What if Earth’s Core Cooled Down? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. What if Earth’s Core Cooled Down? Then I will heat it using my AumSum super
power. Oh AumSum. Earth’s core temperature is about 10,800 degrees
Fahrenheit. If it cooled down then there would be no earthquakes
or volcanoes. Why? No heat means all the active volcanoes would
suddenly become extinct. Also, earthquakes occur when tectonic plates
rub against each other. These plates move because of the intense heat
coming from the core. Now, no heat from the core means no movement
of tectonic plates, thus no earthquakes. Scientists believe that earth’s heated core
plays an important role. In the creation of its magnetic field. With no magnetic field, the following things
will occur. Our atmosphere will slowly but surely disappear. As there will be no protection from harmful
solar winds. Also, migratory birds would have a very hard
time finding their destination.

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