What Does Blue Taste Like? | People Vs. Food

– It smells like blue.
It looks like blue. – I don’t know why colors
are considered flavors! – These are so good.
– Corn can be blue? ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) I have a very important
question for you both. – Mm-hmm. – (FBE) What does the color blue
taste like? – Colors don’t have flavor. – Water. (laughs) – I don’t know!
Tastes like blue? – Blue raspberry? – Is this like trending or something? What is, that’s
such a random question! – I just went in for the answer. – (FBE) Today, we’ll present you
with a variety of blue foods. It’ll be up to you
to decide whether or not blue is actually
an accurate description of each food’s flavor. At the end of the episode,
you’ll need to make a definitive choice:
Is blue a flavor? – Wow, asking the hard questions. Let’s move on to climate change next. – My poop is gonna be blue. – I don’t think I’ve ever once
tasted a food and gone yep,
that’s this flavor. – Blue!
Oh, I know, I’ve never done that. – Like aw man, this tastes purple. – (FBE) Alright guys,
you ready for your first blue food? – Yes!
– Yes. – (FBE) First up, we have
a refreshing sports drink. Go ahead and dig in,
we’ve got a delicious Gatorade. This flavor is called
Cool Blue, but does it taste blue to you? – Oh yeah.
– 1000%. – Definitely.
– Yeah. – I can, I would know
this is blue, like if I was blindfolded.
– Yeah! – Yeah, it is kinda blue. Not very scientific, but…
– Yeah. – I wanna keep this.
– Very tropical. – No.
– No. Who’s saying it is? – People that don’t understand
the difference between taste and visual color.
– It’s definitely blue. – It smells like blue.
It looks like blue. It tastes like blue too.
(laughs) It’s blue. – I see it tasting
like a blue raspberry. – Yeah, definitely. – It’s not fruity,
it’s very citrusy. – Mm-hmm. – I mean, one of the first
ingredients is literally citric acid, and blue is literally
the last ingredient. – (FBE) So which flavor of Gatorade would you say
is the best flavor of Gatorade? – Blue!
– Red. – Either this one,
or the lime one that half of people hate. – I didn’t drink much Gatorade
growing up, my mom said it was bad for me.
– Lies! – I prefer a light blue.
– I do like Cool Blue better though. – Mm-hmm, okay, respect.
It’s a good flavor. – Respect, okay.
Blue recognize blue. – The purple one.
– Oh yeah, that’s actually, I was literally in my head,
I was like… – (both) The purple one. – (FBE) Would you say that
purple is a flavor? – Ah, see, now you’re gonna
piss me off, ’cause I’m like now I gotta
remember the actual name, not that I call it purple Gatorade.
– It’s not grape. – [bleep] The purple one,
not it’s purple flavored. – The purple flavored one.
– I said visually, it is purple. Not the flavor it gives me,
ooh, that tastes very purple. – (FBE) So this flavor, Cool Blue, is supposedly inspired
by blue raspberry. But honey, acai, and citric acid
are just a few other flavor notes people recognize
in this sweet sports drink. – Ooh, you got some acai in here?
Okay, I didn’t know I was bougie drinking my Gatorade. – It tastes so distinctly Gatorade,
’cause I love Gatorade, that I can barely separate
the Gatorade taste from the blue taste. – (FBE) Next up, we’ve got some
delicious candy. Jolly Ranchers in the flavor
blue raspberry. – Ooh!
– That’s the best one! – This is the best one.
This tastes really blue too. – Blue raspberry!
The non-existent flavor! – (FBE) Technically,
the blue raspberry artificial flavor originates from
the whitebark raspberry which is neither raspberry
nor blue. This raspberry flavor
was chosen and popularized to make use of blue dye
in ice pops, candies, and other artificial sweets.
– Interesting. – You know what’s weird,
is that if I close my eyes, I can almost imagine
it is green. – It’s all about the money.
– Yeah! They’re just like ah,
we’ll just color it, it’s fine! – (FBE) Now that you’re trying this,
do they taste blue? – No.
