Wednesday – How Faith Comes

♪ (Music playing) ♪ Hello, Class. Class: Good morning, Brother
Keith. We welcome everybody to Faith
School. I’m Keith Moore, and we’ve
reserved you a seat right here in the front like always. Get your Bible, get something to
take notes on, and get ready to receive. What happens in Faith School? In Faith School our faith is
fed, our spirit grows stronger, and we learn how to be
overcomers. The body of Christ, the Church
of the Lord Jesus, is not supposed to be a weak, defeated,
frustrated, confused bunch. We are to overcome every
obstacle that appears in our life. We are to let the greater One in
us demonstrate God’s goodness, and God’s keeping power in our
lives. Let’s agree in faith together in
prayer. Everybody that’s joined together
in this class, all over the world, let’s release our faith
that exactly what we need to see and hear we will see and hear
today. “In Jesus’ name, Father, we all
agree together as touching this, asking for utterance, asking for
eyes, and ears, and hearts that can see, hear, and receive. Only You can minister to all of
us individually, at the same time, exactly what we need. And we submit ourselves to the
great Teacher, the Holy Spirit, and we submit ourselves to the
Textbook, your Holy Word. We consider, and we accept it as
the final Word, the final authority, on every issue. And we purpose not to be hearers
only, but doers of what you show us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.” Praise God. If you would turn again to the
tenth chapter of Romans. Romans ten in about verse
thirteen. We’ve been studying this week on
How Faith Comes. If you haven’t been with us, go
back and watch the previous messages for this week, and the
week before, and the week before as far as you want to go back
because we’re building each week on what we learned the previous
week. We’ve learned that faith is not
just a set of beliefs. Faith is not a group, faith is
not movement for a period of time, faith is how God Himself
functions. It’s how He operates, it’s how
He has created everything. And it’s the way He has called
us to live and function. “The just shall live by faith,”
the Scripture said, “the just shall walk by faith.” Well, you can only talk about
how wonderful faith is – faith pleases God, faith overcomes the
world. You only talk about that so
long, and then you’re thinking, okay, how do I get some of this? How do I get faith? And that’s what we’ve been on
this week. And we found the answer right
here in the Textbook. In Romans the tenth chapter and
the thirteenth verse it says, “For whosoever shall call upon
the name of the Lord shall be saved.” This works for anybody,
everybody. “How will they call on him in
whom they have not believed?” What’s the answer? They can’t, they won’t. “How shall they believe in him
of whom they have not heard?” They can’t, they won’t. “How shall they hear without a
preacher?” Now if you’ve read this or heard
this a number of times, it’s easy to just look at it and go,
“Yeah, yeah. I’ve seen that before,” but this
reveals some of the most important things you could ever
learn in life. This is how God has ordained
that people get saved. It’s the way. There are not several different
ways. There’s this, and only this that
works. It’s also how we live and walk
by faith. “How will they hear without a
preacher? How shall they preach, except
they be sent? As it is written, how beautiful
are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace,” the good
news of peace, “and bring glad tidings of good things. For they have not all obeyed the
gospel. For Esaias said, Lord, who has
believed their report?” Or like we’ve said before, that
word report means hearing. Verse seventeen, “So then faith
comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” Let’s say that out loud, Class:
“So faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” That’s how faith comes. When we’re talking about faith,
we’re talking about faith in God, not just faith
indiscriminately. You know, you can have faith in
other people. You can have faith in things,
but we’re talking specifically about faith – you can have faith
in yourself. We’re talking specifically about
faith in God. And faith in God comes from
hearing God. And you can’t – he had just
previously said, “How can you believe in whom you have not
heard.” You can’t. And you can’t have faith in God
to do something in your life that you haven’t heard Him tell
you He would do. Now the words, like we said,
translated in verse seventeen, “Faith comes by hearing and
hearing by the Word of God,” are the words Rhema and Christos,
are the word for Christ. So faith comes by hearing, and
