What is Poverty? – Compassion International

Current statistics indicate that nearly half the world’s [population] lives in Poverty Defined as less than two us dollars a day and that one in six people live in extreme poverty less than a dollar 25 But poverty is not actually just about a lack [of] money it’s about [a] lack of Opportunities a lack of choices [a] lack [of] access to all sorts of things that many of us consider essential to life Poverty is about a lack of hope poverty doesn’t have just one facet and so we cannot fight poverty with just a single solution and Understanding this is at the core a compassion’s holistic child development program picture all the different aspects of your life your family Your work your home your faith Your community as spokes on a wheel, and then think about what might happen if one of those spokes were broken or missing It’s no different for [children] living in poverty if they had to develop and thrive The spokes that make up their lives need to [be] strong in uniform it’s what drives Compassion’s holistic approach focusing on the spiritual economic social and physical needs of every child in our program there is no question that poverty is a complex matter and so solving it is complex [to] complex, but not impossible We can end poverty we are ending poverty one story at a time you


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