When Irish People Cant Speak Irish – Foil Arms and Hog

Detective Moran, you’re Irish ain’t you? Yeah So you speak Gaelic then? Well we all speak Irish in Ireland We’ve to learn it from the age of 5 to like 18 It’s a very big important part of our culture We’re keen to keep those traditions alive and well Very proud people the Irish… Yeah, yeah, right, so we’ve got a suspect in there from Connemara right? Who only speaks Gaelic So I want you to lead this interrogation Oh.. we.. eh… *Cell door Closing So, still don’t feel like talking eh? I’m only able to speak in my native language Well unfortunately for you we’ve got an Irishman on the force.. Detective Moran here speaks Gaelic Just like you… Detective Moran… ehm… Hello Hello to you too Where are you from? Galway Galway… Would you like… ice cream ice cream? Would you like Ice Cream? ANSWER THE QUESTION I love it Ask him when the drugs are coming in What did you do on your summer holidays? My summer holidays?? Quit stalling! I went to Spain. Is that Spain? Yes… yes.. yeah. Maybe we should give him a break No, he’s cracking. Tell him we’ve got Sinead next door, and she’s gonna start talking Sinead is.. is playing football… in the toilet That’s right she is and she was eating a sweater on the bus Sweater? Statements, finger prints, eye witness accounts, CCTV Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, ehh Happy Christmas Me, you, him, her, us, you… Them? Them! Them. Great, he’s co-operating Ask him where he was the night of the 4th Where were you… Where… Where is… Where is the Post Office The post office? It’s outside go left, go right.. Is he leading us to the bodies eh.. And it’s directly opposite the school Skull? School What skull? Who’s skull? Tell us where the bodies are?? Kiss my arse Póg mo thóin… oh I know that one, you told me the other day, It means lovely to meet you doesn’t it? Eh yes Yes! yeah. Lovely to meet you too.


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