When You Breakup With Another Couple

(Italian music) – The cinematography, the color palate, just sensational. – Yeah, and was that like, was that a three hour movie,
it didn’t feel like it. – Definitely three hours. – That was like so engaging. – I feel like a new man. – Are you guys having fun? Because I’m having the like the most amount of fun right now. – Oh yeah. – Totally. – Well, hey, you know what, you guys, the night is still young. – Right. – Why don’t we go out and do some karaoke? – Paint the town! – Right, be a little crazy. – What, karaoke? – I would. Normally, I’d be down if it
was a Friday or something. – Yeah, that’s alright, man. – Yeah, he’s training for that half marathon, so. – So next time, absolutely. – Maybe just call it a night? – Yeah, I think we’re calling it. – Rain check? – Yeah. – Rain check on one condition. Tomorrow night, game
night, your guys’ place. We’ll bring the wine. – Yes! – Not taking no for an answer. – Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! – You literally cannot say no. – Can’t say no. – Uh, oh. – Um. – Guess we can’t say no. – Yeah, alright, let’s do it. – Tomorrow it is, okay. We will see you later, bye. – So boring, man. – I can’t believe I paid $15
to take a three hour nap. – What was the point of that? – There was no point. (phone chiming) – Oh God, she’s already texted me. “Hey, had such a good time,
can’t wait for tomorrow.” – I do not, I don’t want to
hear about Devin right now. I can’t get that like, that little, out of my head. – What? – The sound she makes when she talks. Oh my god, the movie! – No, what I hear is “Man, aren’t we having fun? “Aren’t we having fun, guys? “We’re having so much fun!” Like if we have to say we’re having fun, we’re not having fun, right? – He’s having fun. – What do you? – Claudia, what did you think of the cinematography? – Okay, he’s a nice guy. He’s boring, but he’s a nice guy. – He’s got a crush on you, come on. – I’m not doing this right now. Did you have fun tonight? – No. – Are you happy? – Honestly, no. – I think, we should break up. – [All] With them. – Oh, God, you too, you agree too. – I mean, they’re not the couple. – They’re not the couple for us. – Okay, tomorrow when they
come over for game night, I’m just gonna, I’m just
gonna put it out there. – Just right away, right
when they walk in the door. – Right away,”You’re great people, “but it’s just not the right fit.” – It’s not the right fit, you know? – They’re gonna cry. – You’re gonna cry and then I’m gonna cry. – No, please, I need you to be strong. – We got this, okay. We’re gonna break up with them. (clapping) (doorbell ringing) (zany music) – [Guests] Hello! – Oh hey. (mumbling) – Let’s have fun, let’s have some fun! – Let’s do it. – They brought flowers. – And cheese. – And wine. – Alright, here we go! – Claudia, you’re sitting here. – Cool. – I got Twister, I got
Cards Against Humanity. I’m feeling, I’m feeling. – I think Ben first wanted to. (mumbling) – Yeah, but before. – There you go, infamous wine we will tell you the story in a minute. – Nice, so before we get
started with all of this. – Ben, can I just propose a toast? – Please. – This past month has been very special. – So great guys, this last
month has been fantastic. – Fantastic, to friendship. – To friendship. – To us. (glasses clinking) – Are you guys having fun right now? – I thought you were going
to take the lead on this. – Okay, I was, but she
keeps interrupting me. – So interrupt them, we’ve
got to get through to them. – I know it’s not that easy, but you kinda dropped the ball on this. – I did not drop the ball. – It’s not that big of a deal. – No I do not drop the balls. – We’ll go back out there,
you dropped the ball. – I do not. – Oh guys, we brought some Molly. – Drugs, what do you guys think? – Wow, we will be right there. (nervously laughing) – Do you think they want to fuck us? – Yes, absolutely, that
is what’s happening. – My God, is that what this is? – We’ve gotta cut this off right now. – Together. – Yes, okay. – Okay, okay, let’s go, go. – Okay, alright, I’m there
for you, you’re there for me. – Hey guys. – We wanted to talk to
