Who should we date? Dan and Phil play Heart♡Throb!

P: Hello DanandPhilGames Dreamboats D: *imitating heartbeat* Throbbers P: You can’t call them throbbers?? That must be the fastest demonetization we ever got. D: Alright hearts-man. P: Throbs… the heart, the throb of the heart D: What of the shirt you’re wearing? P: Thanks, its freezing in here but i thought I’d wear it for the theme of the video. D: Phil’s got his guns out, wearing nice because today, P: Guns out for the lads especially because today D: Literally, look this is going to be a whole thing P: Yeah D: Today, we are playing…. Both: HEART THROB D: The dream game for girls P: Yeah P: We played a lot of this with our friend Bryony who introduced it to us with various groups of friends D: Kind of as a joke-ish P: Yeah D: But this wasn’t made as a joke P:No D: This is a game, and I quote, for all girls who like boys P: Wow D: That’s right. This was made in the 90s P: or the 80s D: *gibberish* the caveman times. I’m sure at the time this made a lot of sense and it was very popular P: yeah D: Looking back, in 2018 this is really a whole big of yikes right here P: So explain what the actual game is D: Well *laughs* the game is about looking a bunch of potential imaginary boyfriends and deciding which of them you want to date P: sure D: But then guessing who the people you are playing with would most like to date P: Plot twist D: So imagine you are that person right there P:I’ll put my mind into her and see how I choose *laughs* D: … P: I’m making this more weird D: listen no no no weirdness is yet to come D: Judging from the front cover here P: wow D: I mean who do we have as examples? D: We have this guy P: The class clown D: This guy, the captain of the football team P: look at that hair! D: with an absolutely incredible permed mullet P: I am jealous And this guy who is nicknamed lips apparently P: that is not a nickname D: that guy is terrifying look at that face. P: I’m scared D: sorry sorry can we look at that? P: He should be nicknamed ‘ready-to-axe-murder-you’. D: He has killed ten people. Which of them is the guy for you? P: oooooh D: But the game is not as simple as that. P: No D: You have these cards right? and these cards are like personality traits that help you learn more about them to inform your decisions. P: So they’ll say things like “he smells like a cake” D: Choose your favourite on looks alone P:*laughs* D: that’s a thing right there. D: Here’s the tagline “Choosing the man in your life has never been this much fun before” D: There’s a lot that is question about this game but the graphic design is on point P: I mean… yeah D: That is 90s.jpeg P: It’s like saved by the bell. D: That is truly amazing D: So as we said we’ve got the personality cards P: oooh D: What do you have there? P: like “Nicknamed whizkid” D: right. don’t want to know what he whizzed on to do that P: and “fast food freak”. D: Don’t attack me. P: That person might have my heart D: I’m a fast food freak D: And this one here “Has to be the centre of attention” P: Are they all just written about you? D: *slams table* P:*ooooooh* P: First we have a look at some of the potential boyfriends we are not going to pick for this one D: So these are the kind of people we could be dealing with alright? D: First off we have An- *laughs* P: Andy D: oh god P: Great pose! D: Florida Gators. that kind of looks like you as a teenager I’m not going to lie P: It does! I have the hair gel. the wet look hair gel D: Oh wait is that Gary from the front? P: Oh wow. I’m seeing a whole new side of him D: Yes the side is the arms. P: and his mullet D:That’s what we are seeing there he has a whole vein situation going on there P: He does. that is throbbing D: I’m actually intimidated by this I don’t know why P: His expression is like ‘i might punch you in a second’ D: there’s just something- this whole energy scares me D: Hello Simon! *laughs* The sax master has arrived. P: He’s got his sax out D: Toot toot hello P: *singing* he’s a jazz man D: Why do I feel like all of the models are like 33? P: I think they are D: This is one of those things. Every 90s tv drama was like “I’m a high schooler” and the actor was like “I’m 39” P: Literally. Have you ever seen teen wolf? This is teen wolf. D: How old is Simon? P: Simon is like one of my dad’s friends. D: He is 53 P: Okay one more D: And lastly we have… Both: Pauuul. P: That is an intense stare *laughs* D: I have never been more scared in my entire life P: It’s like one of my school photos where they caught me mid smile- like trying to smile D: The- the eyebrows, the eyes, the smile. To know that face is to look dead straight in the eyes P: Hey he might be lovely on the inside, we don’t know. D: He wants to look at your insides i think *crickets chirping* P: Also they are all very white. There is not much diversity in this game D: I think literally every single card here is not even like beige P: oh my god they are literally all white D: Ivory tower people D: So alright, are you ready to begin? P: Yeah