Vladimir Putin Warns Humanity About AI 09.11.2019

Between 8-9th of November 2019 Artificial
Intelligence Journey, the largest forum in Eastern Europe was held in Moscow. Along 5000 participants and 1000 leaders in
developing companies, Vladimir Putin had a live speech about Artificial Intelligence. The leader of Kremlin said a few very interesting
things about this matter, that worth analyzed. Putin states:
“We all certainly understand that the borderline here is very thin. We must find a balance between the maximum
exposure of information and people’s rights to the protection of this information where
they think their privacy must be ensured.” So from the beginning he start lets say with
a ”warning” claiming that AI must have a borderline and a balance must be finded
to secure the exposure of information. I find that kinda funny since they use all
methods to collect information about us: Social Media, Gadgests, Smartphones etc. Basically everything that is in our daily
use is collecting and sending information about us. The question here is: Where all that information
is going and who is in possession of it ? Also is no longer a secret that algorithms can
now learn about our online behavior tracking everything we do. Question: When was the last time someone asked
your permission for tracking your online activity ? Answer: Most probably nerver…of course
they don’t need to ask or share anything about this matter. “AI systems can only be made and capitalised
by intellectually well-trained people. Russian universities and colleges must be
among the leaders in AI.” With this affirmation Putin officially launched
the AI race. But he doesn’t give examples about who should
financially support the AI technology development and who should have control over it. “Colleagues, I want you to understand, to
hear and learn from me that we realise this and we will be striving towards it.” This only means one thing: We must be prepared
because they are already making efforts on developing and using AI. Even he don’t give us any clue about how
much progress they have made or when we should expect to see major changes in our lifes,
we can assume that day is not so far away. “We must, and I am confident that we can
become one of the global leaders in AI. This is a matter of our future, of Russia’s
place in the world.” It seems to me that Putin is more concerned
about making Russia a world leader when it comes about AI, rather than keep the balance
and make it accessible for everyone. Since traditional arming race seems to be
left behind is cleary that the next fight will be for AI access and control. “High quality healthcare and education,
a reliable transportation system, exploration of space and the world ocean, and finally
the defence capability of our country. Progress in all these areas depends on our
advancement in AI now and in the nearest future.” Putin is well known that he is good with words
and his messages are encrypted in nice and colorated phrases, so when he speak about
“defence capability” you can be sure that’s all that he is concerned about. You cannot say in a public conference that
you need AI for advanced weapons so you hide it by associating with things that are in
our needs like healthcare, education and science. Is cleary now more than never that Russia
will have a major role in the AI racing, but how they will use it remains to be seen. “There is good reason to say that the technology
race that is already underway will be the toughest and most uncompromising in the history
of our civilisation, and some even say that humankind is making its final invention.” Now…is AI a threat for humanity ? Coming
from the mouth of perhaps the most powerful man on the planet, we should consider this
and take it seriously. There are definitely things that Putin don’t
share with us. In any case he concludes: “We must always
remember: technology must not be invented for its own sake and our key goal is sustainable
and balanced development, the growing quality of life and new opportunities for people. Because people are the supreme value.” Like I told you before President Putin is
very good with words because only 2 days earlier on 7th November 2019 he said “Our army and
navy have proved their high readiness, yet we intend to build up our defence capability
and to deploy hypersonic, laser and other cutting-edge weapons which no other country
has. However, this is not a reason for threatening
anyone. On the contrary, we are ready to do our best
to promote the disarmament process with the help of these novel weapons, which have been
created exclusively to guarantee our security in the face of growing threats to our country.” One of the missiles Mr Putin made reference
to is the Poseidon underwater torpedo drone, 9M730 Burevestnik nuclear-powered cruise missile
and Peresvet laser system. Pentagon spokesman Air Force Lieutenant Robert
Carver said: “While the United States has been the world leader in hypersonic system
research for many decades, we did not choose to weaponise hypersonic technology. Those who sought to be our adversaries have
decided to weaponise it, which has created a war-fighting asymmetry that we must address. The Department of Defence leads in hypersonic
research, and fielding hypersonic weapons is our highest technical research and engineering
priority.” What you guys think ? Will be artificial intelligence
the last invention of mankind? Leave your opinion in the comment section,
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