What if All People Lost Their Jobs?

Okay — 6 A.M. Alarm. Shower. Coffee. Office.
You answer emails, type a program, write, build, design, make calls. Finally – lunch! Do you have time today? Nope, gonna have to
skip again – tight deadline on that report. It’s already dark outside when you head home
and fall into bed, exhausted. You close your eyes and… the alarm clock rings again. Whoa
boy! Work has become our existence – you’ll
spend 1/3 of your life doing it. Though, that statistic is probably higher for many. Overtime,
late nights in the office, canceled weekend plans with friends and forgotten birthday
wishes because work consumed your thoughts, your days off, even your “vacations!” But what if we take it all away? What if all
the jobs just vanished one day? You’re not shocked out of dreamland from
a screeching alarm – you wake up simply because you’re well rested! The weather
is beautiful outside the window, you’re not in a hurry, you don’t need to do a single
thing right now. Well, other than get a good hearty breakfast in you. Sure is a nice day
to ride your bike around town, and that’s what you do. People around you are happy and friendly.
The birds are singing. This is the life! You ride to the park, sit on the grass, and call
your mom. You chat for hours – you have all the time in the world! Why, sure you’ll
come visit her this weekend! You eventually end the call, head back home, and invite your
friends over. Marley, Susan, Kevin – you haven’t seen them
in months! Of course, they came straight away since they’re not busy with work either.
The get-together doesn’t end as it always does, everyone heading home early because
they have to get up for work tomorrow. In fact, the whole city is celebrating this newfound
freedom! The joyful crowded streets are proof of that. The fun continues late into the night,
but then… Reality comes crashing down on your utopian
dream… You wake up, but when you go to scroll through
your social media feed, you see there’s no internet or signal. “Egh, no biggie,”
you think. You go to take a shower, but there’s no water. “It’s fine – I’ll just double
up on the deodorant and cologne…” You want to make coffee and some eggs, but none
of your kitchen appliances work — no electric or gas. “Well, I don’t need coffee anyway.
I got enough sleep.” Jobs are what keep EVERYTHING going. With
nobody working at the power and water plants, you’ve lost these luxuries! And it’s only
going to get harder from here… You’re hungry, and your cabinets are bare.
So, you walk to a nearby convenience store for a pre-packaged breakfast. But who’s
going to sell it to you? How are you going to buy it? Money doesn’t mean anything.
There are no cashiers! … Or security guards. The trip to the store
turns out to be a hard adventure since people are helping themselves to everything on the
shelves! You somehow manage to grab a few boxes of cereal and a frozen pizza. Better
grab some drinking water too! People are having a tough time. They’re
already tired of the extended vacation and don’t know what to do! They’re looking for
a job, any job for anybody! Do you need your car washed? House cleaned? You name it, they’ll
do it – as long as it passes the time! But people will cease to be bored sooner or later
because they’ll have to search for food, and they’ll look ANYWHERE… You return home and notice your front door
is open. There’s nobody inside now, but the place is ransacked. If you thought your kitchen
cabinets were bare before, now they’re totally empty! And the pantry. You start to call the
police. Oh yeah, the phone doesn’t work. And the police don’t exist anymore! Before, you
didn’t like to wake up in the morning because you didn’t want to go to the office. But now,
you’re afraid to wake up because you don’t know what the day brings! So, you pack a bag
and go to your parents’ farm. You ride your bike along the long streets,
the weight of your backpack bearing down. A car would be nice for this trip, but your
tank is empty and gas stations are out of the question. Suddenly the front tire goes
flat. As soon as you stop, dozens of people surround you. They offer you help in every
form. “I’ll replace the wheel for just a couple of apples!” “Bike chain problems? I have oil
to trade!” “I have a pump. The wheel will be like new!” They surround you like zombies.
You don’t know what to do, so you throw the bike down and run away. You’re hiding in the nearest alley. A stranger
approaches. “Pst, I saw what happened. I suppose you need a new bike? I’ll give you one in
exchange for your backpack. Deal?” You decide to trust this guy and follow him. You come
to some abandoned warehouse. Much to your surprise, tons of people are working inside
– talking on the phone, typing something on the computer, a woman is writing some formulas
on a whiteboard. It seems everyone is busy with a job here. How is this possible? The stranger explains that this place is the
last refuge for real workaholics. They come here to make up for their loss somehow. Of
course, there are no jobs at all after the global crisis, so these people are pretending
to work. That’s when you notice the computer screens are black, the phones aren’t hooked
into the wall, the woman erases the formulas on the board and starts writing new ones.
The stranger admits that he doesn’t have a bike for you. He’s just a former sales assistant
and felt the need to offer you a deal you can’t refuse. You’re tempted by the thought
of staying here and doing some “work” too, but common sense wins, and you leave. Society as a whole seems to follow suit, but
it takes years to adjust. A world without jobs that pay salaries that are spent on buying
things from salespeople in a store – all gone. The cities smell rancid without waste
services to collect all the garbage. No wonder people head to the countryside and live off
the land, try to be self-sufficient. They fish, raise livestock, grow fruits and vegetables
on their own – just like you and your parents on the farm. As for anything that resembles an economy,
it’s based on trading goods and services. Sounds like a typical economy, but the difference
is that there’s no money in this world – those old pieces of paper have become relics. Want
to “buy” fish from a neighbor? Give them what they might need at the moment, maybe
an equal value of potatoes? Need a helping hand on the farm or a hunting trip? You’ll
have to do a favor for that person as well. As soon as people start getting used to this
lifestyle, they devote more time to themselves. One person discovers they have the talent
of a musician, another has found their inner artist. Concerts and galleries pop up everywhere.
Over time, people began to serve power plants, so electricity reappears. The same goes for
water supply. Big cities began to fill with residents. Everyone starts working again. But not for
money. No, now it’s to unleash potential, for the sake of pleasure… and familiar luxuries.
The economy recovers over time. And as time passes, so does the nature of
who’s doing what. Or, that is, what’s doing what. Self-driving cars carry out all
transportation, drones make deliveries faster than any human ever could. Cleaning, cooking,
packing food, and selling goods – all done by robots. Artificial intelligence replaces
bank tellers, customer service representatives, IT specialists, even hotel receptionists.
You can actually find stories written by AI online! Yeah, this future is closer than you
think. So what could it look like?… You wake up in your apartment, the sound of
hunger gurgling in your belly. But breakfast is already waiting for you when you walk into
the kitchen. Your house is sparkling clean as well. All thanks to robots. So what’s
on the agenda today? Another great day of hanging out with friends, playing video games,
watching your favorite shows (the cast is made up of androids, of course!) No human
works in this world – there’s no need! Robots do everything! But… maybe humans have become too dependent
on them? That’s your first thought when your self-driving moped malfunctions and takes
you to some unknown place way out of the city. Or, perhaps it wasn’t so accidental? Maybe
your moped is tired of hauling you to and fro – what if it’s started to think for
itself??? There could come a day when robots realize humans no longer run the world, so
what’s the point in serving them? Hmm, a jobless world in which we have to live
off the land, or a sci-fi future with a work force made entirely of robots that will rise
against us – hmm, some food for thought. Hey, just having some fun here! Something
tells me that humanity will find a perfect balance between honest fulfilling work and
automation! If you learned something new today or had
a good time on this fantastical journey, then give the video a like and share it with a
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