What’s up! How are you?
Huh? Let’s rock tonight,
it’s our first concert! We’re together on this! Let’s go! We’ll be on stage!
Oh yeah! What’s up, guys?
What’s with the faces? Alberto… We need to talk. Why? What happened?
Did something happen? Alberto, we’ve talked a lot
about it before you got here, and we got to the conclusion
that you’re not giving your best. What do you mean, guys?
I do everything for this band! What am I not doing? You’re not taking it up your ass,
that’s what you’re not doing. What? Alberto, you’re straight. I am straight? How am I straight?
I’m super gay! I’m the gayest! I’m so very gay,
how am I not gay? I did lots of gay things
on my way here. Fine, what gay things did you do? – I bought a poodle.
– What’s its name? Monster. But he looks
like a monster, that’s why I… Okay, I didn’t do that,
I was lying. I didn’t tell you because
it’s just too intimate. I was blowing a penis.
Yeah, that’s it. An enormous penis. – A penis, Alberto?
– A wiener! A penis. If you don’t know what a penis is,
you’re the one who’s not gay, okay? Is that how you call a dick?
A penis? Yeah, penis, wiener. I am gay!
Look at the way I dance! Gay! Alberto, your costume is a suit. Yes, it is a suit,
but it’s very a well-cut suit. A suit that is cool, beautiful,
that has a nice fit. It’s a suit because I am
a gay entrepreneur! Yeah, that’s it! A succesful gay entrepreneur
who’s gonna adopt a kid from Cambodja… Actually this a political costume,
like one Jean Willys would wear. It’s a fucking great costume! See? You’re dressed as a indian,
I’ve never seen a gay indian. Yeah, but I had laser hair removal
done on my groin. Alberto, you’re not fooling anyone.
Stop acting. You’re a pussy lover! Pussy lover?
Where this came from? Do you see a pussy
hanging on my face? I’m nauseous even by talking about it.
I’m disgusted by women! By sassy, hot women, with big tits,
sexy women… it’s disguting. Alberto, look at me. Do you notice
anything different about me? Yes I do! It’s true, I do. I didn’t say anything because
you couldn’t stop babbling. I’ve noticed that you… what? You got a stubble. Alberto, I had my cock out of my pants
since you got in here. And you haven’t even peeked.
And I have a beautiful cock. What? I noticed that,
of course I did. I’ve noticed it the minute I’ve entered the room,
it’s just that I didn’t want to… Because I’m too used to that. But I look at it all the time,
whenever I can I go and grab it… okay? So grab it. No, I can’t grab your cock. Grab… my cock. Okay, look! Fine, just suppose I’m…
I’m spitballing here… Something that would never happen,
suppose that I’m not gay. Maybe I’m not gay.
Would it be a problem? I like the music,
I like the beat. I’m like… Are you kicking me out
of the band, is that it? No, nobody said that.
We like you very much. Very much. We’d like to give you
one more chance. Alberto… me, Mike, Jeff and David
are going to take a bath. I’m gonna leave…
this key here on the table. And as a coincidence, that is the same key
that opens the bathroom. The decision of staying
in the band is yours. – You have five minutes. Let’s go.
– Give me ten, give me ten. No! Five minutes!
Let’s go! Pussy lover… Move it. Tradução e legendas:
Melissa Prado Let’s do it with the hands.
With the hands! Not the legs! Wait, hey, hey, hey!
No, no, no! Let’s do this, hey!
Wait, wait, I have an good idea. – You turn around and go with him…
– Like that? No! You go with him there.
And then we dance. Okay? No… that’s it. Now we’ll change!
Let’s change! Go! Now the face, go! Wait! Wait, guys! Bathroom? Let’s take a bath,
let’s take a bath. No, I don’t want to!
Not the bathroom! One more time,
let’s stick together, together. Shut up, Alberto. Shut up. – You go bitch!
– Fuck…

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