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TIA: South Florida’s Ski Mask The Slump
God is a rapper’s rapper and he’s known for clever bars filled with animated pop culture
references, that range from ‘Dragon Ball Z…’ TIA: to ‘The Simpsons.’ TIA: We took a look at some of Ski Mask’s
biggest tracks and over 60 different references to figure out what cartoons he loves to namedrop
the most in his rhymes, Genius style. And there were a lot. SKI MASK THE SLUMP GOD: Cartoons are really
my thing I feel like you can learn a lot of things from movies. Hi, Dexter! DeeDee, what are you doing in my laboratory? First up at #5 is ‘Rick & Morty,’ Adult
Swim’s hit comedy about a scientist and his grandson Morty, which just so happens
to be one of Ski Mask’s personal favorites. He’s mentioned it in four different songs. SKI MASK THE SLUMP GOD: Rick and Morty tells
you a lot about life and that’s really going on. TIA: Besides general show references, Ski
Mask also gets into specific characters, like Pickle Rick. PICKLE RICK: Flip the pickle, Morty. You’re not gonna regret it, the payoff is
huge. I turned myself into a pickle Morty! TIA: As well as some more secondary characters. You love those barbecues Rick, you love them! Remember it, Rick? Shut up, Hamurai. Shut up, Amish Cyborg. TIA: At #4 we’ve got the sci-fi cartoon
‘Futurama,’ which Ski’s mentioned in five different songs. TIA: And he’s paid homage to some of its
most beloved characters. Hey, what’s this fat, ugly thing? A frog, a toad, or yo mama? TIA: At #3 is the classic Nickelodeon show
The ‘Fairly OddParents.’ Ski Mask references the show on seven different
songs, and a lot of those bars mention the babysitter, Vicky. SKI MASK THE SLUMP GOD: We don’t really
fuck with Icky Vicky. She’s from ‘Fairly OddParents,’ she’s a
babysitter, she’s mean as fuck. ICY VICKY: Everything’s under control Mrs.
Turner. You go have fun while I fire up the wood chipper. I mean – turn on the TV. TIA: Ski Mask even sampled one of the show’s
songs, “My Shiny Teeth And Me,” from fictional teen heartthrob Chip Skylark on a track of
his own. TIA: At #2, we’ve got the classic Japanese
anime and game series, ‘Pokemon’ which we found Ski Mask referenced in eight different songs. SKI MASK THE SLUMP GOD: Ash is the Pokemon
trainer that’s the main character on ‘Pokemon.’ I was using it in the term of ashing a blunt
and Ash. It just came into relevance. I used it as a perfect metaphor. TIA: Finally, the cartoon with the most mentions
from Ski Mask in nine different songs across his catalog is ‘SpongeBob Squarepants.’ SPONGEBOB: Well, thanks for the start. I’m outta here. Could I please have an advance on my allowance? I wanna be Dirty Dan. What makes you think you can be Dirty Dan? I’m dirty. TIA: But even outside of his top mentions,
Ski Mask clearly has a lot of other favorites, like the ‘Grim Adventures of Billy And Mandy.’ He even sampled the show’s theme song on
the 2016 track of the same name. TIA: And on tracks like “Dr. Eggman,”
he’s even used more obscure references like this bit from ‘Foster’s Home For Imaginary
Friends.’ I like chocolate milk. Yes, I got caught that before. TIA: But besides his favorites there’s still
plenty more cartoon references from Ski Mask, and he’s kept them coming. So, what are some of your favorites? TIA: I’m Tia with Genius News bringing you
the meaning and the knowledge behind the music.


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