What Is The Greatest Threat To Humanity?

Humanity, the human race, man kind…we have
been around for around 200,000 years, but will we always be here? I think we already know the answer to that. So, if our time here is limited, then what
do we predict will get us? Yikes. Hello and welcome back to Life’s Biggest
Questions. I am Rebecca Felgate and today we are asking
What is the greatest Threat to Humanity? Before we launch into this video, I just want
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to leave us a comment saying what you think the greatest threat to humanity is. Okay, let’s do this. So the former rulers of planet earth were
the dinosaurs, who roamed for around 180 million years before they died out 65.5 million years
ago. Humanity by comparison is in its early infancy. Despite being around for a fraction of the
time dinosaurs were, we have changed the landscape of planet earth significantly…we have even
changed the climate. Speaking of climate, it might actually be
a good place to start…97 per cent of scientists agree warming trends over the past century
are as a result of human activity. Ocean levels are rising, atmospheric co2 is
the highest it has ever been, 2016 was the hottest year on record, there are more wildfires
than ever in the United States, the oceans acidity has increased by 30 percent. At the rate we are going, we could very well
make the earth uninhabitable for humanity in the future. As the climate changes, we are more exposed
to natural disasters than ever. We talked about fires, but the world is at
risk from all kinds of natural disasters, including monsoons and tsunamis. That is on top of the other natural disasters
we can expect outside of global warming, such as the eventual eruption of the Yellowstone
Volcano that could obliterate a huge proportion of the United States. Of course, natural disasters are tricky not
just for the initial damage they cause, but because of the aftermath, including destruction
of crop and food supplies as well as the sicknesses it can generate. Speaking of sickness, as the earth’s population
increases and we begin living within closer proximity to one another, the risk of global
pandemics is great. The plague wiped out up to 50 per cent of
the entire population of Europe in the 1300s. Spanish Flu infected a third of the world’s
population in 1919 and we’re still grappling with new diseases today, with the increased
ability to travel making it easier for bacteria to spread. Of course, speaking of bacteria, should it
ever mutate and become resistant to anti biotics, we will be in serious trouble. Perhaps we could meet the same fate the Dinosaurs
did if an Asteroid were to hurl towards us. The key difference between us at the dinosaurs
is that we have a much better understanding of what is coming and how to deal with it,
they, on the other hand, were pretty helpless. We are working on the technology to tackle
a potential threatening Asteroid, plus it is unlikely humans would die out completely
in an ice age; we know how to insulate ourselves, although much of the population would admittedly
suffer, especially if the our food supplies were threatened. War is a huge threat to humanity, especially
considering our current most powerful weapons. If nuclear war broke out, it would be a game
changer. The majority of people would die if doomsday
came around, the rest would die out from lack of food, nuclear fallout and disease. Humans created Artificial Intelligence to
aid us day to day, but some predict that by the year 2075, AI will be as advanced as the
human brain. The good think about AI is that it is much
less feeble than the human body… theorists, including Stephen Hawking, have warned that
AI could replace humanity. And then, what of aliens? We haven’t found another alien civilisation
yet… but that doesn’t mean they haven’t found us. We have no real idea as to what is out there,
and it may sound far fetched but there could be extra-terrestrial colonists waiting to
start a war for our land. Humanity is a double entendre, a word with
two meanings. It means kindness and benevolence as well
as meaning the human race. Funnily enough, the answer to what the greatest
threat to humanity is could arguably be the same for both meanings of the word. Could not the biggest threat to humanity be
Greed. Greed is the root cause behind war, the root
cause behind oil farming and coal mining and behind the issues created by the dairy industry. Sure, greed does not start pandemics but it
does stop us from caring enough to cure them. If I could put my money on a demise of a brilliant
species, I would say it would somehow come down to the G word, But of course I could
be wrong….what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments section below. For now, I am your host, Rebecca Felgate,
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