specifically hearing the Rhema, the spoken word, Christos
anointed. Hearing the anointed, spoken
word. Not just hearing anything. Timothy talks about being
nourished up in the words of faith, and he also cautions
people not to listen, he said, to old wives fables and, you
know, things that are made up, and just ideas of men. There are actually a lot of
things preached and taught that won’t feed your faith. Religious tradition that’s just
the invention of man won’t feed your faith. It won’t give you faith in God. And people elaborating on their
intellectual musings about what they think God might be like, or
what they imagine His will might be, just peoples theorizing. That won’t give you faith. We learned yesterday, faith is
not a product of the mind, the intellect. The Scripture said, “With the
heart man believes,” and Jesus said, “Man shall not live by
bread alone, but by every Word,” and that’s the same Word for
Word as is in Romans 10:17, that spoken Word, that anointed Word
is what we live by. Every anointed, spoken Word that
comes out of the mouth of God is food for our spirit, and
nourishment for our faith, which is of our heart. You need things to feed your
body, but you also need to feed your heart. You need to feed the inner man. And you know I’ve said this
sometimes, and it sounds humorous, but you know, it’d be
helpful if all teaching and preaching had a nutritional
label on it. And, of course, now who would be
qualified to put those labels on? But if they were accurate, every
sermon, every message preached, every lesson taught that’s
supposed to be the Bible, if it was accurate, it might say ten
percent filler. It might say five percent just
human opinion. Actually, that’d be a lot higher
on some messages. But then you might get down to
twenty percent anointed Word of God. And everybody would like to
imagine, “Oh no, no. Mine is one hundred percent
anointed Word of God.” Well, that’s wishful thinking. But the more we learn how to
yield to Him, and cut out the superfluous, unnecessary human
opinion, and I’m not saying that easily done or quickly done. Our minds have to be renewed. We have to change, and there
needs to be a lot of anointed Word coming into you in order to
get to the place where what’s coming out of you is not just a
concoction of a bunch of stuff. But praise God, this Book, we
know, is one hundred percent Word of God, no fillers, no
artificial additives or preservatives. It is what your spirit needs. It is spiritual nutrition. It’ll feed your faith. It’ll feed your heart. It’ll give you the fruit of the
spirit. It’ll feed your love, and your
joy, and your faith, and your self-control, and the list goes
on. The stronger our spirits are the
less daunting problems seem. The stronger our faith is, the
smaller problems appear to us because all we see is how big
God is, and all we see is how strong the Spirit is, and how
true the Word is, and that shrinks everything else down by
comparison. Our faith comes by the Rhema
Christos, the anointed, spoken Word. Jesus said this, let’s look at
it at John 6:63. They’ll put it on the screen for
us. John 6:63, Jesus said, “It’s the
spirit that quickens; the flesh profits nothing: the words,”
Jesus said, “that I speak to you, they are spirit, and they
are life.” We live in a society that
doesn’t value words the way God does. We live in the worldly influence
to where, you know, people just say all manner of things that
they don’t mean, that they don’t believe, and have no concept of
words as spiritual containers, words that release power. But we’re still talking about
how do we get faith, how do we get faith? Faith comes from God, and when
we’re born again he put in us a measure of the very same faith
that’s in Him. That faith needs to be fed, and
nurtured, and exercised, and developed. And the way it’s fed is through
words. Words. I’ve said this sometimes; it’ll
bear repetition. A word is a container. Of course, you know, there are
different languages. And so if you speak a language
to me that I don’t understand, it doesn’t matter what you put
in the word, it’s difficult for me to get it out. So depending on the word, it’s
just letters, characters strung together. It doesn’t mean anything unless
I understand it, or unless a quantity comes out of that word
into me. I can take the word hello,
H-E-L-L-O, if you don’t understand English, that might
not mean anything to you. But then even if you do
understand, I can put all kind of things in that same word. I can say hello! I can say hello. I can say hello. I’m putting different spiritual
content into the same container. Well, read it again. What does Jesus put in the Words
He speaks? Life. Oh hallelujah! Can you see this? He said, “It’s the Spirit,” and