you about something. – Yeah. – Oh. – Cool. – Uh, you guys are great. – Cool, excellent, awesome people. – Same. – Yeah. – It’s just… – Sometimes when a… – What are you guys
trying to say right now? – That we would like
to continue hanging out – Sure. – With each other… – And not you. – And not with you. – We want to see other couples. (sighing) – Oh my God. – Oh my God. – Oh my God, she’s crying. – Guys. – We never wanted to hurt you. – There’s no easy way to do this. – No please. – Oh, no, no no. – We’re so relieved. – Yeah. – Guys, we came over wanting
to tell you the same thing. – I feel like we’re really adventurous. – We’re in two different places. I mean, that’s what it is. We like to have fun. – We like to have fun. – And that’s okay. – No, no no, that’s just where we are. – And, you know, Claudia, look you’re so beautful and
great, and you’re… and I love you so much as a friend. The uh, the touching and flirting just makes me feel uncomfortable. – Yeah, and, Ben, like I know this is a me thing
and not a you thing, but you just do this swallow thing when there’s like nothing in your mouth. And I’m just like what,
there’s nothing in your mouth. And (mumbling). – What are you guys getting at right now? – I think we should just. – I think, I think we should go, guys. – I think we should go. – Yeah, I think we should just go keep the Twister, it’s a gift. – It’s a gift. (door closing) – The fuck just happened? – What happened to them fucking us? – Do I really swallow when
there’s nothing there? – I mean, like, sometimes,
I would never mention it. Like, it’s not worth mentioning. – What? We got what we wanted, like this is good. Why don’t we see if Dave and Jessica want to get together,
maybe go bowling tomorrow? – I don’t know, I’m just not in the mood. – Neither am I. (depressing music) ♫ Round and round ♫ We’re going round and round in circles ♫ – [Voiceover] Hey, how many in your party? – Uh there are two. – [Voiceover] Sorry, one
more time, didn’t get that. – It’s just two. – Okay, two, two, two. A lot of groups left, double dates. We might have to put you with another, bigger group, is that. – We’re just, we’re just
gonna hit the road, but. – Yeah, thank. – Thank you anyway for your help. – Thanks. – Alright, sorry guys, bum. – You know they’re only two blocks away. – That’s what I was thinking. – Should we show up? – Uh. – Let’s just bust out the ole’ group chat. – No, don’t, they don’t
want to be with us. They made it very clear. – You’re right. – We could. – Are you in the mood, we
could see a movie, I guess. – Say hi? – Yeah. – Be patient. – Get it, I get it. – Okay. – I am patient.. – Oh… – Hello, hello. – Hey. – Oh, oh my God. (mumbling) – Hi beautiful. – It’s good to, it’s good to see you. – You guys look very happy, it’s cool. – Yeah. – Uh, what are you guys
up to, what do you. – We’re seeing the Jean Pierre Jeunet doc the live orchestra. – We were just talking about that! – Really, great. – Oh yeah. – You guys already have tickets or? – Yeah, a good friend of mine is a violinist in the live orchestra. – He got it for front row. – Alright, what if we. – Yeah, should we like,
we’re already here. – Sit in there together? – Oh, oh that’d be cool. – Ahem. – Hi, we are actually gonna, we’re, the four of us are gonna see it. – Oh, I’m sorry, you’re with somebody. – Oh yeah, no for sure. – No, but we should definitely like… – Definitely. – Get a drink. – Do something. – Yeah definitely. – Um, well right now we need to go. – Okay. – Sorry, guys. – No, great seeing you guys. – Claudia, you look amazing. – So sorry about that. – It’s alright. – Man, they moved on fast. – Yeah, whatever, we got us, we’re cool. – Are we ever gonna meet another couple? – Maybe it’s not all about that. Like, what about us, just
kinda doing our own thing? – Just you and me? – Yeah. – Like, like we used to? – Yeah, like we used to. – Yeah, okay, what do we do? – I’m not going to that
movie, let’s go see Zootopia. – In 4D? – No, not 4D. – Yes, in 4D. – I’m definitely not… – They put water on you
and they put puffs of air. – 3D at the, alright fine, 4D. – You’ve never had a movie
experience like that. (hopeful alternative music)


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