Waking The Presence – Part 2 – Tools For Humanity

if you wake up the presence it means
your mind has been shaped back down to nothing the mind is something that
we’ve learned what we came to earth and our education, our parents told us and
said things and we imitated that and so we became a “this” and what this is by
and large is an intellect which I don’t want to talk about but it is the intellect
that compares that knows that sees that can think. That’s not the mind. The
mind, sad to say, is a collection of anguish covered up by pretense and its focus is to be sort of the way you used to be
except for altered you got altered and I swear to God
just before you stopped being in the center of your love you were beautiful
and then you got altered and then the false person begins and after a while it
gets more and more educated and less and less and less is the most beautiful
pulsation and the most beautiful baby that was ever created is you and it
gets more and more lost. To me it’s a really sad thing but I’m speaking from a
place that’s full of presence and full of love and just me and I know some
people and they’ve become just them and I want to tell you something when a
baby’s just them we all tell Oh anyone I hug it I mean the dog is just them we
want to kiss it and go booty booty boo but we don’t do that to grown ups because
they’re full of beans there’s other words besides beans but let’s just
say ‘beans’ but beans aren’t very huggable and beans
don’t touch you and beans don’t go ‘Mama i love you’ and ‘Daddy’ and ‘oh oh oh oh’ it’s so lovely today and then they just go
like thislike nothing to say but it’s okay
good morning and so if you want to talk about presence that’s the direction that
I’m coming from I hope that’s understandable I’m trying to get from
where I’m coming from what I’ve learned it isn’t what I’ve learned, it’s what I am. I’m trying to get what I am to be the what you am and I don’t want it to
be like me I want what you am to be what you am I am what I am what I am, and I am THIS.

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