Volunteering with Habitat for Humanity

My name is Michael Kozlov, I work for
Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity is a an organization that was
started 30 years ago about a United Way and it was to bring affordable homes to
people that need affordable homes. We’re not giving these houses away by
any means. The people have to have the ability to pay and they do they have to
have you go to come out and give us what equity hours.
We’re a non-profit so we don’t make any money on the houses, we rely on
volunteers to come out and help us build these houses. We rely on companies like
New Jersey Manufacturers that come out and they give us a day of their
time to help build. If it wasn’t for the volunteers, Habitat wouldn’t exist. I would
like to thank NJM, New Jersey manufacturers for coming out and helping
us out and if anybody wants to volunteer all they have to get in touch with any
habitat, look online, just search Habitat for Humanity, there’s numbers
on there, you contact them, you tell them when you’re available. We get a lot of
people from groups like NJM that like doing this from which they keep coming
back, and we love that we need that and we appreciate it
and thank you very much.

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