swamiji, God is only light. This
form is human creation. But tell me then how is He seeing, hearing, tasting? We know that wherever any soul prays to God, God is able to hear how does He manage to do that? So the Vedas again give a contradictory
answer. They say sanskrite verse Everywhere are God’s ears, everywhere are God’s eyes. Whatever you do He will see. Whatever you say He will hear. Nothing is
unknown to Him. Everywhere are His hands and his feet. We’ll say, I can’t
understand such a God. That is exactly what I’m telling you. You can’t
understand a God who is so contradictory. sanskrit verse God is as hard as a thunderbolt.
When mahapralay takes place, all the souls are crying. But He does hardens
Himself. You are crying, you are dying, never mind. I don’t care. He’s that hard!
and at the same time, His heart is softer than a flower. Wherever any soul sincerely prays to him with a selfless devotion, God melts and reaches
there to Grace him. So He’s hard, He is also soft.
Hence the atharvavediya Mundaka Upanishad says that
through lectures, through dissertations you can neither explain God nor can
anybody understand God. Nor can you understand God through the
width of your intellect. But Swamiji, I’m a post graduate from UT Dallas. Why can’t
I understand God? I’m so intelligent. Tell me, this intelligence of which you have
such pride ultimately it is only two fingers in length. Isn’t it? That is our
intellect and how big is God? He is infinite. How will you fit that infinite
in your tiny, little intellect? It is like some people were desirous
of measuring the depth of a lake. So one person took a scale that was two feet
long. He immersed the scale and said my dear friends I have measured the depth
of this lake. Take a look, two feet. Everybody noted the
lake is two feet deep. Now the next person came, he had a scale that was five feet. He immersed his scale and he said the first person was wrong
look in front of you I’m measuring it. It’s five feet. Everybody noted five
feet. Now one after the other people kept covering to measure the depth of that
lake. The extent of their scale, to that extent they kept declaring its depth. In
the same way, to the width of our intellect we explain the personality
of God. Our intellect is limited by its own experience. The Nyay Darshan calls this the “Kupa Manduka Nyay.” Do you know what is “Kupa Manduka Nyay? The frog
in the well logic. There was a frog who used to peacefully live in a little well.
It was very familiar with the periphery of the well and it would cover the
whole width in four jumps. One day a frog came from the ocean. There is one breed
of frog that lives in the ocean as well. So the ocean frog came hopping along and jumped into the well. These two frogs started doing a little chitchat. He said,
where is this place you have come from. The other frog said, I have come from the
ocean. The ocean? how big is it? is it as big as my well? No, it’s very big!
so the frog jumped four times. He said is the ocean two times the width of my well?
The ocean frog said, no much bigger! He said 10 times? Even bigger! Hundred times? The ocean frog said even bigger than that! The well Frog said you liar, how
could anything be more than hundred times the size of my well? The well
Frog has lived its entire life in the well. That is all it knows. That is the limit
of its intellect. Similarly what you have experienced, what you have understood
that is the limit of the intellect. The vedas are saying, God is beyond
this. And even if you get the intellect of Saraswathi or the intellect of Brihaspati,
let us say it’s available for auction on eBay suppose. And you purchase
the intellect of five, six Saraswathis, even with that you cannot know the Lord,
because that is still finite and the Lord is infinite. So the mantra is saying, Iif God Himself were
to come here and explain His own personality, even then you would not
attain Him. Why not Swamiji? If God comes here, I will see Him, I will become God realized. It’s not so simple. God is sitting in your
heart. Are you becoming God realized? God is pervading every pore of
your body. Is it helping you in any way? No, but Swamiji you know if the avatari
Bhagvan, Krishna avatar, Ram avatar, if I see Them, then I’ll definitely become God
realized. No you won’t, because Their divine form is beyond matter and your
senses are material. With these senses when you see Him, He will seem material to you. That is why Shri Krishna says, Arjun when I descend in this world as an avata,r the materially conditioned Souls
are unable to recognize me, because they don’t have divine eyes. Is it that we
have never seen God? Sometimes we think you know these Swami’s and Mahatma’s,
they keep talking about God. Who has ever seen God? Has anyone seen Him at all? But the fact is all of us have seen God. Really! When? In our past lives. This is
not our first life. We have come on this planet innumerable times. When Lord
Krishna was here five thousand years ago and lived on this planet for 125 years,
it’s possible we were right here. It’s possible we saw Him. When Lord Rama was here for eleven thousand years, it is possible that in our past life we were
there in Ayodhya or Dandakaranya or Kiskindha So it’s quite likely we saw Him and these avatars, Rama avatar, Krishna avatar, have taken place innumerable times. And we have had innumerable past births. So the probability is that in
some past life or the other we actually saw God. However we were not
able to benefit, because His form was divine and our eyes were material. So the
Vedas say by none of these schemes and none of these gimmicks can you ever
reach God. You will say Swamiji, all right you have told me in a hundred ways how I
cannot know God. Now please tell me how I can know God.


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