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She was the girl of my dreams That was the moment, I knew that it was love We met three years ago You are a league of their own, right? Are you Garth? Excellent! What is your favorite drink? Grapefruit juice with vodka and three maraschino cherries Hey do you wanna get out of here? Yeah It was the perfect first date These things are so much fun But, I waited too long And then I got Hugged Oh, this is so nice To have a good guy friend. I can’t even tell you To Eathan and Avery! Cheers! I’m, in love with Avery If only I could go back and do it with you differently I could be the kinda guy she would want Could you tell me what year it is? It’s 2014 Holy Sh- I just traveled back in time! Right now I have someone to meet What’s your favorite drink? Mine, is grapefruit juice with some vodka And exactly three maraschino cherries That’s my favorite drink too! What?! This is the psycho I was telling you about You didn’t guess that I was an army brat, you already knew that! You’re a stalker! Stalkers all wear like trench coats and no underwear, and I am clearly wearing underwear, look The photo booth is a time machine This is gonna be the best night of your life. I can deal with best night of my life Just follow what I do, ready? What’s up girl? What’s up girl? Are you doing the Joker impersonation? This is no? This is like it was good If all else fails, be an asshole Be an asshole? Not hard asshole, soft asshole Don’t forget your uh, leather pants. Oh my God! I went full asshole! I have no control over any of this I’d make a decision, and then I wake up three years later with the consequences I thought things were supposed to happen for a reason Things happen for no reason at all But they create opportunities The question is can you recognize that next opportunity when it matters the most? Hi! Oh my God! That’s the stalker! I’ve got a bomb! He’s got a bomb! I got a bomb It, it’s fine I’m sorry my bomb threat ruined your magical evening Have a great life

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