Im ready, let’s do this P: The first one is… D: Reveal it P: Bobby D: Bo- *laughs* P: Wow, he’s got some guns. D: *stutters*He- that-there is a lot going one here. P: Yeah. D: I mean, Bobby works out sure fine P: But he cares about grooming. Its like he’s presenting his armpit to the camera like “uh come on Jenny, have a sniff” D: It’s a look D: okay you are continuing to drive this darker P: Sorry D: And guy number 2 is.. *laughs* P: Richard? D: Richard P: Look at that with the sexy glasses in the mouth. D: OH-MY-GOD i- i- really do know what to make of this. P: He’s like *imitating sexy voice* “Want to come back to the library with me?” P: I think he looks a bit creepy. I think he wants to murder me. D: Really? I’m not getting that. I think he is kind of adorable with a sense of humour. D: First impressions! P: I think he’s got some weird kinks hiding underneath those knitwears P: Last one. D: Yep. P: Can I get it? P: *laughs* What is happening? D: WHAT THE HELL D: This needs to be framed P: It does D: This should be in the Louvre next to freaking Mona Lisa P: I love that P: I think this guy is mysterious. I think he’s got some dark secrets. Something hiding D: Yeah I’m going to say absolute potential serial killer P: Something under his bed we don’t want to see. D: Alright well P: He’s got a few yodelling pickles down there D: Somehow we are going to have to pick between these guys P: So I just have to choose my favourite based on appearance D: Play along at home D: Alright alright alright there are three scenarios and each scenario we learn a bit more P: okay D: And the first one is “would you like to dance?” P: oh which one do i want to dance with? D: So presumably you are at the school dance and which of these would you like to dance with? P: Okay sure. D: What kind of dance is it? P: I think its like a school dance. Like a disco D: Is it like a slow dance? P: Its a slow dance D: We’ve got to play the game how they are imagining. D: they’re not like “hey do you want to do some fortnite dances with me?” P: No D: This is like a grind P: a grind? D: Yeah this is Miley Cyrus Robin Thicke P: We weren’t allowed to grind in my school D: No no it is a slow dance. Hand on the side. Not down there- up here. Slow dance P: I slow-danced at my prom. It was very embarrassing. I had a very wide stance and someone took a photo of me and I was like- D: Oh phil.. someone took a photo of you making fun of your wide stance? P:Yeah my legs were very far apart D: I thought we were just going to be laughing at the 90s I didn’t think were going to be digging up your trauma here geez P: I did get to go in a limo though so it was all good D: So now we will reveal who we think the other person has chosen to dance with. P: Okay D: Now Phil P: Yeah? D: Based on your traumatizing story and your emotional vibe with these people, D:I think you want to go for the person who maybe doesn’t take themselves too seriously P: Yeah D: and would treat you gently P: gently? D: I think you chose Richard P: I did choose Richard. He was the only one with a bit of a cheeky smile so I thought he might be a bit of fun. D: One point P: I think D: Yeah why did you make this decision? P: I made this decision because *laughs* i don’t know D: what? I’m literally ready to be offended right now. P: I thought you’d want to dance with Bobby D: WHY? P: Because he’s the one that likes to groom himself and he probably has like nice fashion. D: *gibberish* wha-why-huh P: You thought he might have a good suit D:There’s probably a compliment there. P Yeah D: I chose Mick P: WHAT? Why would you choose Mick. D: Bobby?? Are you freaking serious? I feel like he would somehow hurt me D: or I would just be scared of him P: by crushing you with his huge arms? D: I don’t know much about Mick yet he seems kind of lowkey. I think- P: He looks like he would breathe down your neck really heavily D: Stop ruining Mick okay? Just… Bobby scared me, Richard aslo scared me so there we go D: Now, we get to find out a bit more about them P: Yeah D: Next scenario is “Will you go to a party with me on Saturday night?” P: ooh P: that’s a bit less formal than a slow dance so I’m less worried D: uhhh but it is more of a time commitment D: This is talking P: This is an evening with a person D: This is hanging out, this is socializing with other people and the night leads somewhere or maybe it doesn’t. P: Okay sure D: So you know, a nice PG peck on the cheek with your grandma looking on the door step D: Are you ready P: I’m ready D: -to learn more about these lads? P: Yes! D: Each of them would have two personality traits revealed P: okay D: and that would change everything. D: Did you know Bobby… is a rich kid? P: Oooh D: okay P: okay so he might have a nice car? D: So he wants you to go to a party with him? he might have a cool house D: Yeah P: You know what I mean? D: Now Richard, I’m just- i’m eager to learn more D: Richard…*laughs* P: what? D: Richard is the tuba player in a band. P: Aww P: I’m trying not to give too much away now D: He