What Arrival Says About Humanity

The best science fiction movies don’t look out so much as they do in they take extreme circumstances and see how humanity responds to these situations [Den] Evil moves arrival takes us to the extreme despite dealing with time travel alternate storylines interstellar travel and Futuristic technologies the film stays grounded it still focuses on humanity And how people that is everyday citizens people in the media and government and military respond to an alien invasion the film takes these circumstances to look at how Humanely responds to a crisis and that is we find the people who are best for the job and put them to work at first this film appears to have an age-old message And that is humanity works best when humanity works together When louise and ian first meet one thing is set up and that is comfort [or] the Cornerstone of civilization language is science these are people who have to vastly different worldviews ian takes a Mathematical approach to try and Solve the problem at hand while louise tries to connect with the hepta Pods She forms a bond with them which is essential [to] the communication field later able to do with them But they put these differences aside and find a way to work together to make the most out of the situation [that] they are in This movie shows the importance of Teamwork louise may be in charge of the operation But her work requires the assistance of ian and also the engineers working behind the scenes to create new Technologies that allow her to communicate with the Hepta pawns without everybody working together to try and communicate with them They wouldn’t have been able to succeed this message on its own is powerful, but I think that it came out at the perfect time 2016 was undeniably a very tumultuous year across the globe the british people have voted to leave the European union Donald Trump wins the presidency, but it doesn’t matter where you fall in the political spectrum which politicians you support Or which build laws and decisions you believe in people need to work together if we want [to] succeed If you disagree with someone else’s abuse well that’s fine in fact that’s great the ability to choose and create our own thoughts is what? Makes us human so don’t try and write other people’s opinions off as inferior because you don’t see eye-to-eye with them Respect their opinion in the same way they should respect yours, but if you take anything away from this video, please let [it] be this Disagreeing with someone doesn’t make them a bad person. We are all human if we want to be able to succeed We need to work together this message itself is important But what I find just as impressive is how this message is relayed And how the story is told this movie creates a parallel between the Hepta Pop language in the film structure Itself it’s a movie that relies on Assumptions and the assumptions of the audience that the film is going to call the rules of most other films that we have seen [in] Oversaturated scene cutting to a darker scene is one that implies a flashback one that implies past traumatic events But as we all know we’re not watching flashbacks instead we are seeing flash forwards in future traumatic events as the film continues more and more flash forwards continue as Louise starts to learn and understand the language better the glimpses into her future become more revealing Focusing not only on her daughter, but also the relationship She’ll have with ian in the future once she knows how to speak the language While watching it would be safe [to] assume the reason that we don’t see her husband is that he left Not that they had not been romantically involved together yet Because that is not something that we traditionally see in movies once the film starts to reveal some things It doesn’t reveal everything in this scene. It is revealed that ian is the father [akemi] that? [she] [was] called my two animals But it still doesn’t reveal everything unless the audience is willing to think of it as a nonlinear narrative But just like most people don’t want to think of language as anything But linear that is how most people choose to view films as simply linear? however after re watching the film we as the audience have been given the tool or the weapon and We can view it in the correct chronological Timeline where after the main narrative louise and ian have hannah who is diagnosed with a rare disease? When ian found out louise could have prevented this he left and louise raised [Canna] on her own Before her eventual death in which louise was left alone the movie itself is Circular the end of the story is placed at the beginning of the chronological Movie timeline not louise a story can also be seen a circular at the beginning She is at the same place as she is at the end Which is alone below the surface level story this film offers a lot of different Moral and ethical questions Regarding free will and how we learn in this film the sapir-whorf Hypothesis is brought into question if you don’t remember this hypothesis states that the structure of a language Determines or greatly influences the modes of thought and behavior Characteristic of the culture in which it is spoken this tells us a lot about the different characters [in] the movie And how they think which explains a lot of the decisions that they make? earlier I mentioned the contrast between [Eamonn] louise, how ian thinks Mathematically while louise takes a much more human approach the [stopper] whorf Hypothesis helps explain some the choices that they both make later down the line Ian is someone who wants [to] have life be what it is these are a mathematical everything should have a purpose and a [reason] in This scene he says that he wouldn’t want [to] change his future if he [could] see what would happen Meanwhile Louise through even asking the Question shows that she would be in favor of changing it if it meant making the world a better place These are two people who think differently perhaps Naturally the languages are spoken [in] People’s culture Aren’t the only determinant of how people think their life experiences in their work and their day-To-day? encountering are just as important now [this] one puts a lot of emphasis on the relationship between state and free will [and] [what] that means when you can see your [future] the film never overtly says that people have a say in their destiny the common rationale Is that if you can see your future? [you] don’t have a say [on] where you will go or what you will do? That is only true when you think about it from a linear perspective as we know Arrival is far from linear and this [scene] louise explains how the [Hepta] Pod language works You need to know the beginning middle and end of the sentence the same theory applies to their mastery of time [Nafta] Pod see past present and future as one they still make decisions But they don’t do it in the way that we think about it They still choose to go to Earth to save their species from extinction Abbot chooses to go to Earth knowing full well that he will die Similarly louise still has the power of free will even [though] she can see what will [happen] next She still chooses to name her daughter hannah, and she still chooses to have a daughter known full well, what will happen to her? She chooses to [accept] where her life is going because she knows her life has more purpose When it goes the route that it was intended to go all in this video by saying that we do have freewill we have the ability to choose the Ability to choose [to] work together or go our own separate ways that humanity works best when [humanity] works together [I] Guess that was a bit of a while actually in this video by saying that next week We’ll be taking a look at Collateral by Michael mann that [vide] will be out next Saturday and linked on the right of the [screen] on the left is my last video We take a look at high and low by [Akira] [Kurosawa] be sure to check that video out if you haven’t seen it I will see you next week. Thanks for [watching] [oh]


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