– Yes, it’s blue. – Yeah, definitely.
– Yeah, yeah. – (both) No! – It’s blue raspberry!
– It literally says it on there. – This tastes like
the same as Gatorade. – I was about to say
this might as well be like Cool Blue Gatorade. – And why is blue always
the best flavor, in everything? – Mm-hmm.
– That’s straight facts! – And if we’re being real,
it makes your tongue blue, and then you can be like mmm,
and be all cute like that. – Your tongue’s already blue!
– Yours is too. – (FBE) Are you guys ready
for your next one? – Yeah.
– Yeah, wow! – (FBE) This one’s
a little more natural. – (Ethan) Blueberries!
– (FBE) Blueberries! – (Kendelle) Blueberries! – Not gonna lie,
these probably don’t taste blue. – No. (laughs) That was a little bit
of a let down like flavor wise, but you’re getting
all the nutrients you need. – It tastes like it was made
in the actual natural world instead of created in a lab. – Does it taste blue?
– Blue! Tastes a little pink to me. – I know it’s blueberries,
and I know it’s in the name, and I know it’s blue,
but like, they feel purple to me. – See, I don’t even like blueberries. I’ll put blueberries
in my smoothies and stuff like that.
– Oh, that’s good. – But I think by themselves,
they’re like pretty nasty actually. – Love blueberries! – Does that look blue to you?
Huh? – Let me see.
– They trick you on the outside. – (both) It’s green! – This is not blue flavored.
This is green flavored. – This is probably more come to mind
than a Jolly Rancher or Gatorade. This is probably closer
to be like, blue food, blueberries. – Yeah, ’cause it’s blue food.
– ‘Cause it’s literally in the name. – Okay. – (FBE) Final decision.
Is blue the flavor of this item? – No, not blueberries,
which is crazy. – No, yeah. – Like it’s the only natural blue
thing I feel like we’ve had so far. – No.
– If you add berry at the end. (bell rings) – That was perfect! – No, not…
– No. – If we’re talking in terms of flavor,
it’s not blue. – It doesn’t feel blue,
it feels more, I don’t know, however you would
describe like acidic, like normal flavor terms. – I think it’s because my body
is so used to it, I wanna say yes, but when I think about it
and taste it, it doesn’t taste blue. – (FBE) Next up, we’ve got
blue gummy sharks! – Whoa! – (FBE) But do they taste
as blue as they look? – I don’t think I’ve ever had
a gummy shark. – Really?
– Mm-mm. – Mmm.
– It smells less blue. There’s blue and white on this too.
– Yeah. – So you’re getting a little bit
of two flavors. – I’ve never tasted these.
– I’ve never had one of these either. – Yeah.
– So, let’s go. – Oh, I guess we’ll figure it out. This does not taste blue. – It doesn’t taste blue. – What does this taste like? I’ve never had these before.
– It tastes like sugar. – It tastes like cotton candy. – Yeah, I’m associating blue
more with candy, and this feels closer to it. – I definitely taste the blue,
in the blue part, but there’s also the white part
that kinda like… – Throws it off.
– Mm-hmm. – They’re kinda gross.
– Yeah. (laughs) These are not the best. I don’t even wanna finish the tail.
– Oh, no no no. – I didn’t like that. – It still seems like they’re
going for a blue raspberry flavor. They’re absolutely still
going for blue raspberry. – (FBE) So white grape juice
and citric acid are the source of most
of the natural flavors in these gummy candies,
but they also contain a combination of blue raspberry and sweet marshmallow
artificial flavorings. – I can taste a little bit
of marshmallow. – The marshmallow always
threw me off a little bit, but the blue raspberry
is very prominent. – As soon as you said marshmallow,
I was like oh yeah. – Yeah, when you said marshmallow, I was like that’s why
it always was so spongy! – The marshmallow part of it.
– Mm-hmm. – I think that’s what’s
throwing off like the blue flavoring. – Yeah.
– But you can definitely taste some like the blue raspberry. – (FBE) Is blue an accurate
description of the flavor of this item?
Yes or no? – Nah.
