What is Holding Back Humanity?

Welcome back everybody to another discussion on Think Tank with myself and Miki Matteson and we’re gonna have a little back and forth about what’s holding humanity back these days or historically. So we each have some suggestions, we haven’t seen each others suggestions but I’m gonna allow Miki to go first.>>Okay>>Lack of chivalry is holding back humanity>>Yeah, just ask John Okay, so should I do my top or should I start lower and then move up?>>Start lower.>>So I’m gonna start with, they’re all kind of linked in a little brat, but I’m gonna start with selfishness. And that can be a lot of things.>>Okay, I saw on the Facebook Live Chat some people were saying selfish.>>I’m sorry if I stole everyone’s idea, but it’s selfishness.>>Give it an example.>>Okay, so>>Just thinking about yourself in general and only yourself, it can’t possibly help society. If you’re only thinking about yourself, you’re only helping yourself.>>Yeah.>>And I think in order for society to bloom and function like we have to help each other.>>Yeah.>>And then it gets too broad after that. But that’s the general idea.>>Okay. Well actually I’m gonna say mine, cuz it’s very linked.>>Okay, similar.>>My first one is gonna be competitiveness with people not like us, down to the smallest differences. Which can be, that can cause, I mean, that can be a thing between different races, different nations, people who live in different states.>>Yeah.>>People who support different baseball teams. We always feel the need to segment ourselves off from other people. Which is a form of group selfishness, the idea that in my town I care more about people of my race have than other people? But we’re so similar in so many ways. We should at least be able to. Okay, it’s Americans versus the French, not white people versus black people. Come on.>>[LAUGH]>>And so that’s sort of group selfishness. But I agree that that is also holding us back in a lot of ways.>>Right.>>What’s you next one?>>My next one is very linked to selfishness and is greed. Okay>>Greed is that too close too selfishness->>Selfishness is preferring your interests, greed is to work on your need.>>Right and I’m thinking specifically, well not specifically money but I feel like money is a big part of that and I’ve never felt like, I don’t know. My goal in life was never to like achieve a mass amount of money. And there’s a certain amount of money where I’m like why do you need that much?>>Do you need that?>>And why do we->>What are you getting?>>And from that point you need more?>>Yeah.>>You need more, really?>>Yeah, what can you have or do that you couldn’t do before?>>Right, refuse to pay taxes on it or evade taxes.>>Yeah.>>It’s, just stop it.>>Yes.>>Just stop it.>>Yes.>>Think of a very person in this second. [LAUGH]>>Yeah. It definitely holds out. There’s no reason why somebody who has $30 billion could still live like a god emperor with $10 billion. And then he’d have $20 billion and he’d go towards paying for college for millions and millions of people or something. And then think about the effect on those people would then have.>>On the world because of the education that they have and the inventions they’ll make.>>It only helps.>>And that sort of thing, yes. Okay my next one is going to be, I’m gonna say the concept of the try hard and so I think it’s the criticism that we make on a local individual level of people who want to better themselves, who want to learn, who want to be educated. Growing up we like to mock people for being nerds or being too smart or being eggheads. We mock people for wanting to be better.>>For wanting to be good.>>And to better humanity.>>Yeah.>>Because it’s intimidating to us or it makes us realize our own limitation. And how limiting is that, that not only do we not have the personal drive to do great things, but then we try to stop other people from doing great things. And mock them, and stop them from having sexual activities and things like that. [SOUND] Damn it!>>John, this is->>Yes.>>Hitting a little close to home. I was->>Yes.>>Definitely bullied for that kind of thing, honestly.>>Really?>>Yeah, when I was young, I was in advanced learning classes, and wanted, I ran for president of my student council, and-.>>Yeah.>>All this stuff. And there was, I remember, a very specific group of girls who were vicious about it. They were so mean, and I never understood why.>>You know what, you’re fetch.>>I’m fetch. So I’m trying to make fetch happen got to try hard.>>It continues to this day.>>The cycle continues.>>Okay so what’s your next subject?>>God mine are so broad and yours are so specific.>>No.>>Such a good job.>>So my big one is fear, and specifically like->>Sex.>>Fear of the other. And I’m trying to become more specific here, fear of the other or fear in general.>>Being more specific, a particular person, what are we scared of?>>[LAUGH] Any kind of [SOUND].>>Scared of being stabbed in the kidneys in the dark.>>Scared of anything, well, for me like I know personally things that hold me back, fear. I have a fear of lack of control which is, which probably holds me back.>>You should see how she screams when I handcuffed her.>>I know, it’s the worst.>>You need to be in control of everything, your ability to move around, your ability to breathe.>>[SOUND]>>I know. Self-controlling, it’s the worst.>>That’s a great joke, I apologize.>>[LAUGH]>>Okay, so tell us more.