Unity Health Toronto mission and values: Compassion

(Narrator) Unity Health Toronto was created when
Providence Healthcare, St. Joseph’s Health Centre and St. Michael’s Hospital
came together with a shared purpose of delivering on their long-standing
mission of caring for those most in need. What distinguishes Unity Health Toronto
is our deep commitment to our mission and values. We have shown an unwavering
commitment to the values instilled in us by our founders, the Sisters of St.
Joseph of Toronto. Today, we honor their legacy by affirming the shared values of
our new organization. They express our commitment to each other
as we now look to the future together. Our second value is the value of
compassion. We enable health and healing by understanding each person’s needs and
by providing care with kindness and sensitivity. (Dr. Dilip Mehta) To me, the value of compassion means,
I will make a person feel important by addressing them by name.
I will provide comfort and support during difficult times. I will make a
special effort for people who may not feel included. (Narrator) We are Unity Health Toronto. Compassion
is one of five core values that will carry us into the future, together.

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