is a band kid. D: That really- P: This one time at band camp D:Honestly- P: what did you do with the tuba? D: look at him nibbling on those glasses. I think Richard has a good time at band camp. D: Mick… is nicknamed “the lemon” P: *laughs* the lemon? D: Why the hell would anyone be nicknamed the lemon? P: In school whenever anything happened, like if you fell off a chair, then everyone called you chair so anything could have happened to be called the lemon D: What did he do with a lemon??? P: I don’t want to know P:Okay Bobby- D: Alright here we go P: wants to be a secret agent. D: ooooh P: he could be James Bond D: I bet he thinks he can get into the CIA P: James Bobby D: I dont- what did you just say James Bobby? P: James Bobby D: Delete yourself P: Richard D: yeah? P: wants to be a magician D: oooooh Richard. okay I mean look, there are some magicians that have really great careers and if that’s his passion, that’s fine P: I like magic D: Remember, the question is “Would you go to a party with him?” P: And Mick… can’t wait to get married and have lots of kids! D: dunno how I feel about that. P: no D: that’s very 90s as well P: it is! D: Good Christian, let’s get married as soon as possible BOINK *snazzy music* D: alright, the time to write it down, Phil. And also, think along at home! D: at this point, who do you wanna go to a party with? D: have you decided? P: I’ve decided! D: alright! I love that you’re just holding the wad of things there P: I’m holding Adam! *laughs* he’s just like, part of the video D: respect Adam P: sorry Adam P: right! D: right, you guess me first P: Dan, I think… D: why did you make this decision? P: I made this decision, slightly based on your reactions to these cards… D: oh right, ok! How well do you know me Phil, let’s find out P: I think you’ve chosen Richard D: ooooh, I chose Bobby! P: WHAT? D: that is right! P: why! D: ‘cos he’s rich! A he wants to be a secret agent! From a party-going perspective, that means he’s probably got a massive house D: which would be for a good party, I don’t have to like him, I don’t think that he’s an ethically lovely person P: I’m rubbish at this! D: but he probably has a pool, and then also he wants to be a secret agent! What the hell does that mean at a party, I’m interested P: right, who do you think I picked? D: I think that your answer… I’m gonna be strategic here, cos I think you’re being strategic and weird P: I’m not! I’m not being strategic! D: this is a game, people! I think Richard is the match for you, but I think for some weird reason, you chose Mick P: I did choose Mick! How did you know? D: because that’s just what you’re like! P: I’m not trying to snek it! D: explain yourself! P: anyone that’s in a band at a party is gonna go straight to play the instrument at the party’s band D: ‘hey babe, wanna see my tuba?’ P: yeah, he’ll get his tuba out and then join his bandmates P: but, I wanna know why Mick is nicknamed ‘the lemon’, so I could go with him to the party and that’s a good conversation piece D: that is a big risk! You are… that… okay, you are a brave man! P: I’m not saying we’re gonna go on a date, but it’s more just, like, I wanna chat about why you’re called ‘the lemon’ D: that’s solid actually, I wanna go to this party. I feel like you go to his house and it would be like some weird hillbilly shack D: and you’d be like hey… here’s ma sister wife P: this is the lemon we worship, Mary D: I wish I could marry my cousin… D: well, that was lovely, but now it’s time for the final round P: final round! D: and this is the ultimate question! D: they ask you… do you want to be my girlfriend? P: Wow, we’ve got to be fully honest in this one though D: Exactly P: No snekking D: This is a relationship now. Things are get serious now P: We’ve got a date. D: But before that, there’s two more things to learn. You ready? P: Okay D: First up is Bobby D: On top of being a rich kid who wants to be a secret agent, he also… *cricket noises* D:”wants to spend his holidays at a nudist camp” P: *laughs* wow Bobby D: Look, he works out and- P: A camp though, not a beach? P: A nudist camp, what the hell is that? D: You might not live near a beach. Maybe it’s a lake P: what’s in this camp? D: Maybe it’s a lake. D: I’m just saying, you’d get a good all round tan. We’re done here P: That’s a bit dodge alright. D: Richard: tuba player in a band, wants to be a magician AND enjoys imitating the mating call of wild animals P: *laughs* P: I think Richard might be a furry. D: A 90s furry P: Yeah D: One of the first ones D: What did they do? P: I think they just skin all their teddy bears and stick them to their bodies D: You know there’s like a hundred thousand furries watching this- P: I know there are D: And you’ve just offended them P: I know you’re relevant, I’m just saying P: back in the day, *laughs* D: Oh they’re relevant are they? okay P: I didn’t know D: the furry fandom needs to have a problem with amazingphil P: I didn’t know if there were fursuits back then. D: Mick “has a pet spider in his desk”. Of