What I Owe Humanity | Bill Johnson | Bethel Church

You and I were born for the impossible
and we’re actually uniquely designed to walk in a relationship with God in this
relational journey where the impossibilities of life can be
confronted it’s actually in our DNA it’s it’s we’re designed to carry that
possibility of potential every day of our life the death and resurrection of
Christ two sides of the same coin the death and resurrection of Christ so the
most is the most demanding reality in all of life I remember when I was a
member of years ago I met with a bunch of high school students and effectives
at Kris’s house in his living room and I I just talked with them about this this
claim of the death and resurrection of Christ is so significant that if it’s
not true I owe humanity the rest of my life to warn them of this lie and to
disprove this fallacy on the other hand if it is true I owe all of humanity the
rest of my life to bring the story and demonstrate the power of that
resurrection because it is it is the thing it’s the thing that defines
everything else all of life is defined because of this one great reality take
all the confusion that exists in the world all the craziness that is going on
and all of it could be settled and fixed with a clear understanding of the death
and resurrection of Christ every single bit of it because when Jesus died He did
not die missing anything He didn’t forget to deal with something He didn’t
He didn’t offer Himself as an offering for part of the problem He actually
became the offering to settle all the issues I was trying to remember quote
earlier Eric sent it to me during the between here and on my way to the next
service over it to twin view and it’s one of my favorite quotes of all time
it’s a CS Lewis quote he says I believe in Christianity as I believe in the Sun
S U N the Sun has risen I believe in Christianity as I believed
that the Sun has risen not only because I see it but because I see everything
else by it the because of it I can see everything
else the resurrection of Christ the death and resurrection of Christ
redefines everything about life relationships giftings purpose dreams
visions all the stuff takes on a different flavor in definition because
Jesus conquered death in my place and rose victorious

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