What Do You Meme? Game Review

– Hi! Thanks for joining me. We’re gonna review a game! Thought I’ll get some friends
over and we’ll play a game. All my friends are busy. (crickets loudly chirping) Or imaginary. One of the two. That was a friend now, that wasn’t my phone company
telling me my bill is due. I’ve gone over my data limit. (sighs) That’s annoying. So, this game is called What Do You Meme? and I decided that I’d
just play it on my own because that’s what I do
with most board games. I wish there was a board game for one. So this is how it works: you get all of these, like, meme cards, cards with different
photos of memes on them. Ha ha ha, memes are funny! I love a meme. And then you get a shit ton of the text for memes. When you have braces for four years and your teeth are still
fucked up. (laughs) You basically get all these cards and then when you play with your friends. (crickets loudly chirping) It’s similar to Cards Against Humanity, you put your favorite one down, the person reads it out and
then they pick the winner and that person gets a point,
blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Let’s play it on our own! Because (crickets chirping). Here’s the meme. We put it on a little easel. Oh my god, I love this one. A bunch of cards. When you start a new diet on Thursday, but then spend the entire weekend blacked out, covered in pizza. Ugh. When you get home and
your room mate’s eating the tomato quiche you were
saving from the night before. Ugh. That’s a good gay one, for the gays. When someone irreverent speaks. (laughs) Ugh. When you find 11 McNuggets
in your 10-piece meal. No, that does not apply to this. That, that’s that meme. Yes! When you black out at the holiday party and wake up next to your manager. Yes! It depends, my manager would be “yes!” Most people’s would be, “ugh.” Here’s another one. When all the drugs and
alcohol hit you at once and you gotta stay focused on not dying. (laughs) That’s a good one! When you finish a math problem and everyone’s arguing whether
the answer was 66 or 67, but you got minus 4. (laughs) When someone who’s screwed you over tries to come back into your life, but you talk shit about them to your mom. (laughs) When your meeting is almost over and someone asks a question
that extends it by 20 minutes. (laughs) (upbeat pop music) When you hear your parents
having passionate intercourse. (laughs) You stand outside their
door, pulling that face. When you’re watching an R-rated
movie and titty pops out. (laughs) Couldn’t give a single. When you’re listening to a song and the lyrics start applying
perfectly to your life. ♪ Every night in my dreams ♪ – This is good one, it’s a man just completely
jumping off a plane. When someone who works out starts talking about their workouts. See ya! When your Uber driver
won’t shut the (beep) up. See ya! Sometimes I’m in a really
chatty mood with my Uber drivers and then sometimes I don’t
want them to talk to me at all, it’s a really tough life, having a lot of money and buying Ubers. When you’re hungry and your mom says “why don’t you have some fruit?” The face I pull when that happens is, ah, that is this meme. No, I don’t want fruit. Fruit is not a food you want
when you get home from school. When you fart in someone else’s car and the windows are rolled up. Ugh. When the music festival is
over, the drugs have worn off and reality is all that’s left. (laughs) When you hear a recording
of your own voice. I don’t have, like, a nasally voice. My voice is so soothing. Hmm. When the light just turned green and the car behind you is already beeping. (laughs) When you’re sitting there
after some nasty sex wondering if you still
have a place in heaven. (laughs) That place never existed for you. When your outfit’s on point, but your date cancels on you last minute. (laughs) When you run into someone you
barely know in high school and they say, “hit me up
sometime, we gotta chill.” (laughs) No! When you see your side chick
strike up a conversation with (laughs) oh my god! When you see your side chick strike up a conversation
with your main chick. Oh my god, relatable to Donald so much, because he did and I don’t think that was the face he pulled. It would have been more like
this was the meme he needed. How awkward for him, then he had a kid. Anyway, that’s how you
play What Do You Meme? It’s sort of fun on your own, but it’s funner when you
have someone to laugh with. And, and, um, it’s a fun game. Just wanna confirm with you that this wasn’t a sponsored video because, um, I’m pretty sure if it was, they’d want me to play it
with people and have fun. I did get sent the game for free though, so I didn’t pay for it, so it’s sort of like a
sponsorship, but not really. I’ve got another game called Burgernology and I’ve been waiting to
play that with people. So maybe I’ll just invite randoms over and we play Burgernology. (gasps) No, I don’t wanna randoms in my house unless I’m having vigorous
Grindr sex with them. You know if I’m talking
about gay sex in a video, that in no way shape or
form has this been paid for. I tried to do that once, and
they pulled the sponsorship! This was their face
when they saw the video. Ah, sorry sirs, our brand doesn’t align
with Christian’s videos, so we’re gonna pull all sponsorship. Can he delete and never let
that see the light of day? I was like, “oh, I’ll just edit it out.” They’re like, “no, no. “We’ve decided that you’re
not a good brand fit.” Okay, bye! (upbeat pop music)


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