Why do you ‘burn’ people in India!

I have to stack dung cakes there I’m going to harvest potatoes with this They have almost a zero-wastage lifestyle That’s the wash-basin the day was not so good I’m not getting nutritious food You are a volunteer, not a servant. Let’s see how’s my experience going to be! I had my lunch After harvesting potatoes in the morning, I took rest for a while After feeling a little better, I again went for harvesting This job is quite labour-intensive and needs a lot of physical activity I am not used to such strenuous jobs still, I tried to do my best I told them already that I will be going for a short hike after lunch it would have been better if I had a local’s company I think I should approach Kallis. That’s his house But I’m not sure my host will like me visiting him Should I ask them! I have quite a dilemma Going without informing my host would not be a right conduct Okay! I’m going to ask my hosts now I will say then that I’m going to use Internet there This dog has been following me I am really feeling bored at this place Even while I am staying with them, I’m feeling loneliness Because they do not interact with me I think now they will not feel odd The most surprising thing for me is Why don’t they get network coverage! whereas they get it But the biggest part of my surprise is! They get cellular network coverage only when they put their mobile phones on the window whats so special about that window! Please let me know if you understand a little bit of telecommunications It’s just made up of wood and glass! They don’t even have something like an antenna I am really clueless I hope this is Kallis’ house They have put their clothes outside to dry This reminds me of the clothes which I put for drying in the morning But I forgot to keep them back before coming here he’s probably his father I always feel glad to meet him he is warm-hearted She’s been to Mumbai in 2010 I am really feeling good after coming here The way he is offering his hospitality is making me feel good Manas is considered to be the superhero of Kyrgyz people His wife name is Khaneyki watch my Turkish series to know what is this its Buttermilk basically This is tea with milk Despite not understanding everything that they are talking about… I am enjoying their company and this tea I told Kallis that I wanted to stay here for at least for a weak but now I am getting bored So before leaving this place will it be possible for you to show me around! I can come with you whenever you are free But he said that he has to help his father in harvesting potatoes in the meanwhile, his father joined us And when he came to know about my plans he allowed him immediately Whereas Kallis told me that it will take at least a couple of days Now because of him both of us are going to explore this place We are going for a short hike in the mountains now I’m feeling really good I wish I have 1 billion subscribers we are talking about many things about India In fact, before I switched on the camera he was asking… Does everyone gets cremated after death in India? These kinds of questions are quite natural Because most of the people here follow Islam So they might not be aware of the practice is being followed in other religions The multiculturalism of India is not here in this country so, his questions are quite natural This is how we are doing this hike I am gasping and he is walking comfortably My host Gulnaz use this water to drink She usually boils this water before drinking this tastes good But she’s already taken my heart away we reached here at 3:30 PM For the last one and half hour we were sitting on that rock we kept talking, took pictures, ate some things… We discussed India, Kyrgyzstan and his experiences in Moscow I shared the dry fruits with him We also had the pear which her mother offered to me Now we are full of energy and ready to leave The houses are so scattered here located very far from each other It’s just like the Himalayas Villages of Himachal, Uttarakhand, J & K, Sikkim & Arunachal are just like this


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