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Hello, REAL LIFE HEROES! I would like to begin this episode by sharing
a personal story about great cops. I’m recording this video in one of my hometowns
– Stockholm. A few days after Sweden has been attacked
by a terrorist that hijacked a truck and slammed it into a crowd of people. I witnessed my hometowns being attacked by
terrorists multiple times. But it was the first time ever that I actually
felt safe a day after a terror attack. Swedish Police Department and all officers
were handling the situation in a best possible way, by keeping the citizens informed in a
calm manner: during press conferences and on the streets. Cops became national heroes. They were out there helping people and working
hard to find the terrorist. While walking on the streets of Stockholm,
I was seeing people of all faiths, ethnicities, and ages laying flowers near the scene of
the attack. Strangers were comforting each other
and thanking police officers. Citizens were giving them the recognition
and honor they deserve. During the Stockholm terrorist attack, there
were lots of heroes among regular people too (not just police officers). Some of them were trying to stop the terrorist
and others were helping the victims: women, kids, men and a pet dog. Let me know if you would like me to make a
special episode about heroes of Stockholm. Prichard Police Officer Bryan Pearman arriving
in Alabama Village A homeless man has collapsed after suffering
a medical episode. Pearman steps in and pumps the man’s chest
for a full minute and 17 seconds. The CPR was critical in saving his life. Anaheim Police officer escorting an elderly
woman across the street. A man in Tbilisi, Georgia is trying to commit
suicide. Both police officers and bystanders
are trying to convince him not to jump. Until one of the police officers decides to
act. Officer Justin Martin spotted the pensioner
as he prepared to dive over the railings. Justin Martin raced up six flights of stairs
at an elderly care home. Officer Martin miraculously saves man moments
from suicide. Chinese cop blocks intersection to help an
old man across the street. Officers responded to an unconscious man suspected
of suffering from an opioid overdose. The vehicle was locked and in drive, and officers
could see an exposed needle. After forcing entry into the vehicle, the
officers administered an anti-opioid medicine, resuscitating the man. This warming photo of a selfless police officer
helping a homeless man will surely warm your heart. Police sergeant Stephen Wick washing the feet
of an elderly blind homelessness is receiving praise all over Texas. But for him, it’s no big deal. Help your neighbor if you can, get there and
help folks. It made me feel good to be able to help Quintus. When Wick and his partner came across Quintus
lost and in need of care they got him cleaned up with new clothes and shoes, but then realize
that his feet and toenails were still in bad shape. Because toenails were so long they were cutting
into his feet. You feel compassion for the man so you want
to help him. These cops are determined to get Quintus off
the street. We’ll work with anybody who wants to work
with us and we’ll work as long as it takes to get him off the street. Quintus is old and he’s blind and he’s he
needs an ”advocate” and that’s what we’re doing. A Civil Defence team in cooperation with the
Abu Dhabi Traffic Police rescued the kitten. Traffic police and passers-by join hands to
save a man trapped under an SUV. A quick-thinking Kansas cop saved the life
of a young boy with autism. Officer Aaron Bulmer saw a 4-year-old boy
walking toward the water. The little boy was brought to a nearby hospital
to be evaluated. He was then reunited with a parent, who had
been out looking for their son when the incident occurred. Meet Palm Beach County K9 Casper He took a bullet meant for his K9 handler. Saving his partners life. K9 Casper works as a bomb, swat, and patrol
dog. He’s even been used to protect the president. K9 Casper finally returns home from the hospital
after taking a bullet that was meant for his handler. A pair of parents left their 1-year-old napping
in a locked car while they went out for shopping. When the toddler woke up, they were nowhere
to be found. Terrified, the kid began to cry. Fortunately, the crying child was eventually
noticed by passersby who contacted the police. Officers rescuing the child who is drenched
in sweat after 40 minutes inside the vehicle. Officers responded to a vehicle Jack fire
located in the drive-thru lane of the restaurant. A Ford truck engulfed in flames dangerously
close to the structure. Officer was able to successfully move the
vehicle away from the structure. Thank you for watching! Please leave Like & Share this episode with
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