White House Says It’s Time For People To Pay For Impeaching Trump

Well now that Donald Trump has officially
been acquitted by the Senate and he has already started his little victory lap with his speech
yesterday, the White House is preparing to start going after some of Donald Trump’s enemies
who are responsible for him being impeached, or at least that’s what Stephanie Grisham,
Donald Trump’s press secretary, thinks should happen. In a recent interview with Fox news, and this
was actually prior to Donald Trump’s speech yesterday, Grisham said the following, she
said, I think he’s going to talk about just how horribly he was treated and, you know,
that maybe people should pay for that. People should pay for that, Stephanie Grisham
says, and I don’t think she’s meaning they need to cough up a couple of bucks. I think Stephanie Grisham is letting us know
without a doubt that this White House is about to go scorched earth on anyone they perceive
as an enemy. Obviously, we’ve discussed earlier in this
week as Gabriel Sherman pointed out over at Vanity Fair, Donald Trump is allegedly, according
to Republican lawmakers, compiling an enemies list that includes people like Adam Schiff
and Jerry Nadler. And at this point I’m willing to bet that
enemies list also includes Mitt Romney. Donald Trump, really this past week since
the acquittal has really gone after Mitt Romney more so than anybody else. Shortly after the vote, he actually tweeted
out a video of Mitt Romney being defeated on election night and then towards the end
of the video, it switched to Donald Trump’s results coming in on election night, 2016
and winning. Trump has always, always taken digs at Romney
over win, losing, excuse me, in 2012 even though Barack Obama was the heavy favorite
to win that, and he pulled it off pretty much exactly as expected. But nonetheless, Grisham’s trying to give
us a warning here. If you went against Donald Trump, if you said
something he didn’t like or if you were one of the Democrats responsible for this, get
ready for hell. And that is what Democrats do need to get
ready for and people like Mitt Romney too. It’s coming. You’re not going to stop this man. He feels a renewed sense of invincibility
at the moment and he is going to use that to his advantage. He is going to come after each and every one
of you with everything he has. And when he has nothing, he’s just going to
make things up. We’ve seen him do it in the past and that’s
what’s going to happen to Democrats now. So they need to be prepared for this. They need to be able to counter this, and
it better be something more than, well, the trial was rigged. We all know the trial was rigged. So you better stock up with some better ammo
than that because this man is about to go pure crazy in a way we have never seen throughout
his administration.

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