Weinstein’s Lawyer Makes JAW DROPPING Claim

>>Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer is a woman who
likes to blame the victims of rape and sexual assault. Her name is Donna Rotunno, and recently she
was interviewed for the podcast called The Daily. It’s the New York Times podcast. And there were two portions of it that I want
to share with you. But before I do so, just to back up a little
bit and give you an update on what’s happening with Weinstein’s case. In a trial of Harvey Weinstein, six women
have taken the stand, each making similar accusations of rape and sexual assault against
the movie producer. Now, long before an avalanche of allegations
against Weinstein set off a global reckoning over sexual harassment, Ms. Rotunno, who’s
his lawyer, was steadily building a career as a criminal lawyer in Chicago with an unusual
specialty, defending men accused of sex crimes. Now I want to stop for a second, look, our
justice system works this way. You were supposed to have defense attorneys,
right? So defense attorneys do what they do. They try to defend an individual who’s been
accused of terrible things including rape, and that’s what this woman is doing here. But her ideology, which she’s very transparent
about in this interview, is shocking and incredibly depressing, and I want you to hear what she
has to say. Take a listen.>>These are still choices that women are
making. And whether they’re choices you’re happy you
made or not happy you made, you still made a choice. And women have to start owning those choices,
and they either have to say, I’m not gonna do these things to attempt to get a job, or
I’m going to own my choice for making that decision.>>Can you elaborate on that a little bit? I’m trying to understand how that, when you
say women have choices, I’m trying to understand how that does not extend to you saying women
have a choice whether or not to be sexually harassed or sexually assaulted. That you seem to be placing all of the responsibility
on the woman.>>Megan, no, I’m not putting all of the responsibility
on the woman. I’m placing responsibility on the woman. Women cannot be equal if women don’t start
taking on equal risk. Women want men to take on all the risk. They wanna then put themselves in whatever
situation they’re in and then walk out and say, my God, I had no idea that was gonna
happen to me. You can’t have it both ways. And when you’re put in circumstances that
you think are questionable or negative, or you don’t want to be in, or you think, this
is the only way I’m going to get the job, we know that that’s ridiculous. We know that if women stand up and say, I’m
not gonna take this, I’m not gonna do this, you have other options.>>So anyone who’s been following this story
knows that Harvey Weinstein would essentially tell these women, either you let me do this,
allegedly. Either you let me do this or you’re out of
a job, and I will destroy your opportunities in this entire industry. And so if a woman is placed in that position,
right, she’s being victimized with sexual assault and rape. But then on top of that, she’s being told,
if you don’t comply, you don’t give me what you want, your entire career is over. Think about what that means, right, not just
for a woman’s dreams but more importantly, her livelihood, right. Everything that she’s worked for, everything
that she’s wanted, and for this woman to pretend as though it was the woman’s choice, it was
her choice to be raped and sexually assaulted, is unbelievable to me.>>And guys, I don’t wanna let her twist the
fact pattern here.>>Right.>>The reality is in most of the cases, Weinstein
would forcibly attack the women. I remember the one story, the actress that
he just, the minute she opened the door a little bit, and he was banging on the door. The minute she opened it a little bit, he
forces the door open, and then he physically assaults her, rapes her. What choice did she have? That’s an insane conversation, talk about
a choice. Another woman he cornered when she got out
of the bathroom and there was no one else there in the hallway, and he wouldn’t let
her pass out of the hallway. He took out his genitalia. What choice did she have? What kind of an insane conversation is this? They just have some modicum of self respect. So I know lawyers represent bad guys, I get
it, but you don’t have to do this publicly in representing him,. And by the way, she’s making a ton of money
representing him. So, she’s not a public defender. She’s choosing to do this, she has chosen
to make a career defending the worst people, and make a ton of money from it, so understand
that context.>>Yeah.>>Yeah, this really made me feel sad when
I saw this. Because when you defend someone who’s a serial
assaulter and seems like rapist like Harvey Weinstein, there are certain modes of defense
that might be about circumstantial evidence or the nature of the relationship or trying
to throw out various forms of evidence. But actually, this type of defense, saying
that women have a choice when these sorts of violent acts occur to them, basically implies
that the only choice that women have to not have this occur is to be in a cage. To be at home, to not do anything. In fact, specifically in this article, she
states that they have a choice to walk out at night or not. What kind of society does she want women to
live in? That’s the question I have.>>Right, and the way that she tries to twist
this as like, well, if you want equality for women, well, this is the world that you live
in and you got to take responsibility for the choices. No, we’re not having a conversation about,
let’s say there are two individuals auditioning for the same job. And the woman doesn’t get it, and then she
claims that it’s because of sexism. I mean, by the way, those cases do happen. No, this is a case where someone victimizes,
on a regular basis, women who have way less power than him, right?>>There’s a false equivalency, because the
number of assaults on men by women is far less than men toward women.>>Yeah, and so she says, well, look, if we
want the same jobs, you have to take risks, but what risks are men taking? Being raped by women at work? That almost never happens. So is that a risk women should go through
in order to get a job? Take entertainment out of it. What if it’s an engineering job? Well, hey, you gotta risk being raped by your
boss. What, that’s insanity! It’s the worst defense I have ever seen. If anything it’s gonna make everyone much
more livid against her client, and it does speak
to her morality, if you ask me, or lack thereof.


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