Where is Mankind headed?

We are a result of a million long evolutionary
process.Man’s partial consciousness is a stage in the grand evolution of life. Mother nature’s job has been done. Man is not evolving now. The body has come to its peak. What we supposed about the stance of human
in food chain is now wrong.A team of French researchers set about calculating the human
trophic level (HTL) and found that the HTL average is a measly 2.21, which puts the human
diet on par with pigs and anchovies. But,With man a new factor has entered- a factor
of consciousness, factor of intellect. So far we have survived:
War Famine
Disease Natural Disasters
Genocide hopefully we will also survive donald trump’s
Presidency so the frst possibity is Are we heading toward
chaos/destruction second possiblity is are we heading toward
perfection. a world of genetically engineered humans will
be possible In “the not-too-distant future”. Humanity will be screened by govt. on the
basis of our genes And humanity will then be nothing more than a statistical figure. this may gonna lead us to two human races,
the elites and goblins just like the fat people we have seen in Wall-E movie. third possiblity is are we heading toward
enlightenment.. A World of Non-Duality which is free from
karma govt, racism and borders And everyone is peacefully co-existing with nature. That sounds like heaven. right?! This is kinda obvious that we will soon consume
every bit of resources and minerals from the earth. Then we will only have one choice i.e to settle
down somewhere else. In the not-too-distant future we would be
populating Mars . but will it bring inner peace and joy? And i doubt . if the state of consciousness
remains same then wherever we go the state of suffering will also be same. we will suffer as usual. Because the very idea of going somewhere is
due to the misuse of what we have nowhere. speaking of which, lets talk about pro and
cons of the present modern world. The obvious advantages are the accessibility
,instantaneousness of information and communication Despite the obvious benefits, using technology
brings distraction. Many educators are worried that students will
not learn the social skills that face to face communication would teach. Lifestyle diseases is also increasing. Scientists say most modern day diseases are
man made. Social Isolation is also increasing, people
are spending more time playing video games, learning new technologies, using social networks
and they neglect their real life. and the most unlike disadvantage of the modern
society is the mental illness. kinda like the exact opposite of the modern
lifestyle’s desired outcome. Lets find out the reasons for this. This is the world map for the developing countries. do notice that the strongest blue color indicates
the most developed countries while the lightest blue indicates the least developing countries. Now compare it with the world map for the
religious countries. And what we find is that as we are developing
we are neglecting religion. So can we say that throwing religion out of
the world leads to a peaceful life? Is it really the case? japan which has 13% religious population is
also having highest suicide rates. Japan’s overall suicide rate is 60 percent
higher than the global average. so is the case with south korea.
even the US which is most religious developed country, their richest states which are least
religious, are also facing high suicide rates. Over 90 percent of people who die by suicide
have a mental illness at the time of their death. And the most common mental illness is depression. Untreated depression is the number one cause
for suicide. And that is why most developed countries have
more psychiatrists per capita than those developing countries. we can clearly see that by comparing both
world maps. Essentially, before someone can worry about
something like depression, they have to worry about more fundamental issues, for example
food, water, shelter, a steady income. In higher income countries, more of the population
has their basic physiological needs met, so they can worry about the next level of fulfillment. They are many other factors that play winto
depression,but the conditions are more ripe for them in higher income countries. This is not alarming. But world is unwillingly heading toward discontentment
and in few poor countries mental illness is rarely acceptable. Most folks just buy the answers to all of
their problems and they have lost the ability to think. Modern lifestyle destroys the survival instinct
and the simplicity of life. and it believes in complexity. we arre lost in THE IDEA OF “more is less”. And by wanting more and more we forget
to ask the most fundamental questions and inquire our existence on earth. Thats why i brought this channel with an idea
of spiritual pill put up in the simplistic way. If you would want to swallow this pill then
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