He’s talking about, of course, His Spirit. The Holy Spirit quickens. That word “quicken” means make
full of life, quicken. It could be compared even to a
shock, power coming out of an electrical socket, or you know,
dragging your foot across the carpet and building static
electricity and it pops. It’s a living, quickening thing. We’re living beings, and there
are electrochemical things happening in the synapsis in the
function of our brain. There are what we call
involuntary things going on. What’s causing your heart to
beat, you know? You’re not sitting there
thinking, going, okay beat again, beat again, beat again. Thank the Lord. It just is all happening
automatically, but it’s electrical and chemical, and
electrochemical things happening. And we know a little bit, thank
God, for what our doctors, and scientists, and researchers have
learned, but in truth we know so little about it compared to what
there is to be known. But the One who made us knows
everything about it, and He has told us that life and death is
in the power of spoken words. He has told us that we get saved
by words. He has told us that we release
power and faith by words. Thank God, “With the heart man
believes and with the mouth we speak.” He said, “The Spirit quickens. The flesh profits nothing. The words I speak to you, they
are Spirit and they are life.” Not just any speaking will cause
faith to come to you. Anointed speaking will cause
faith – how does faith come? It comes by hearing and hearing
by the Rhema, spoken Word, Christos anointed – the
anointed, spoken Word. If my faith needs to be built, I
need to hear anointed Words in that area. Maybe your faith is strong that
God is real, that He loves you, that He has heard your prayer,
He hears your prayers, that your sins are forgiven, your name is
in the Lamb’s book of life. But if you need healing, or you
need your bills paid, you need faith in those areas too. If you need healing, you need
faith for healing. If you need bills paid and
material provision, you need faith in that area. How am I going to get faith in
the area of getting my needs met? I need to hear anointed words in
that area. And that’s where many have not
understood. I’ve had people tell me, “Well,
you know, so and so, they have a lot of faith,” and I don’t know
what they mean by that. I don’t know if they know what
they mean by that. “They have a lot of faith, but
for some reason they still have trouble in this area.” But again and again in talking
with them, maybe they do have a lot of faith that God is real,
that God loves them, that they’re saved, but if you start
talking about this area, they have no faith in that area. They have no confidence, no
expectation, no sense of victory. They’re not saying any positive
or overcoming things. Why? They haven’t heard anointed
words in that area. Faith must be developed in each
area. How does faith for finances
come? Hearing anointed words in that
area from God. How does faith for healing come? Hearing anointed words from God
in that area. Faith for healing, faith for
protection, faith for peace of mind. And thank God, like the
Scripture says, “God’s Word is medicine,” and He’s got medicine
for everything! Every area is covered if you
feed on all the Scripture. Now I don’t mean, you know, you
have to read, you know, three hundred chapters everyday on
every area. I don’t mean that, but if you’ll
follow the leading of the Lord as months go by, and if you go
to a church where anointed Word is preached, different subjects
will be covered. The Spirit of God will guide
whoever is doing the teaching and preaching. And if you’ll feed on the Word
regularly, then you’ll eventually cover different areas
and different things, and you need it. Just like the body can’t just
live on potato chips alone, the body needs different vitamins,
different minerals. It needs different things. Well, we need the different
things that are in the Word. I went to minister to a man one
time who was in need of healing, and as I talked to him I
encouraged him to spend some time – you know, he was there
watching TV, and a bunch of stuff on there, and I thought,
well, you know, it’d be good if to just turn that off and feed
on different passages of Scripture. He said, “You talking about the
Bible?” I said, “Yeah.” He said, “Oh, I’ve read some of
that.” I’ve read some of that. And I knew immediately there’s a
problem here. He didn’t understand how this
works. You know, what if I came to the
cafeteria, the buffet, and I put my tray down, and I’m sliding
down through there, and I looked and I saw potatoes. Oh, I had those back in ’69, you
know. Beans, oh, I had some of those
