Which is the Fake You? | Leon Fontaine 2020

for the word come on let’s put our hands
together and welcome our pastor to the stage well good morning it’s good to have you
with us today you know I love the church when it’s done right and I hate religion
I talk with people all the time who they’ll start chatting with me and then
up they gets to the question on the plane or somewhere at a coffee shop what
do you do it’s always a defining moment when I you know and sometimes I don’t
tell them I’m a preacher I’m a CEO of a television station which is absolutely
accurate then you get all cool keep talking and but it’s amazing Church
Springs Church is here to equip you to get up and go live it live it authentic
live a genuine live it for Jesus you know the Bible says Jesus came you might
have life and more abundant enough that you’d have religion not that you’d be
contained bored you know living out somebody else’s idea of who you need to
be so glad you’re here so excited about this new year and I can’t wait to get
into the message so I want to welcome all the other campuses is great to have
you with us and they’re right through that screen God is going to speak to you
God is gonna touch you so many people think that if it’s not a live speaker
nothing is really going to happen but we know for a fact that through that
screen the presence of God will touch you it’s the Word of God it’s the wisdom
of God that changes our lives if you want a live speaker there’s tens of
thousands of churches with live speakers and but whenever you get that big screen
don’t worry at all just know that God will still touch you father help me to
speak today everybody here is unique everybody here
has different things to deal with today so I ask you to touch them in a powerful
way guide them with the map for their life
guide them father with the things they’re maybe puzzled over or seeking
you about I pray this in the wonderful name of Jesus amen as a young man I was training for the
Olympics and serving the Lord and working for Puma and they were one of my
sponsors with some of the stuff that I was doing and one day while I was out at
a camp actually and working as the sports director for a camp for a few
weeks I ran into a man a little few years older than me that had just given
his life to Christ and was living in the same city that I was and he told me a
story of how brutal his upbringing was this man said he was an enforcer that he
had hurt people killed people he had Special Forces he was trained and kind
of life and I thought yeah heard that story and but we happen to be walking
down the warehouse of the company this Puma company and I could tell it didn’t
quite believe him that this was an enforcer a tough guy trained in all
these fields and he grabs a box of badminton all’s I don’t know if you know
what that is but it’s a wide round handle with a pick on it like an ice
pick really hard to throw it’s not a balanced throwing knife and he snapped
up this box and he’d begun to go flap it about but from here to the wall and he’s
grabbed each one and he put them all in about the space of a person’s head just
Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam and then I started to believe he would do
different things as we began to hang out and he really wanted to be good at being
a Christian because anything this guy did I couldn’t beat him at and I was I
mean I was into a lot of stuff I could play sports workout you name it but this
guy was just at a whole nother level but the one thing that he struggled with
when he gave his life to Christ was he continued to feel like a hypocrite
he said That’s not me is this is just not me this is just not me I just feel
fake I feel phony that half I try to convince him that you don’t have to be
like that guy or that you can be you not a fallen version of
you but a righteous version of you the same power the same character the same
drive the same masculinity we’re not a bunch of clones in the body
of Christ Ubu but be the righteous version of you coz there’s a fake
version of you I couldn’t get through to him he left you shortly after and I got
a phone call one day that he just taken his own life because he just felt like
he was a mess that he didn’t deserve to die quick so we figured out the slowest
way to kill himself it she’s got a brutal story but all in all I couldn’t
get him to understand his identity after you give your life to Jesus Christ
probably the most important thing that you’ve got to understand is your
identity who are you or you will struggle as you begin to serve Christ as
you begin to live this life it will feel fake it’ll feel phony it’ll feel like
this is not made another man that gave His life to Christ was worked in the
area of the bike gangs and he wasn’t a Hells Angel but whatever some of the
steps were up into it and tough and messed up and I’m gonna share with this
guy his identity and who he was in Christ and as he began to recognize that
he didn’t have to give up his masculinity his toughness but that God
wanted that we are all unique Christians should not be a bunch of clones with a
white shirt and a tie in his shoes I mean I like white shirts ties and shoes
but we’re not designed to be clones of each other we’re designed to be uniquely
different passionate with different giftings different characteristics
different desires different ways to dress I love the fact that I arch we got
guys here in four thousand dollar suits and somebody else and a pair of boots
they haven’t removed in 20 years because it’s their favorites and kicking around
at an old blue pair of jeans we’re not we don’t come to church to become
clothes you are uniquely you but the one thing
you’re gonna struggle with is which is the fake you and which is the real you
and I have seen that argument alone destroy so many people’s lives has
somehow they’ve never made this change of saying Who am I you are not made in
the likeness in the image of a fallen man you are not made in the likeness in
the image of Satan you are made in the likeness and the image of God that means
that every time you look at being victorious in any area you have to ask
yourself is the addict the real me or the fake means to fake you is the angry
