What is Habitat AmeriCorps?

Hi my name is Dominiece Jackson. I’m from Chicago, Illinois, with Habitat
Chicago. AmeriCorps is a national organization where
you’re doing a year of service, helping communities throughout the U.S. Before I joined AmeriCorps, I did not know
about construction, and kind of just went in with an open mind and learned a lot, asking
a lot of questions, making a lot of mistakes. And I really think I got the process down
of how a house goes from nothing to complete. If you’re willing and able to learn and
you’re curious, try it because you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll learn. You’re constantly in a space where you’re
growing and you’re changing. I definitely want to continue working in communities
that want to see change and growth, and I want to make sure that other people learn
these skills and are able to take care of their own homes. AmeriCorps has given me patience, curiosity,
and it’s given me joy.

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