>>So I think when people fear, it all links to selfishness and greed. But some people fear like their money being taken away or their job is being taken away or they specifically fear->>[CROSSTALK] taken away.>>Their god is being taken away or when you have this fear, and you lash out because you’re afraid, which is a normal human reaction. But I think we need to work on why we’re afraid of things, rather than->>Just being afraid of things>>Just being afraid and reacting to your fear.>>Okay.>>And that is pretty broad I know, sorry.>>Nice.>>That is the root of it.>>I like it.>>That is the root of it for me. It’s just fear of anything, we need to work on that.>>Okay.>>You know what and we shouldn’t be afraid to try.>>Try hard.>>In the Facebook live comments, Omar says lack of capital. Yes that does hold the spec as well. That is true. My next one, my thing has gone to sleep but I do remember what it is. So I think one of the things that holds a spec is our ridiculous need to be entertained at all times. When I think about how much time I spend playing games, and reading and listening to music, all these things that enrich us and make our lives worth living. If that was just going into working and creating and stuff like that you could get so much done. And okay, so it’s ridiculous to say you’d get rid of all of it but. And when I think about like, I don’t know, the great inventors of our time. Like in the how much they like inventing calculus before they’re 20 and stuff like that. I feel like this days, there is so much entertainment so easily accessible to anyone at all times. That we can’t even wait in line at Chipotle without watching a YouTube video, and I really like it. And I’ve contributed to it by making these videos and playing on Twitch streams, and stuff like that. But I do think the need to be entertained, and to constantly have life be fun, I think that does hold us back.>>And all fairness though, the line at Chipotle is usually pretty long, especially if you go at lunch.>>It’s pretty long, it does get boring. I read books in line now, on my Kindle app. That’s ridiculous. Not a full book or anything, but, a little bit.>>You just speed reading in line. That’s very true. Like I can’t go very long without pulling out my phone and like, scrolling for something. It’s too bad you lose awareness of the present sometimes, when you’re that consumed with being entertained.>>Yeah.>>Yeah, I think it produces anxiety too.>>I think it can.>>It’s like I don’t have anything to do.>>For instance, I fell awkward doing chores around the house without having a podcast on or something.>>Really?>>I’ve been playing the Ricky Gervais show recently, because I can’t just have it be silent.>>Although I feel like that’s multitasking to some degree, at least you’re accomplishing something.>>But I think that humans can’t actually multitask. I think that it actually slows us down a lot. Yeah, well I’m sure it does.>>Yeah.>>That is true.>>Anyway, these are just some thoughts. We have some from people in the comments. Ignorance definitely holds us back, Savannah said that.>>Ignorance that stems from fear.>>Gabby says the, exactly. The need to only consume news that agrees with your preconceived conclusions is seriously owned by society, I agree.>>Not being open-minded, that’s.>>Eddie doesn’t wanna talk to people in line at Chipotle, okay, that makes sense, I agree.>>Why would you? And so as we’ve been doing this on Facebook Live, people have been chatting. If you go to facebook.com/ThinkTankFeed, you’ll be able to see this as well, in future videos. Lack of empathy, Tracy says, that’s true.>>That’s true.>>Jason says, Taco Bell puts cheese on top of lettuce. Interesting. That holds us back.>>She did put the cheese first. [CROSSTALK] That’s true though because then it just falls out like that’s kinda big deal>>That’s true. Maya says the fact that we cannot wear a shorts to work which is reference to something I’ve been set for class.>>I was gonna say I know.>>Men cannot social. It’s not socially accepted for men to wear shorts and it’s gotta end.>>That’s->>It’s considered unprofessional. We can’t wear dresses why can’t we wear shorts damn it? My legs get hot.>>I wear tennis shoes to work and I feel awkward sometimes.>>Yeah?>>Yeah.>>I noticed->>It’s like I’m->>At the RNC and the DNC a lot of the women reporters were wearing converse.>>Really?>>Yeah.>>Well, because converse are back in style right now and so are like a couple of different styles of tennis shoes and thank God.>>Thank God.>>Thank God. Because->>I like her look it’s a very like casual sort of cute look. Even with dresses I think it looks good.>>Yeah. And it’s the most comfortable it’s the best for our feet. Not Converse, Converse requires support.>>And Bo says I’m glad this one is back. Which I think is a reference to you.>>Hi, Beau, thanks!>>Okay guys, those are some of the things that we think are holding back society. Hopefully a conversation is already going on down in the comments where you can give your suggestion for what you think is holding things back. This is just what myself and Nikki thinks. Thank you, Mickey for joining me on videos all this week on Think Tank.>>You’re welcome.>>Hopefully she’ll come back sometime soon.>>She’s very busy normally.>>Thanks for having me.>>And we will see you next time guys. [MUSIC]


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