course he does P: Maybe it licks his lemon D:that doesn’t- what’s the tale of the lemon and the spider? P: Next one, Bobby P: He has never been kissed. P: I wouldn’t have thought that D: THAT *slams table* is a game changer P: That is a plot twist D: Suddenly- P: it is all bravado D: and really he is soft and tender D: and he is just putting it all on because he is vulnerable and maybe he is saving himself P: he is just a little jaffa cake D: for that special girl P: Ayee P: Richard D: I’m ready. The final piece of the Richard puzzle. P: “bumps into walls and trips over his own feet” D: come on there out with the tuba *imitates falling noise* P: That would be dangerous P: while just making the sound of an eagle D: Alright. fine P: and Mick P: claims to have contact with extra terrestrials. *laughter* D: MICK! P: i bet he gave them the lemon D: MICK NO. oh for god’s sake D: He is nicknamed “the lemon”. He can’t wait to get married and have loads of kids. D: He has a pet spider in his desk and he claims to have contact with extraterrestrials D: The school needs to keep an eye on him P: right P: Who are we dating? D: *whispers* This is the hardest decision I have ever made P: *laughs* P: I’m just straight in there with my answers D: Phil P: Who am i gonna date? D: I think that you chose to date… D: Richard P: Yes I did. P: I mean he is very much, apart from the musician, I like magic, I like animals D: no no no you like imitating animal mating call P: I do like making animal noises P: caw caw *animal mating noise?* D: You did that a lot on the radio P: Also I do trip over my own feet all the time so I think we’ll be a match made in D:band camp P: probably death. P: Dan I think you were moved by the fact that Bobby;s never been kissed P: because you chose BOBBY D: I CHOSE BOBBY P: YESSS D: alright okay but not just that. explain to me D: I want you to show everybody how you think you understand me. P: right. D: Why did I choose Bobby? P: First of all he has a nice car, he can take you on some nice dates. D: *laughs* P: Secondly, he wants to be a secret agent. That is something you can chat about. P: Like what is the mystery? what are we solving? Are we going on an adventure? D: right D: and you think I’d like that. P: thirdly, nudist. You’ve got like weird furry stuff going on. P: You might enjoy a bit of nudism I don’t know. P: never been kissed. That is like a movie. That’s like ‘i’m in a movie’ D: yeah you were wrong at every single point. I am so offended by everything you just said. D: No that’s not- P: what? D: The reason I liked Bobby D: is because- P: the guns. D: look- no- okay *sensual music* D: You’re a teenager, you’re not choosing a husband for life P: You’re just going on a date D: This is the time when you make mistakes. P: so you’re choosing a mistake? D: you have experiences.. you just need to- D: look Bobby seems like maybe someone that you can heal D: he seems like there’s a lot of- P: like a project? D: yeah P:*laughs* wow D: yeah P: sure D: he needs me more than Richard. P: Alright D: Richard has got his tuba, he’s got his magic D: Bobby’s got nothing other than his fragile self-esteem and amazing biceps P: okay P: that was heart throb. I had a blast D: Do you see how- It’s like- its actually a good game P: It is very fun D: If you take away all of the gender roles and just the whole thing that is going on here, it’s really fun P: It is fun D: I mean, if you can’t find any friend to play this with, you can play it with your family P: I’ve played this with my brother before. I’m not sure of my granddad but maybe we could get him in on it you know? D:…. P: That’s weird D: *laughs* P: That’s weird D: You are not editing that out P: He’s 92 D: yikes. delete P: I actually think this is a good game. It’s just a shame it is kind of really offensive D: I feel like they should update it with an inclusive 2018 version P: YES D: and we can still judge people by their looks and get to know them and we could all have a lot of fun P: That would be great D: *laughs* P: It’s basically “take me out”. That is what take me out is D: Yeah P: Also, if you’re in the London area in the next week or so D: between now and the 21st of December P: we are doing a danandphil pop up shop! D: It’s a festive pop up shop. It is actually legit way cooler than we thought. P: yeah D: We have like themed areas. There’s like ‘dan and phil christmas area’, ‘amazingphil area P: and a ‘dan area’ D: called the void. P: and we’ve also got a snow globe you can take pictures in. It’s really fun. D: If you’re in London this christmas, make sure to check it out. P: Link below D: cause it’s amazing P: so check that out P: and if you’ve enjoyed this video, give us a thumbs up D: Oh yes indeed. Check out Phil’s channel over there, check out my one over here D: watch our last video that is almost as sexual P: and if you don’t do it, Mick is gonna come get you with his lemon P: *deep scary voice* HELLO D: I’m so sorry for this whole thing


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