White Dog Is Scared Of Hoomans Except For Only 2 People | Kritter Klub

Shaking eyes Owner : She gets cautious around strangers What is so scared of? The lady’s daughter doggo If she gets her to socialize Make a BIG FUSS To another corner Even towards a regular customer Just scary.. Regular customer(a bit resentful) : I didn’t even curse her at all meet each other every day To Harry, hoomans are FEAR ITSELF But (The owner is filming) So happy 😀 To the owner, Just Cutie Sweetie Harry♥ Got me waggin’ side to side But then… Upon the unfamiliar kid’s entrance *Freezes* Just from making eye contact *tremble w/ fear* Why are you scared of a little kid..;; Owner : She’s scared of all strangers In Harry’s world, There’s just mom and dad Behind story of Harry… A year ago, Harry was an abandoned dog After 6 months of feeding her They became family Owner : It hasn’t been long since we became close If I get a haircut, she doesn’t recognize me and runs away PD : She can’t recognize you? Owner : She can’t The previous life on the streets has changed Harry The unfamiliar expert sprays A chemical similar to happy hormones (Pheromones) The comforting scent And tasty snacks But after facing a fear of humans at an early age Harry needs more time For a week, every guest Extended a hand to Harry And petted her, letting her know that it’s okay Can their effort Bring Harry out of her shell of fear? Owner : If she walks out, It’s a miracle Atm(at that moment) Harry gets up from the corner And comes out on her own And even makes eye contact with others Mom has been through a lot :'( Owner : Oh my.. She’s been changed for the better, PD.. Aww.. it’s able to change, still unbelievable.. The start of a small, but big change Owner : I want to take a walk with her in the park And stroll around, and get some fresh air Just the thought of it gets me excited “Harry’s new life” “Just begins now♡”


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