man the real me or the fake me that’s the fake you when you begin to look at
your life this issue of identity is crucial and if you’re looking at 2020
and you want to rise up and make changes in and be who you is you’d better settle
this question you were not made to be controlled by a substance you were not
made to be controlled by pornography you were not made to be controlled by anger
you are not made to be so you know fearful on the inside and you’re trying
to project this confident thing you were made to be peaceful and secure and
honorable and Integris and it doesn’t take away at all from your genuineness
your uniqueness ok you need to recognize there is a righteous version of you and
it’s the real you and the things that you’ve got to put off are just the
things that are destroying you and making you weak we all have a desire to live with
significance we all have a desire to be great to do incredible things but the
world subtly changes that you see there are two kingdoms on this planet one is
the kingdom of darkness one is the kingdom of light or we can call it the
kingdom of this world which has different values it has a different way
of becoming great in the kingdom of the world then we have the kingdom of God
and the kingdom of God has different values morals than the kingdom of the
world and the kingdom of God has a way to be great and significant and to do
amazing things but these two do not agree so if you are struggling today say
my life isn’t worth much I don’t know where I’m gonna go I don’t feel like
I’ve done much I don’t know who really am I I feel like I’ve got to find out
what my purpose is and we ask all these dumb questions now they can be good
questions if you’re focused on the kingdom of God’s answers but if you’re
focused on the kingdom of this world’s answers then you must become famous you
must rise to the top and become the most important you must rise up and be the
most valued over and above the people that are around you which causes the
human race to live a life of comparisons and the Bible says that to those who
compare themselves amongst themselves that they are not wise it’s not just a
cute little mannerly principle it is a deeply significant thing that must rise
out of the inside of you that you must set your focus you must learn the
kingdom of God what are the values what is the purpose what what is greatness
according to God or if you get trapped over here which the majority of
Christians do and when they come to church they’re still trying to be great
according to the world nerds so you’ve got to be the best now
give me a mic and get me on the stage where can I be noticed in this church
and you go it just shows your insecurities your
inability to really focus on the real you
you still caught up in the fake you and because the friends that you have
believers or not doesn’t matter but because in the world system they measure
you according to your fame the money that you make according to a gift that
rises up in business or in art or in music and so that they are gonna value
you depending on what you’ve accomplished on this planet and those
things are a fast trip to a deep unhappiness and it will lead you into
death Romans 8 says because to be to be spiritually minded
his life to be fleshly minded which means on the world Kingdom that
self-centered Kingdom that that is death now when I say death I mean a continuum
of death for example if you begin to compare yourself you’re gonna rise up in
pride because you’re the best in your spear circle and as someone else rises
up better than you you’ll begin to struggle with your identity because you
used to be the best but someone’s now better than you and if you don’t get
better than him him being around you affects your self-worth okay if your
identity is in your looks and you are a beautiful woman and people who know your
renown for your looks your body and everywhere you go then all of a sudden
you find that gravity happens to us all and younger people begin to rise up and
I mean they’re better looking they’re incredible so this begins to shake your
identity your dignity and your Worth and you begin to fall into this sense of Who
am I and how can I be greater than anybody else it is such a mess in the
seasons of people’s lives this message is gonna change your world forever if
you get this this morning when you begin to recognize
which is the fake you and which is the real you the real you at the very core
of your being is you you were made in the likeness and the image of God
there’s nothing that you cannot do with Christ’s courage the ability to rise up
and stand those are Kingdom principles and yet
religion has made Christian men live like pathetic little wimps oh god bless
you and you know Jesus is this long brown haired guy with big precious eyes
and he wears flip-flops and a dress and he’s just this sage that walks around
and helps people and you don’t recognize that’s not the picture that that’s the
2000 year old picture of Jesus when you go to revelations chapter 1 and chapter
2 there’s a picture that John as he sees the Jesus of today he is shocked and he
falls on his knees with all the strength gone as he it talks about his new hair
what is wool his eyes like fire out of his mouths like a sword wearing this
bronze armor and it’s so blowing him away and he saw the great Roman army it
was around at that time taking out country after country but to see the
figure of the king of kings literally made him fall flat on his face
we need to realize that that the fake you is how you’ve been raised I tell the
story and I need to push it in right here of a lion a modern-day parable of a
South African farmer that found a lion cub the mother had been killed all the
rest of the Cubs were dead from starvation and takes it home it doesn’t
know how to feed it won’t take anything and but he had this big poodle dog just
had puppies and here if he just Wow what do I got to lose and he puts his
little lion cub on this poodle and it latches on and begins to drink milk from
this mother poodle and so it grows up with a poodle family thinking it’s a
poodle it eats like dr. Ballard’s dry food it is afraid of the owner rolling