in ’72, you know. If I’m never going to eat the
same thing twice I’m going to starve, right? No, food for the body, even
though you ate potatoes in ’69, they will minister strength to
you again in 2018, right? The same potatoes, but you need
to eat them again. Why? Because those 1969 potatoes are
gone. They are not – you got benefit
from them, but they’re not helping you today. Faith comes by eating and eating
– hearing and hearing. The Scripture says, “The ear
tries words,” I believe it’s in Job, “like the mouth tastes
food.” Physically we eat with our
mouth, and it comes into us. Spiritually we eat with our
ears. I know that sounds a little odd,
but that’s what the Scriptures reveal. We eat with our ears, and you
can actually taste words. Some words are bitter. Some words are sweet. Some words will heal. Some words will pierce your
heart and hurt you. Some words are life. Some words are death. They are poison. There are things we don’t need
to hear. There are words that are
absolutely poison to our insides, to our inner being. There are words, if you’ll take
them, and listen to them, and believe them, they’ll destroy
your faith in God. They will rob you of your peace,
and your joy. They will depress you, they will
scare you. We need to be selective about
what we eat spiritually. I mean, that’s one of the things
that God has given us. You know, you can go to the
refrigerator and get some milk that has been there too long,
and pour it in a glass, and you hold it up to your nose, and
your nose will tell you, “No. No, this milk is bad.” And if you move too fast, and
you get past your nose, and you get it in your mouth, your
tongue, right, your mouth will tell you, “No, no, no, no, no. No! Do not send this down. Go to the sink,” right, “you
should have listened to the nose. Now you’ve gone too far. Spit it out.” Well, we laugh about it, but our
body is telling us this is bad. Don’t put this in me – because
why? What if you wind up ignoring the
nose, ignoring the tongue, ignoring the mouth, and you just
send it on down? Well, depending on how bad it
is, it can be in just a few minutes, or sometimes it can be
hours later, your stomach, your intestines, your digestive
system is going, “What do we do with this? This is bad stuff.” And so, you can get sick, right,
eating something bad, something that is spoiled. Something that has gone bad. It can be poisonous. It can be life threatening. You can get sick. And people have died from eating
the wrong thing. Well, Jesus said, “Man doesn’t
live,” Matthew 4:4, “man doesn’t live by bread,” food, natural
food, “alone.” We live and we need every
anointed word that comes out of the mouth of God. We need to know the Word well
enough – and the Scripture talks about in Hebrews our senses can
be developed to discern between good and evil. Now this is talking about
spiritual discernment of what we’re hearing. And as newborn babes He said,
“Desire the sincere milk of the Word that you may grow thereby.” As soon as we start taking the
milk of the Word, we’ll start growing. And we’ll be able to handle
stronger things from God, and we’ll develop a sense of taste,
of discernment. We’ll recognize what’s the Word
of God, and by contrast, what is not. Jesus said, “My sheep know my
voice, and a stranger they won’t follow.” Why? You’ve become acquainted, you’ve
become so familiar with Him, and what He’s saying to you, to when
something that’s not Him is coming to you, it doesn’t sound
right. Just like that spoiled milk,
something that’s contrary to His Word, and not faith, and not
life, you’ll hear it, and your spiritual nose will go, “Huh,
that doesn’t smell good. There’s something wrong with
that.” And if you go further, and take
it into your mind, and start thinking about it, which is kind
of like swishing it around in your mouth, if you’ll listen,
the Spirit of God will quicken you and go, “No, no, no. That’s bad stuff. That’s bad stuff. That’ll hurt you. Do not swallow that. Do not meditate on that and
accept that into your spirit. It can poison you.” And it won’t cause your spirit
to die, but it can make you sick spiritually. It can hurt you, it can rob you. That’s why the Lord is helping
us. We’re learning to discern
between good and bad, between what’s faith, and what’s fear. Between what’s joy and what’s
depression. And we’re not going to drink the
spoiled milk. Am I right, Class? We’re not going to swallow that
nasty stuff. We’re going to spit it out. We are letting faith feed us. Say it out loud: “I walk by
faith. I live by faith. I overcome this world by faith. I’m strong in faith, giving
glory to God.” We’ll see you next time in Faith

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