US Is Committing MAJOR Human Rights Violations Against Immigrants

According to a new report by Amnesty International,
the United States is committing egregious human rights violations along our southern
border, specifically related to our treatment of asylum seekers coming into the United States. What’s happening right now on our southern
border, in addition to the child prison camps, the moving them in the middle of the night
to a new camp in the cover of darkness, that story that we had happen the last week. We’re taking asylum seekers who are doing
everything legal. They’re coming to these designated ports of
entry where asylum seekers are required to go. They’re doing that, they’re coming here seeking
asylum because if they go back home, they face the threat of violence or possibly even
death. That’s why we setup the asylum program. That’s why countries around the world have
these asylum processes for people to come through and kind of get expedited to get out
of their country to flee these kinds of violence’s, whether it’s domestic violence, gang violence,
military violence, whatever it is. We all have a process to handle it and it’s
perfectly legal. The United States has basically done away
with that entire process according to this new Amnesty International report. Now a few months ago, Attorney General Jeff
Sessions and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said that they weren’t turning away
asylum seekers. They weren’t doing all these horrible things
that we say that they’re doing. They’re still letting them come in. Well, the report shows that that’s an absolute
lie and we are sending people back to their countries of origin to die, basically, because
they know, they’ve been told that if they send this person back the chances of them
surviving are slim to none. and we do it anyway, which is a violation,
according to Amnesty, of the most basic international human rights laws. And we’re violating them on a daily basis
here in the United States under the direction of the Trump administration. They’ve been lying to us about what they’re
doing, they’re putting people’s lives in danger. Oh, and by the way, they still haven’t stopped
their family separation program. Everything they have told us about immigration
has been a lie. Everything they’ve told us about the treatment
of people coming into this country has been a lie. Now, we’re getting called out by some of these
organizations that typically focus most of their work on some of the really horrible
things happening all over the world, you know? In the middle east, those human rights violations. Down in South America and now, they’re having
to focus on what’s happening right here on the mainland soil of the United States because
we’ve let things get that bad. This particular story is one that proves that
Republicans need to be voted out of office this November because investigations need
to begin. Jeff Sessions, Kirstjen Nielsen, they need
to be called in front of the Senate, in front of the House. They need to speak to the FBI and we need
to find out exactly what they know, what they’ve lied about and what they’re actually doing
because this is a story in which every single person in this country deserves answers.


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