[VOSTFR FULL] Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood – Opening 2 (Hologram)

I’m being invited by a pure-white scene I’m going to a yet-unseen world When I was a child, I wandered under the gray sky With a different map each day, so many dreams ran together I wondered if someday I would make it beyond that cloud Even though I was only taking these small steps The falling raindrops Persisted an irregular reflection As though seeing into my heart wounded for acting strong The rays of light crisscross Going forever Without saying where they’re headed My eyes are being burned by a fleeting afterimage That’s why I have to go to this yet-unseen world By posting black-and-white stickers We unconsciously covered up our important things A hologram called “dream” which was more beautiful than Jewelstones, flowers, and the light of the stars and its buzzing The scene which was painted by being forced out and opposing Chagrin and loneliness are now blown off like bubbles If I stumble on the straight road And my scab tears off I’ll definitely become stronger than I currently am I’m being invited by a pure-white scene I’m going to a yet-unseen world Whenever I tremble at the shadow of tomorrow In front of the misty sky, a rainbow-colored light Calls at me from far away The afternoon after a rainfall The beams of light spread pouring out in bunches The infinite gradations are mixing together No matter where I am, under this sky I’ll surely arrive at that yet-unseen world

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