up a newspaper and smacking its momma on the bum this mother poodle and in a way
it goes so he learns to be afraid of a rolled-up
newspaper there’s a pitbull next door it’s on a chain and anytime the poodle
goes in the backyard the pit bull just lunges and races and it hits the end of
that chain and the poodle is terrified of this pit bull so though baby lion
grows up terrified of this pit bull now as it becomes a full-grown young lion
with the fears of a pit bull the fears of a rolled-up newspaper and its only
joy is eating dry dog food you know which is the fake lion that’s the fake
lion because if it ever gets out of the backyard and has real lions show it who
it is it’s gonna taste grisel fresh meat I mean the next time that lion hits
there that pit bull hits the end of the chain if the lion comes back from a
couple of weeks with real lions he’s gonna have a tasty little snack as easy
as pie if the owner rolls up that newspaper and whacks him on the bum one
more time he’s gonna lose his arm up to his elbow who is the real lion it’s not
the lion raised by the poodle it’s the Lions who have the the nature
and the skillset and the thinking of a lion so when you go to God’s Word and
you begin to understand it through the 66 books of the Bible see we follow
Jesus the Bible is the uncompromising Word of God
I don’t follow different verses and chapters in the Bible
many of them are pointing to Jesus I follow Jesus and I read the Bible
because it has my real identity in there it’s not my what my uncle says what my
teacher says what my giftedness says what my disc form says I am who God made
me to be and every one of us are gifted uniquely gifted with God and we’ve got
to understand this otherwise you will spend the rest of your life looking for
yourself in the kingdom of this world’s values which is always comparison having
to be better than somebody else having to be more liked more popular you
know social media has given us a phenomenal new ability to spread the
gospel of Jesus Christ but at the same time it’s give
people who have never removed their thinking from the world’s system of
values it gives them a brand new way to have more likes than anybody else and
more people on there now it’s great if there’s a purpose for that with your
business with the ministry we use them but if you ever tie your worth to that
that’s again going to begin to be focused on the fake you which you are
struggling to release and become the real you when you begin to look at God’s
Word most of the great leaders in the Bible did not have a strategy to become
famous most leaders in the Bible didn’t have a development of techniques to be
better than those around them and so you’ll notice that many of the greatest
leaders literally reluctantly rose up into the positions that the presence of
God had for them and that much of their training had nothing to do with trying
to become famous with trying to become important with trying to become better
than anyone else instead they focused on knowing God David is an example I mean a
shepherd boy anointed to be king and why because he looked after sheep with a
sense of pastoral shepherding that he had a belief in his God that he could
kill a lion in a bear with a slingshot in his bare hands and and so when you
look at people like Joseph I mean thrown into slavery and then he
just becomes the steward or the you could call him the CMO of the estate of
Potiphar or he learns to make money he learns to understand the nuances of the
upper crust who were right around the Kings the Pharaohs and then he was
thrown into jail on false charges and he learned how to handle thieves and liars
and brutal men and he learned it so well the warden put him in charge of the
whole jail and then there came a time when God took him and put into the
second most powerful position in the land and in doing so save his own family
from starvation and the then-known world from starvation as God worked through
him if you are on track this year to say well I’m just gonna get up and be
somebody and do something you messed up you are focused on the kingdom of this
world and if you continue to measure yourself based on the kingdom of this
world and you’re trying to make yourself famous make yourself more important make
yourself noticed all of these things are actually taught in books today they’ll
teach you how to walk into a room and command the room the presence of that
they’ll show you how it’s actually not a hard thing to do they’ll show you how to
read a room it’s and they’ll show you all of these quote unquote manipulative
techniques so that people begin to respect you but it’s all kind of this
just peripheral shallow thing that won’t last when they get to know you so
everybody then keeps everybody at arm’s length because if they know me too well
they’ll recognize the face and what I put on in public isn’t really accurate
as though who I really am at home or on the inside and so God is teaching us in
his word that what do we do if the world says become famous become noticed you
know begin to rise up and be better than everybody else and then you begin to
compare your identity is now attached to you measuring yourself to others that’s
a fast trip to depression somewhere now many of us can use our gifts and our
abilities to be the best at one time or the other but that season will end I
promise you someone’s gonna come up and do what you what you do for your
identity someone’s gonna rise up and be better than you and then tons of them
are and now you’re in a pase depression so then Leon went what
do I do this year you know if I want to rise up and be great well Jesus teaches
us and I’ll give you some of the verses that I’m talking through because I’ve
been quoting a lot of verse of him and give me the place Jesus said let him who
desires to be great be the servant of all let’s talk about that what is the
servant of all the servant of all is someone that that values others that he
places himself below or if even if he’s equal with others he never places
himself above others so wherever he goes this servant’s heart is he values
everyone Jesus was like that most of the stories of the Bible are him talking to