– Yes. – I don’t think so.
– Split decision. – No.
– No. – Blue raspberry, sure. – These aren’t blue.
– No, yeah, I wouldn’t say blue. – You don’t think it’s flavored blue?
– I don’t think it’s flavored blue. I think the marshmallow
was too overpowering. – And for that reason,
we’re out. (Jordan laughs)
– Deal closed. – (FBE) So last but not least,
we’ve got some delicious blue corn chips
made from real blue corn. – Interesting. – These are so good.
– Corn can be blue? – Yes!
– Wow! – Those almost look black. – These are not blue flavored.
I can tell you that already! – (FBE) So how similar or different
do these taste than the other things we’ve eaten? – Completely different.
– It just tastes like a chip to me. – But it tastes earthier
than regular quote unquote chips. – It’s not blue!
– Mm-mm. – It’s just a corn chip.
See, this isn’t blue. – It’s not blue at all. – I don’t know what shade of blue
you guys are seeing, but that is definitely
a very, very dark brown. – They’re good,
but it doesn’t taste blue. – This [bleep] tastes like
a normal-ass tortilla chip. – I feel like this isn’t gonna taste
like Cool Blue Gatorade though. – Well, I’ll let you be
the judge of that. – (laughs) Mmm.
– Here, when it comes to… – Blue raspberry!
(Jordan laughs) – They’re so, so good.
– Oh my God! – Yeah, they’re so, so good.
– Those are amazing. – Mm-hmm.
– Not blue though. – (FBE) Is blue the flavor
of this item? – (both) No! – I don’t know why colors
are considered flavors! – Mm-mm.
– Mm-mm, tastes earthy and brown. Like it came out of the ground.
– This tastes yellow. – Corn?
It tastes yellow. – This is like salty,
and when I think of blue, I think of sweet.
Like my tongue starts to water. – So blue is a flavor.
– Yeah! – Yeah. – I say it’s the artificial
blue raspberry flavor. – (FBE) So you now have tried
five pretty different blue foods. It’s time to make
the ultimate decision. Is blue an accurate description
of blue flavored items? – I don’t know. Before the episode,
I’d say no, but like now thinking about it and like eating
all these different blue foods, I can definitely taste blue.
(bell rings) – It’s hit or miss. I feel like just the fake blue
tastes blue. – I think so, I think especially
with the candy things that are artificial,
blue is the best way to describe them. – I would say yes, I mean,
people have different taste buds too. So, what could taste blue to me
can taste blue to someone else. – Let me converse with my teammate. (whispers) I think it is.
– (whispers) I think it is as well. – (whispers) Okay. We’ve come to a consensus. – Blue…
– (both) Is… – A flavor.
– A flavor. Blue raspberry is the flavor of blue.
– Mmm. – All encompassing flavor. – Absolutely not.
(bell rings) – No.
(bell rings) There’s a lot of things
that are food that aren’t naturally blue.
– Mm-hmm. – So when you eat something
and first thinking, going, oh yeah, this goes with this color,
but I mean when you think of red, you think cherry, strawberries, watermelon, you can kinda give it
more of a flavor profile, just ’cause there’s so much variation. Where with blue,
they’ve had to create that. – Yeah, like we artificially made
that electric blue color. Why? – (FBE) So the majority of the people
in this episode have decided that blue is a flavor.
– Great. – Okay, okay.
– I’m right, true! – It is a color,
it’s not a flavor! – It’s gotta be! – I mean, we just proved it
to be a flavor. – Yeah! – (FBE) We have one more
really important question for you before we go today though.
– What’s that? – (FBE) What about orange?
– Stop. – Orange was literally
named after the fruit. – Oh, it is!
– That’s where the color comes from. – It is!
– The fruit! – Just because it’s like,
a carrot is orange, doesn’t mean that
it’s gonna taste orange. It doesn’t have to be that color
to taste like that color. – This is gonna be
a very strong discussion. – Okay, come on.
– We’re focusing on blue right now. – Yeah, one color flavor at a time!
– One color at a time! – Thank you for watching
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