What Makes White People Dance (feat. John Mayer & Questlove) – Chappelle’s Show

– Hey gang. You know, all my life I’ve heard that white
people can’t dance. I don’t believe that. I don’t think it’s so much
that white people can’t dance, it’s just that they like
certain musical instruments. That instrument, my
friends, is electric guitar. It speaks directly to the
soul of the white person. They find it irresistible. Now with me, as you can see, is my good friend John Mayer.
– How are ya? – And we’re gonna test
this theory this afternoon. You ready? – I’m ready. – Let’s do it.
– Let’s go. – [Dave] It’s my personal theory that when white people
hear electric guitar they can not resist
the urge to dance. No matter where they are. Now, me and John went
to different locations and put this theory to the test. – And the shares could be, we could put them to
about another 22 %. (laughing) – Okay folks, here we are
in a corporate board room. You can see people behind
us working in the bullpens and right now a
meeting is in progress. We wanna see what happens
when you play electric guitar in the most professional
of settings. Ready John?
– Yeah, I’m ready. – Okay, cool, go go. (smooth electric guitar music) (laughing) (smooth electric guitar music) (laughing) (smooth guitar music) (laughing) I knew it, I knew it. (laughing) Come on, let’s get out of here. (raucous laughing) Okay, we’ve seen how
white people respond to guitar music at work. Now we’re in a chic
Manhattan restaurant. It’s lunch time, the
business crowd is here, a lot of Bush votes in the room. (laughing)
Let’s see how the conservative crowd acts when they hear guitar
music while they’re eating. (electric guitar riffs) John, play the
fight riff, play it. (electric guitar riffs) (glass smashes)
These people are going– Look at him, oh my
God, look at this! Oh! (laughing)
Oh my gosh! I have never seen
anything like this folks. (glass smashes)
(laughing) Enjoy your lunch everybody. (laughing)
(classical music) All right, every
experiment needs a control. Now, right now me and John
are in a barbershop in Harlem. Everyone here is
either black or latino. Let’s see how electric
guitar works on them. Ready John?
– Yeah. – Okay, go! (electric guitar riffs) (laughing) (electric guitar riffs) – Eh, yo! Shut the (beep) up! (applauding) – That went pretty
much how I expected. Now, let’s see how the
blacks respond to drums. (drum rolling)
(cheering) Questlove, go! (upbeat drum music) – Ah, yeah! (laughing)
Yeah, yeah, ah! – [Man] G unit! – [Man] Spit something, spit
something, spit something! ♪ Yo, yo, yo, yo ♪ ♪ I battle any sucker any race ♪ ♪ ‘Cause you beating me ♪ ♪ Is like Billy Crystal
playing Scarface ♪ ♪ I can’t see it
blind to the eyes ♪ ♪ I came up in your face ♪ ♪ Bootz pow surprise ♪ (cheering) – [Man] G unit! (upbeat drum music) (applauding)
– Woo! Woo, it worked like gangbusters. But I still happened to notice some of the latin people
were nodding their heads but they weren’t
really feeling it as much as I thought they would. But I think I got the remedy. What would happen if I incorporated within
that an electric piano. Sanchez, go! (latin music) (laughing) All right, this is going great. Now I’m gonna kick
it up a notch. Watch this. (screaming through a megaphone) (laughing) (calling through a megaphone) (latin music) Ay caramba! Ole! (laughing) Hey guys, have a good day. Sorry for interrupting. So what have we learned gang? We learned that white
people can dance if you play what they
like, electric guitar. Of course, we the blacks
can’t resist drums. And latins love congos
and electric piano with Spanish gibberish
over it, I guess. (laughing)
So next time someone says that someone from another race
can’t dance, you tell ’em– – All right, I’m gonna
need to see a permit. – Excuse me. – You have to have a
permit to shoot out here. And we will fine you. – John, do something quick. ♪ Every rose has its thorn ♪ ♪ Just like every
night has its dawn ♪ – That’s my (beep). ♪ Every cowboy has
his sad sad song ♪ – Hey my man, how
you know that song? – I’m from the suburbs, man. I can’t help it. I can’t help it. ♪ So it’s been a while now ♪ ♪ I can still feel
so much pain ♪ (soft rock music) (laughing) ♪ Every rose has its thorn ♪ ♪ Just like every
night has its dawn ♪ ♪ Just like every cowboy
sings a sad sad song ♪ ♪ Every rose has its thorn ♪ (laughing)


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