What is a human rights treaty body?

What is it? What is a Human Rights Treaty Body? The most basic minimum human rights standards have been discussed and written down by countries. Countries have agreed to follow them, and these have become international law. Countries must ensure people can enjoy the human rights they have been promised. How does it work? Under each of these laws is a committee of human rights experts that studies how well a country is living up to its human rights promises. Every few years a country must tell a committee how well it is doing and where it is facing challenges. This is a periodic check-up to see that things are going in the right direction. It is an opportunity for a country to honestly reflect on its accomplishments and challenges. The committee of experts gathers information widely and studies the human rights situation of the country. The committee provides guidance to the country on the way forward. In some cases, people can complain to a committee if they believe their human rights have not been respected. Some committees can even visit countries to see for themselves what the human rights situation is. What can I do? Find out what your rights are. Learn more about the UN human rights programme. And spread the word. Visit ohchr.org.


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