When I Work – Swapping And Dropping Shifts on the Web

Hi, this is Ella from When I Work. Today employees are going to learn how to swap or drop shifts on a computer. Dropping a shift removes the shift from your schedule to another co-worker completely, whereas swapping a shift will replace your current shift with a different one. To swap or drop a shift, click ‘my schedule’. Then select the shift you’d like to offer for swap or drop. A pop-up containing details of the shift will appear and you can choose to swap or drop. I want to swap my shift, so i’m going to click swap shift. You’ll then see all the shifts that are available for swapping. Select the shifts you’d like to work and then you can add a message if you’d like. Once you’re finished, click ‘initiate swap’ An alert will automatically be sent to your manager letting them know that you’d like to swap your scheduled shift. If your manager approves it, notifications will then go out to your co-workers and the first co-worker to accept will receive the shift and you’ll receive theirs. Now, in this example, let’s drop a shift. You’ll then see all the employees that are available to take an extra shift at that specific time. Select the employees you’d like to include. When you’re finished, an alert will be sent to your manager just as if you were swapping a shift. If your manager approves it, notifications will go out your co-workers and again the first to accept the shift will receive it – and then you’ll no longer be scheduled at that time. Swapping or dropping shifts can be done with minimal effort for managers and gives employees the power to adjust the schedule to their liking.

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