Why Allah Created Mankind? | Javed Ahmad Ghamidi

Allah has created all mankind for worship (ibadat). Why
did Allah need to create mankind and put them through test? Why does He need our worship? What will He get from it despite that He claims He does
not need our worships as He is totally independent? Since the word ‘ibādat’ also applies
to religious practices such as prayer and fasting, particularly in Urdu, it specifically
defines these practices, it creates misconceptions. The word ‘ibādah’ in Arabic has a vast
meaning as compared to Urdu word. As for the verse of the Quran which reads: “And I did not
create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me (Q 51:56),” its correct interpretation would be that ‘I have created
the Jinn and mankind to live like my humble servants.’ It means that I am their creator
and they should be my servants. There should be a relation of
a worshipper and a creator. They must understand that they have not
fallen from the sky and I have created them. Living like servants means they
should limit themselves to the boundaries that Allah has set for them
which we have mentioned earlier. They should observe purification of body, food, drink,
moral character, and the relationship with their creator. This whole message is present in the word ‘Ibādah’ of
Arabic. It defines the overall attitude of one’s entire life. One attitude is that of transgression which makes one
behave with excessive pride and arrogance towards others. Another attitude is that one believes he is the
creation of God and will have to be held accountable. So he decides to keep all his matters such as eating, drinking,
social gathering, and business dealing within a limit set by his Lord. When he does all these things restricting himself to
limits set by his creator, he lives a life of a servant. This is defined as ibadat. It does not
merely define religious practices. The religious practices symbolize our relationship
with God and they have their own importance. However, they are only a part of this ibadah. The religious practices named ibadat in Urdu are only
a part of the word Ibadah used in the Holy Quran. I have also told that considering the content,
the entire religion is based on four factors. They include worships, physical purification, consumption
of pure things, and the purification of moral character. The entire religion is based on these four factors.
All religious teachings are based on these elements. When a person observes all these restrictionsbelieving
that he is the creature of God and will be held accountable, believes he did not appear out of nowhere and was created
and he is the servant of that creator, this is called ibadah. We need to understand this concise
definition and howthe Quran uses it. The questioner asks what does
God want to achieve from it? God is totally independent and He does not
need it at all, why did He put man in this test? God does not need it at all. You should be thankful to
Him for blessing you with life and ability to understand. He has also given the glad tiding that this temporary life full of
pain, difficulties and hardships is not more than a drop of water. This leads to a perpetual and
everlastinglife where death will not exist. In that life, man will raise to the
highest level of development. In that life, he has the promise of
getting whatever he wishes to have. He will have no fears of
future or regrets of past. To bless us with such a great reward, we often hear
that God exists since perpetuity and will live forever, although we never existed since perpetuity
but we have been promised an eternal life. It is not an extraordinary thing. We have been
created to benefit from all these blessings. My humble request is that you should
not be so impatient and coward. It is a huge reward and you should
step forward to make it a reality. If your questions still remain unanswered, you will
have the opportunity to ask God when you meet Him.

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