one person when he had an ability to pack out entire shorelines with twenty
thirty thousand people yet he would always move away from that and go
minister to one person the ultimate codependency in life is to look outside
of yourself for something that only God can meet in your heart and so much of
the planet has this codependent look at what do people think about me the Bible
says the fear of man is a snare and that as you look to others estimation of you
as to who you are identical and in your dignity and in your worth then you are
handing off your identity and your identity is everything about the next
season of your life if you’re in business and you can make hundreds of
thousands of dollars and handle a staff of tens and 20s and you have an
opportunity to go to hundreds or millions of dollars and handle hundreds
of staff you know the biggest thing people say I just don’t think I can do
that I just don’t think that’s me I think this is me and you begin to
struggle in the area of identity any area of your life where you don’t seem
to produce results if you don’t have the right identity the inability to produce
results begins to establish you in your perceived identity which is your fake ID
and then you will not rise up and live the kind of life that God has called you
to Lil I’m out of time and I’m just getting into my introduction so let’s go
over to Psalms I’m gonna give you a one verse to think about maybe this weekend
I might continue in the next two services did you the second part in the
third part and so if you like this and this is something you need
next week grab these three messages in Psalms 8 of 4 to 5 is an astounding
verse that I’ll leave with you it says this what is man that you are
mindful of him and the son of Earth born man that you care for him yet you have
made him but a little lower than God and heavenly beings and you have crowned him
with glory and honor that word glory and honor are two words that we do not use
and it doesn’t really have the same nuance in meaning if I could give you
two words that would maybe represent these better for you to understand God
has Christ if the crown represents a royalty a crown represents who you are
it’s an identity a peace and God has crowned you not with defeat not with
barely get by he has crowns you with glory and honor
or dignity and worth don’t look to others recognize that god from him to
you has already dignified you made you worth far more than all of the animals
on this planet he says in Matthew chapter 6 aren’t you greater than the
very sparrows that God is counting as they fall we’ve got to understand that
this dignity for a life and of who you are this worth you might call it self
worth others might call it Christ worth but dignity and worth that so we crave
for it does not come from external accomplishments or others externally
measuring you and as you dis as you begin to pull back
from all of the world’s values some of greatness and you begin to apply
the kingdom of God’s system you will know you that you are worth incredible
things you’re a friend of God you will walk with a dignity that no one can take
away because this dignity comes from him now apply yourself to business gifts
artists gifts political gifts moms dads all that you want to do with your life
and the reason you can succeed with such joy is because your dignity and worth
your identity is not attached to your giftedness your results or what anyone
else thinks and you my friend are now truly free you’re free to be who you are
because it doesn’t matter if everyone thinks you’re stupid doesn’t matter if
you don’t measure up in their mind as to what your car looks like your house
looks like your money looks like what your physically looked like your
giftedness at all you just rise up and know I’m here to please God there’s a
verse in Corinthians I’ll get it to the next services it talks about what what
how does God measure people it’s very uniquely put out that one day as
believers we’ll all stand before God at what’s called the Bema seat
not the white throne judgment heaven is your home but God’s gonna reward us for
all that we’ve done and what he’s going to reward us for is the character and
the worth of the things that we’ve done it’ll be interesting to watch somebody
even a Christian who makes heaven and Jesus says alright you know I wish I’d
have done you know some of these things man I I raised up a multi-billion dollar
company I know but it didn’t get anybody save and didn’t finance anything
worthwhile and nothing for eternity has even changed because your measurement
was to make everybody happy as to what you looked like how much
money you made in in your presence and your footprint on the earth whereas in
the kingdom of God which is for eternity there are some powerful things that it
values and when you begin to focus on those your year will change and instead
of just trying to bring some change into your life you begin to transform and
this transformation is being who you is it’s not fake it’s
the real you that you know deep inside has been buried or you’ve been trained
and equipped wrong thinking wrong believes
you’ve got miss beliefs you’ve got stinkin thinking and and you think
that’s you and it’s destroying your life let God begin to show you who you are
father I thank you I thank you for your presence I think you’ve been sitting in
this room is beautiful powerful people that father they’re made in your
likeness and image but father you designed them to get up and live at a
level of life that others will never understand there’s a favour upon their
lives that father you rise up within them and the favor of God flows around
them and as long as they’re working the world system they’ll never be able to
enter in to this system of the kingdom of God touch them I pray give them goals
that are proper this year and father I ask you that this message today it’s
gonna go deep into their heart and they’re gonna rise up with this question
I live for Jesus what does he want I pray this in your wonderful name amen
amen well praise the Lord that helped anybody
let’s get ready to give on your seat as this envelope you


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