Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity

industry is stepping up they investment in mills ocean and in a couple of years come online In Washington, Morgan Wright. 3 3 HABITAT FOR HUMANITY IS BUSY WITH VARIOUS PROJECTS TO HELP BUILD A BETTER COMMUNITY.LOCAL 3’S REBECCA BARTELME SHARES HOW IT’S ALL DONE WITH SOME HELPING HANDS AND HEARTS. 3 NATSReporter: Anytime Fitness in Marquette has been working on a variety of projects with Habitat for Humanity for the past couple of months.”I think it’s just great that people are able to give back and I’m finally in a position where I can help spread that news with a large membership base.” Reporter: Both staff and members of the gym are helping out the cause.There are different areas that always need help, like this time volunteers from Anytime Fitness sorted through donated building items.”This is a way to just get that information out to people and raise awareness for a program where it’s not just building a house and having put nails in the wood. There’s lots of other ways that you’re able to volunteer and do things.” Reporter Rebecca Bartelme: “Habitat for Humanity says that the majority of the work they accomplish is because of volunteers.””We wouldn’t be able to build the houses that we’ve done. We’re at our 105th house. We have many repair projects that we’re doing and it’s all pretty much done with volunteers. At our restore also, we use predominately volunteers for that also.” Reporter: Benstrom says they’re willing to accommodate most of the people that want to volunteer.”You don’t have to know how to use a hammer. Just be willing to come and Reporter: Reporting County, Rebecca Bartelme, Local 3 News. 3 JAMESSTILL AHEAD ON LOCAL 3 NEWS …OUR SPECIAL REPORT HOW DOZENS OF EXOTIC BIRDS RESCUED

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