Why I Hate Society, But Love Humanity

in our society today, do you class yourself
as free? or are you constantly clinging onto things,
which give no guarantee? do our materialistic items ever deliver to us real happiness? or do they distort us from reality and
for our conscience are they poisonous? see happiness comes
within yet we always tend to forget. we spend
our whole lives chasing money and on our death beds seem to regret. I used to be unaware of this I’d let other shape my desires. i’d give
in to authorities logic only to realize it just came from liars. see i’d always be looking for freedom, but i never
found it untill I realized that in order to truly experience it, then
maybe I should just de-materialize however there are only few who live this way,
those sometimes stereotyped as pathetic but honestly to be fair, it’s those who judge that are wrongly apathetic see this was me three years ago, I was
ignorant naive with plenty of confidence. i’m
only twenty now but i realize that back then I just had no social conscience and you may think, this might be me, or you may just not have realized yet but if getting wasted just doesn’t fulfill you, then on that I’d place a bet see apparently we’re doing things the right way, hunting fame for the reward of happiness but does this actually fulfill us, or do we just forget about living in contentedness it’s like just because we don’t break laws, it doesn’t necessarily make us innocent African children are dying and suffering from
illness, and we’re sat there cursing immigrants see first world problems are always seen on
the news, prioritised over third world needs we apparently preach that we’re all human, yet seem to be incapable of such good deeds and this is real immaturity, yet it mostly comes from adults, who would have thought? we don’t accept responsibility for our Planet and we just hope we don’t get caught. in
World War One and World War two those people fought for our peace. we talk
with respect in history but the morals we’ve learnt have mostly deceased. for example if we know that violence only promotes more violence then why do we still fight wars? if we really
want to protect each other then why aren’t we removing the root cause. see we need to stop following public opinion and start thinking properly for ourselves. we need to stop separating nations and throw our pride upon the shelves. i’ve learnt that just because i’m not blind it doesn’t automatically make me see. are
you satisfied with the way things are or are you searching for truth like me? you can’t tell me we’re fulfilling out purpose we seem to ignore it more each day. we pretend we’re on route to peace on earth, but truthfully we’ve lost our way. and you
may think I’m just illogical you may think I’m just a dreamer. you may
think this is all inevitable but trust me I’m not just your average believer. see it’s our society that is unworthy we seem to be forgetting how we got here.
you would have thought we had matured by now and realized that time is dear. because if humanity doesn’t become aware of this and if our ignorance goes too far. then
the future for all life is ruined because one day, our earth will scar


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