Volunteer Week: Habitat for Humanity ReStore

LOCAL COUNTIES ARE GETTING GRANT MONEY FROM THE STATE– TO IMPROVE SCHOOL SAFETY. (KC) ACCORDING TO SENATOR WAYNE LANGERHOLC, THAT MONEY CAN BE SPENT ON A VARIETY OF SAFETY IMPROVEMENTS — SUCH AS SECURITY OFFICERS, COUNSELING SERVICES FOR STUDENTS, AND SECURITY-RELATED TECHNOLOGY. (KC) WE ARE CONTINUING OUR VOLUNTEER WEEK WITH A STOP IN CENTRE COUNTY… (MAGGIE) THIS MORNING I’M FEATURING HABITAT FOR HUMANITY… MANY OF YOU MIGHT KNOW THE NON- PROFIT FOR PROVIDING SAFE AND AFFORDABLE HOUSING TO FAMILIES IN NEED. ALL THE HOMES ARE BUILT BY VOLUNTEERS — BUT IN ORDER TO MAKE IT ALL POSSIBLE THE ORGANIZATION NEEDS TO RAISE FUND THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. ONE humanity people think of those houses that you see out there — there’s so much more that goes into it – :”It’s great to material.” :”it’s amazing that all of this stuff comes from peoples homes.” “It’s anything that can be in a house… “So you think about a home improvement warehouse. you’ll see kitchen cabinets youll see tables youll see screws youll see hammers whatever you want to see its probably here along with other random stuff as well.” : “So I am pricing these things — these items are one dollar.” :”well put these together” :”i retired from penn state about 6 years ago – and i wanted to stay busy – “I dont play golf, I dont fish so i wanted to do something useful and ive always supported habitat for humanity and wanted to help out building houses :”our store is fully stocked with donations from people.” :”alright so we are going to mark the light bulbs we need those donations because by selling them to the public thats where we get extra funds to build houses :”we estimate that we keep about 30000 pounds out of the landfill a

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